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The many roads to not having children

I have a guest post on Mumsnet about how I came to be a non-parent at 44:

I know a few people who are distinctly ambivalent about whether they want children or not. 323 more words


"You'll Change Your Mind"

“You’re young. You’ll change your mind.”

If I hear this one more time, I might punch the person who says it. I’m childfree. Always have, and although I won’t say I always will be, the changes are very, very slim that I’ll change my mind. 837 more words

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Childfree Woman (or Man)

I am childfree and I am happy about it.  It is both a choice I made and something nature decided for me.  No hard feelings, no tears, not even a dummy thrown out of a pram!   844 more words


13 Days Until Surgery

Regarding Children…

Let me state this up front before I offend a whole bunch of you.  If you lost your uterus and ability to have biological children to save your life but desperately wanted your own children you have my empathy.   724 more words


Manifesto for a childfree new year

I had a pre-Christmas coffee with a woman in her fifties who I meet now and again. She was visibly miserable and started to tell me about her very successful daughter (one of three), who lives in New York with her equally talented boyfriend. 451 more words


The Documentary

After 4 hard months, it is finally here!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved with the project. Everyone I interviewed was fabulous and I would not have enjoyed creating this nearly as much without their honesty, enthusiasm and kindness that allowed for such great conversations. 48 more words

On Being Childfree...

When I was 16 I stood on the corner of the road of my childhood home and proclaimed to the universe that I didn’t want children.  957 more words