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A, B, C...

So I’ve basically been thinking, and dating, and sleeping with unsuitable people, and thinking that something might become A THING — and then realising that it wasn’t going to. 532 more words


Infertility limbo (Or: Stopping, so that you can carry on)

Planning your entire life around something that might never happen. Injecting aggressive stimulants into your belly and shooting up hormones. Spending hundreds on obscure supplements or thousands on fertility clinics.  666 more words


Don't Tell Me I'm Going To Change My Mind

This is an experience that has personally bugged me a great deal relatively recently. I’ve  not been “Bingoed” or dismissed about my decision to be childfree since middle school. 633 more words


She Said Yes; Part Two - Sterile at 30. 

Earlier in the year my own GP said “no chance” when I first inquired about being sterilised. I left it a good few months, booked an appointment with a lady GP who dealt with my Mirena Coil and broached the question with her. 175 more words


The prompt for this week was the word “Wine”. I find that amusing because I’ve been craving wine all week, but only just got around to reading the prompt (a little late, but I have two kids so I was busy, damn it). 158 more words


Another non-mum gets vengeful in The Silent Wife

I can confirm that in the film version of The Girl On The Train, Emily Blunt is brilliant as the sozzled heroine. She carries the entire film  (a solid thriller at best). 785 more words



The “childfree” vs “childless” thing–neither really resonates. Frankly I have no opinion. Personally, I prefer what I’ve been using in this blog: “sans enfant… 10 more words