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Moms have enough to worry about, let's not make friendships one of them

The ways in which we as mothers are creating and upholding expectations of our friendships are too complicated. We have our “mom friends” and our “non-mom friends,” and there is a division between the two that shouldn’t exist.  776 more words

Pregnancy And Parenthood

A Request for an Interview, Fiction for the Childfree

Imagine my surprise: Author Laura Carroll sent me an email requesting that I answer a few questions writing childfree fiction. To be sure, I was surprised and honored. 169 more words


The 2016 Nominations are In!

The nominations for 2016 Childfree Man and Woman of the Year have gone to the Selection Panel. Winners will be announced on August 1, International Childfree Day! 11 more words

International Childfree Day

Mother's intuition or women's intuition

When I told another women that I chose not to have children, she was aghast. There could be no logical reason for such a decision. I was married to a dreamboat, had a structurally sound uterus and had a positive approach to life. 207 more words


Watching Mother's Day

“It’s 2016 and dads are cringing at the word tampons? Really? That’s a win for feminism right there.”

Can an all-star cast evoke some deep philosophical thinking about motherhood? 

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I am an aunt now. Officially and as of July 11th. Her name is Rosie and she is precious at I can’t seem to stop crying. 637 more words

My fucked up mind

Author’s note: I wrote this after a few glasses of wine, and a tiff with my boyfriend. I’m putting it on here because I don’t want it on my computer. 680 more words