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Morning Swim At The Lake

Yesterday was so much fun. After sending the Hubby off to work I got ready for a girls’ morning out at the lake. I applied my sunscreen, picked up the living room, and waited for Joy to come pick me up so we could meet with Stephanie and head out to Appalachia Bay. 851 more words


it's a new baby!

this is probably the best newborn photo shoot i’ve ever seen, and the only kind that wouldn’t make me immediately unfollow my friends on facebook. more of this type of thing please, friends!


a moment with my fears

“they’re talking about it again” my mind whispers
“why won’t they stop?” says my brain

I try hard not to listen, try to force my consciousness to wander but the voices around me grew louder. 247 more words


so now you want a perfect response?

i’ll be honest. i love the fact that the media are getting in on the childfree discussion. however, take, for example, this article, 12 women who have the best response to society’s biggest expectation… 171 more words


fact: being a mom HAS made you a bad friend.

I just came across this old post on a friend’s girl i used to know’s facebook page. she argued that the article, being a mom has made me a bad friend… 240 more words



Currently I’m surrounded by friends who are getting ready for the next steps in their lifes. From builing/buying a house to having children,they are going for the full package. 320 more words


discovering my "tokophobia"

I’ve always liked children. I honestly do find them cute and interesting. I have a lot of cousins and nephews/nieces who I sometimes take care of and I think I’m quite good at it. 771 more words