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A Daddict Is Born

So a couple weeks back, I posted about my boyfriend's close connection with his cousin TJ could be falling apart due to his cousin's sudden shift in personality due to the arrival of his firstborn. 403 more words


Not having kids apparently means I have infinite time

I'm currently a college student. I had gone to school before, but left to work. I recently went back, and the program I'm in is a very new, small one. 225 more words


"I used to be craftsy."

I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a group post asking people to post stuff that they make. There was some really cool stuff, like jewelry, furniture, and even some delicious looking food. 70 more words


RANT! If you are going to take your kids to eat out to a restaurant, they might as well be trained!

This past weekend, my SO and I were invited to join his sister, partner and 3 kids for Sunday dinner. None of us were in the mood for cooking so we accepted the invitation. 513 more words


when people gloat about their kids "having" to go to school despite the snow

It's snowing around my neck of the woods (barely anything by American standards I'm sure but in Scotland people tend to lose their collective minds when the weather forecast is anything but overcast/rain/drizzle) and transportation is an issue, it's common for buses and trains to be cancelled if there's even a brief flurry of snow… yeah. 176 more words


Should I call the CPS?

So I'm in my mid 20s and still live at home due to the shitty housing market.

There's a family in our building that have lived here for like 5+ years (Dad, mom, two "normal" kids, one autistic all under the age of 11). 257 more words


Do I hate children? Part 2.

January 23rd 2018, 39 days before my 28th birthday, I will get my tubes tied.

This is part two of my thoughts about choosing to be childfree. 770 more words