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Selfish, Shallow, and Self Absorbed - 16 Writers on The Decision Not to Have Kids

I am a writer.

I am also a woman who has chosen to not have children.

I’m married to a man who feels the same way; we actually discussed it on our second date. 453 more words


I don't hate kids

Midway through the summer I shared a pic through Twitter of my niece with me holding her. What followed was a series of private messages from readers with the same theme. 214 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

I am tired of crying, or how the wine band-aid barely held

I am not hungover.  I am mildly sick to my stomach, and I can tell I’m mildly dehydrated, but I’m not hungover.

This makes me feel as though I didn’t make enough of an effort to drink last night at the reunion. 493 more words


Article Response: "Do Men Like Strong Women?"

(This blog post is in response to another WordPress article at this link.)

Confident, strong, powerful, mature, positive, and personable: those are my ideas of what a true strong woman is. 691 more words


The One With No Babies

I remember wanting kids at one point. I remember holding a quiet, dry baby doll and thinking how this was something I was destined for. I probably thought that way because I saw my mom; she stayed home and parented full-time while my dad worked outside the home and parented part-time. 330 more words

Roll up, roll up for one of our fabulous biochemical pregnancies

Every couple of years I check in with the website of my old IVF clinic, Sims IVF, Dublin, to see if their ‘success rates’ page has become any less meaningless over the years. 373 more words


Not wanting to have children

Since I can remember, I’ve never seen my future involving children. I’m not maternal in the slightest and I have no idea how to interact with children. 228 more words

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