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Sibling Irony

Something I’ve often heard is that having siblings teaching children how to share.

As an (older) sibling, I can honestly say whoever started that belief deserves to be punched. 890 more words


Gorillas Can tell Us Whether The World is Good or Evil

If you ever find yourself on an airplane near a screaming child who is thrashing around in  his seat, desperate to zig-zag through its narrow aisles, you’ll discover there are two kinds of people in this world: 892 more words


On Parenting

This is it–our introductory piece in the Parenting category. I feel this one’s going to be the sticking point for anyone reading this blog. In fact, if you’re from the future, and read this blog, and want to introduce someone else to it, you should probably have them read this one first. 950 more words

Child Support

The parents who 'regret having children'

The Guardian published an article on Saturday entitled “‘It’s the breaking of a taboo’: the parents who regret having children”.

The women featured in the article appear to cherish their children but hate the seismic upheaval, daily drudgery and subjugation of self that motherhood can bring. 866 more words


The election cured me of my doubts about being child-free

I’d already decided not to have children well before the current president got elected. JD has never wanted to be a parent, so there was that (I mean, my own feelings aside, it seems like a good idea to avoid having children with a partner who does not want them). 515 more words


I'm pro-choice AND pro-abortion

I hate that with so many social issues in politics there’s no way of compromising between the different viewpoints.

Take abortion for example. Yes, a lot of pro-lifers are misogynistic, have no idea of how women’s bodies work, and consider themselves “pro-life” in a thinly veiled attempt to keep women subservient and shame them for having sex. 1,177 more words


...Because I Don't Have Kids

I’ve stolen that title from Jess, who has written another great piece over at My Path to Mommyhood

As a couple who couldn’t have kids, I sometimes wish we did more… 529 more words