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Orion and the Spawn from Hell - Episode 1

Today a new comic debuts! Orion and the Spawn from Hell – A Childfree Comic is a project I created after discovering the Childfree subreddit… 263 more words


Colleague had a kid

And the story of how the birth is confirming my childfree stance.

His wife was in labor for 30 hours! The final 6 in which she said she was in the most terrible pain of her life. 181 more words


A Visit to Honor Heights

Since we had to go to Muskogee for the Hubby’s dermatologist visit we decided to make a stop at Honor Heights. Ever since my first visit to the glorious park in 2009 I have been dying to go back. 161 more words


Thurs April 28 is "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day"

The university I work for sent out an email stating how they are “fully supportive” of this day – they “encourage you to bring your child to work and be creative in integrating them into your day.” Which is great in theory, but the parents I work with tend to allow their children to be disruptive and annoying, so I’m not super enthused by this. 242 more words


What people tell me when I say I don't want children

True story.

  • “Oh, you’re going to change your mind as soon as you hit 30.”
  • “How do you know?”
  • “You’re going eo regret it.”
  • “It’s different when they’re your own.”
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Today is equal pay day - for all women, mothers and non-mothers alike!

Tuesday 12th April, 2016 is Equal Pay day  Рthe day to raise awareness of the pay discrimination faced by women the world over.

It falling on a Tuesday is no accident Рeach year the date is specifically chosen to be a Tuesday, this day representing how far into the next week a women must work to earn what her male colleagues earned the previous week. 114 more words

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Childfree on Youtube

Something I forgot to mention in my most recent blog post, was that YouTube has also been a great resource for me while navigating my childfree choice. 208 more words