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Productive and childfree

“What do you do all day?” This question may come from a place of genuine curiosity but more often than not there is a tint of judgement. 732 more words


Why I’m Not Having Children And I'm Not Even A Little Sorry About It

Approximately eight seconds after my husband Dave and I were married, people started asking me why I wasn’t pregnant yet. Prior to the wedding, my aunts had even gotten together to make me a special wedding gift: a baby-focused scrapbook. 695 more words

Collective World

Proper child-free-friends maintenance

Full disclaimer: I love my friends, kids or not! They are awesome people otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with them. This post is of course also 110% entirely subjective but I’m sure I’m neither the first nor the only child-free person who has encountered certain “problems” with their child-having friends ;-) 583 more words

Square Peg Searching for the Right One

(You can view my Chinese dating profile at this link, and can find the Chinese-language version of this article by clicking here.)

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"But you're so good with kids..."

A few weeks back, my brother commented “You’re so good with kids.” It came a bit out of nowhere, but I said thank you and genuinely accepted the compliment. 322 more words

The Truth

A Typical Woman?

I have never really thought of myself as a typical woman, though really what does that even mean?

Physically I am female: small, slim, tiny feet, boobs and all that but beyond that I have never thought of myself as womanish. 534 more words


Instagram #Childfree

After my twitter post, I received some comments about how there are some hidden gems with the hashtag #childfree on Instagram. Although I wasn’t intentionally ignoring Instagram, it did become apparent that I was missing some funny, serious, and outright strange posts attached to the hashtag. 77 more words