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Fertility Day gets sillier

A quick update on Italy’s Fertility Day, in case anyone missed the latest farce in the press.

The following tweet basically summarises the Italian government’s most recent faux pas over the event, which actually took place yesterday (accompanied by protests in the capital): 112 more words


Things you shouldn’t say to women who don’t want children

Why? Because they’re tired of hearing it.

These super common responses are often found offensive, hurtful and totally unnecessary. They make women feel guilty and as if their opinion isn’t valid. 322 more words


Posterity in Her Works

Note: While I am a mother, I have many friends who are childfree by choice. This is sometimes viewed as a controversial decision. While I understand why some might find it odd, I do wonder why being  151 more words

100 Word

Childfree by Choice

I had taken the decision to be childfree by choice many years back. A lot of thought had gone into the topic before making up my mind however I’m always appalled by people who try to convince me otherwise and say that I would change my mind over time. 923 more words


Are all Women Mothers?

One thing most of the world seems to agree on is that women were born to be mothers, to give their everything for their children, to daydream about their little blessing and to look out for them. 422 more words

Selfish? How About SelfLESS?

Is it selfish to use up all the hot water before anyone else gets a chance to shower? Yes. Is it selfish to eat an entire pizza without sharing? 238 more words


Stop Asking Us When We're Going To Have Kids.

Though it might be a touchy subject for some people, there’s usually not much of a problem with asking a person if they are interested in having kids in the future. 820 more words