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54. The Bribe

August 3, 2013

Dad’s coffin had arrived.  I saw it when I went over for Christmas, lying on the floor in front of the couch like some morbid coffee table (coffin table?)   I got a better look at it when he cleared off the mugs and magazines.   2,823 more words

Why I'm childfree (for now).

An interesting thing happens the moment you get engaged, well-intentioned people start casually inquiring about your reproductive habits and plans. Which is funny when you think about it longer than half a second, but we’re all slightly guilty of this faux pas, aren’t we? 871 more words


Top 5: Things People Say to Childfree Women

Just as I’ve decided that I want to help people in my career, I don’t want to live in a climate that is colder than south Florida, and I want to adopt a lot of dogs, I’ve known for several years that having children is not a priority of mine, and that biological children in particular are not in my future. 575 more words

Top 5 Series

Without Me

This post is going to be long.

And possibly controversial.

And frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Recently, CafeMom published an article called  1,426 more words


Harper's Bazaar challenges pronatalism!

Ask a pronatalist what a woman’s most important job is, and they will tell you ‘motherhood’ without skipping a beat.  Because that’s all women are to pronatalists: walking wombs, just vessels for creating the next generation.   222 more words


(Child)Freedom Song

Two weeks ago, inspired by Nick Hornby’s book of essays 31 Songs, I got my writing class to each write down a favourite song. At home I downloaded them all, and then last week I got everyone to write about their songs: what they liked about them, and if they associated the songs with any particular memories. 575 more words

Writing Exercises

Coping strategies - or lack of.

Last night wasn’t the first night I cried myself to sleep – though this is one of the few times I’ve admitted to it (silly isn’t it, feeling embarrassed about giving into tears). 316 more words