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Young non-parents vs permanently childfree

I read a post recently on artshub.com.au entitled “Why artists don’t have kids”. Basically the author (a mother by age 25) had noticed that many of the creative twenty and thirty-somethings of her acquaintance had forgone having children and she was wondering why. 367 more words


Our Third Anniversary.

On Saturday, Martin and I celebrated our third anniversary of being together, and thanks to Grandma and Nanny, we got to celebrate on a date night without the kids! 487 more words


Response: Why Physicians Should Stop Thinking That A Woman’s Choice To Be Childfree Is Up For Debate

Sometimes in life, you have moments that get your attention. You survive something and you do your best to minimize and/or normalize the experience. The truth is, you’re deeply disappointed by your world and those you thought were there to help you. 317 more words

My Life

Weekly Update: Week 3

I made another sale on eBay!

An ill-considered clothing purchase that still has the tags on.  It makes me feel so horrible to admit that.  The past is the past and I cannot change it.   904 more words


I Don't Want Children Right Now & That's OK

I’m a 32-year-old woman, and I don’t want children.

At some point, I might be a 36-year-old woman who does want children. I also might not be. 880 more words

I'm not the "Great Uncle" Type

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and it’s mainly because I haven’t had anything happen or come up relating to infertility. All in all things are well. 537 more words


What does a Day mean?

In New Zealand Mother’s Day is just a few days away. I’m trying to mute the phrase on various social media platforms in an attempt to reduce the triggers – Radio & TV advertising is more than enough for me to deal with! 244 more words