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Serious Talk: It's OK Not To Want/Have Children

Now this is a slightly different topic and before I start ranting off, I’d like to point out that these are my thoughts and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone. 584 more words

A week of deciding

Monday: Ryan went to “watch the game” at a sportsbar, stayed for HOURS but didn’t eat or dink a thing. He came home late, raging with anger, frustration and stress over everything in life from his job to infertility to his desire to own a dog that he almost started crying.  361 more words


Housewife With A Job

I decided that I needed to bring home some kind of income so we could start paying off some debts. Most importantly our student loans since I want to go back to school. 772 more words


Waiting for Bad News

Tomorrow Pearl will call with the results of Ryan’s most recent semen sample.  I’ll be at work, and am expecting bad news.  Fortunately, I’ve had time to prepare so hopefully I won’t cry at my desk or anything when I hear “I’m sorry, there has been no change since the last analysis, and IVF is not longer a medical possibility for your family.” 312 more words


Which Way to Go?

I’m deciding whether or not to keep this website going.

Over the last six months, I’ve been posting rarely. I like what I’ve written, but it’s been feeling like a chore. 254 more words

If you EVER hear me complaining...

Every now and then, I get a really poignant reminder of how excellent and simple my life really is.

A few minutes ago, I was sat on the bus, on the way home after a couple of quiet pints in the pub watching the football. 160 more words