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Why I decided to stay pregnant despite never wanting children...

I have ALWAYS said that I never wanted children. I never wanted to be a mom. I never wanted to be pregnant. I never wanted to give birth. 931 more words

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"I am done marking myself through absence... There are many ways to enjoy a childfree life."

In ‘Notes To Self‘ by Emilie Pine, the author describes her efforts to conceive a child in her late thirties. As usual I flick to the end of the chapter to see if she is successful. 723 more words


Not kidding video

This is a wonderful video by Bettina Hana on women talking honestly and refreshingly about being childfree. They talk about the array of reasons why they are childfree, how much they enjoy their life with their husband, how busy they are living life, how they love children (yes it can be synonymous with being childfree) and people’s reaction to their childfree life. 10 more words


"Bitter, childless spinster? Not me"

Always good to see articles like this in Ireland: Andrea Smith says single, childfree women aren’t losers

If you had asked me to visualise my 50th birthday celebrations when I was 21, I would have presumed I’d be blowing out the candles with a beaming husband and at least two adorable children/stroppy teenagers by my side.

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My Choice

I realized something this weekend. It sort of made 14 year old me giddy.

I crochet, often for my friends who are members of the Mommyhood. 264 more words

Black Girl Unicorn

People Are Strange

So I just received the above meme in a direct message from a very good friend of mine, a stay-at-home mum of two.

This friend sent me flowers when I had IVF and she’s one of only three people I discussed my situation with at the time. 205 more words