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"Sign Over Your Rights!"

Well, it’s been about six weeks now since my sister had her sprog. Now halfway thru her maternity leave, I think reality has finally set in for her that this ain’t as glamorous as she thought it was going to be. 466 more words


7 Reasons Women Are Not Having Kids


At my yearly physical, I asked my doctor to remove my uterus, yet again. 7 years of asking, and none of them will, still.


I Want More: Can We Define a New Tribe?

The invisibility of infertility is part of my normal. As I have written, I never expected to feel invisible during my own community’s awareness week though.  710 more words


Sunday, 5/17/15

Lazy day over here.  I’m blaming it on the blisters I got on the bottom on my foot last night.  Thanks, flip flops… I thought you were my friend.  74 more words

Dear Childfree Filipina, can I get birth control pills without a prescription?

This question has been asked so many times in so many places that it deserves its own post. So here’s a definitive answer that I will link back to henceforth. 682 more words


Pros and Cons of Being Foster Childfree (Again)


  • Can sleep in
  • House is quiet
  • No messes to clean up
  • Can go out at night and not worry about childcare
  • Can go to work and not worry about childcare…
  • 62 more words
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newborn baby yelp reviews

Yelp reviews of newborn babies

I’m dying here!!! 😂😂😂

Last paragraph = laughing hysterically. Last sentence = me.

One of my best friends from nursing school is getting married in less than 2 months. 103 more words