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[discussion] Asked a people-parent what "it's all worth it" means

I had a bit of an internal debate as to how to tag this. Neither a rant nor rave.

My husband's aunt and uncle are are somewhat people-parents (and only a few years older than us). 477 more words


Passing on a known Cystic Fibrosis gene is more selfish than being Childfree

A few years ago a couple I knew from childhood had a daughter. Unfortunately that daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. If you don’t know what Cystic Fibrosis is google it, because it’s a horrible life long disease and cost millions of dollars to have a semi normal life that will eventually kill you fairly young (37-47). 110 more words


Annoying Coworker/Daddict won’t stop complaining... apparently I’m childfree because I’m a millennial.

He was talking about how millennial don’t have kids and apparently that’s a problem so I just said it’s because we can’t afford kids, which may not be the actual reason but it’s a big one for me and people I know. 102 more words


My mother, everybody.

My mom and I have discussed the idea of me getting a tubal ligation in the past and how I don’t want kids and the works, you know, whatever. 359 more words


[RANT] Daddict logic is less than, and the entitlement is real (ALT title: I Have Nice Things because i can)

So, throwaway so nothing will get tied to may main account, yada yada, etc…. Also, on mobile, formatting will be horrid.

To preface, one of my brothers appliances had died, so i was letting him use mine. 234 more words


Insurance and their support for CF! Possibly a rant

So a bit of back story, I started researching sterilization options and contacted my insurance who told me that voluntary sterilization was 100% covered. Fast forward to a month ago, I get a call to schedule me for a tubal ligation on the 20th of November, the clinic has to do the surgery in a separate I guess hospital for the equipment, I submit the insurance info and today I get a call from the hospital telling me I have to pay $2000 before my surgery otherwise they will not do it, the minimum payment I can do is $700 and then do a payment plan. 214 more words


“Must be nice”

My husband and I decided last minute to buy tickets to a benefit comedy concert on Sunday night. They had so many surprise performers that we ended up being out until almost midnight. 62 more words