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Childfree and HAPPY.

No, I am not “wasting my money” by flying to Sydney for the weekend to go and see a concert.

You made a conscious decision to get married and procreate. 279 more words


Childfree on Social Media: I'm Not A Mommy, But I'm Not A Monster

THE EPITHETS are endless.

Crotch droppingssnowflake, semen demon  — from sophomoric to salacious, these are just some of the names used to refer to kids by a faction of childless citizens of the web who aren’t just fruitless and fancy-free, but are ruthlessly anti-reproduction. 598 more words

Atheist Breeders are the Worst Kind of Breeders

When it comes to breeders, I somewhat understand why so many religious folk hold the defective defense that it’s morally acceptable: their vile, despicable gods command them to do it. 338 more words


My New Favorite Blog: The NotMom!

The NotMom is American by nature and global in scope, spotlighting the unique perspectives and legacies of women without children regardless of cause. As we say, “by choice or by chance”.

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Pregnant Pause

So, not appointment time yet.  That’s at 1PM pacific time.  Just doing some light reading beforehand.  You know, on the side effects of all the disease modifying drugs.  754 more words


" Remaining childless can be wise and meaningful. The pope should know"

This Guardian article by Gaby Hinsliff talks about the struggle between the childfree and the Catholic Church.

Here are two of my favorite quotes. On social stigma: 151 more words