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I've been approved for a bilateral salpingectomy!!

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I'm so happy to let you guys know that I was approved for a salpingectomy at my appointment today!! 108 more words


This isn't cute

For starters, I'm so glad I found this subreddit, I always thought I was alone (at least among my friends) on not wanting kids so it's really refreshing to find people with the same mindset! 166 more words


Mod Post: Doxxing, brigading, violent posts, and rule changes to cut down on them.


Over the past two days, we have had a incident of Doxxing, and a bad incident of bridaging that involved child violence. The mod team took care of them quietly, but there were indications that we drew the attention of the Admins in the process. 118 more words


"It's the principle!"

Sorry if this isn't allowed here, but I'm going to share a story my SO told me last night.

We are both childfree, and I'm 100% sure I don't want any crotchfruit. 258 more words


[Rant] "Minimum wage should be enough to support a family." No. It should not.

I am tired of hearing the same thing over and over. People complaining that it is impossible to support a family on minimum wage. The entitlement people have thinking that having children is something anyone should be able to afford to do even working a minimum wage position. 176 more words


Oversensitive much?

So my fiance and I go to a party that her parents house to celebrate my fiances birthday. We're not big party people, but hey free food, drinks, and we got to control the music. 427 more words