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A Typical Woman?

I have never really thought of myself as a typical woman, though really what does that even mean?

Physically I am female: small, slim, tiny feet, boobs and all that but beyond that I have never thought of myself as womanish. 534 more words


Instagram #Childfree

After my twitter post, I received some comments about how there are some hidden gems with the hashtag #childfree on Instagram. Although I wasn’t intentionally ignoring Instagram, it did become apparent that I was missing some funny, serious, and outright strange posts attached to the hashtag. 77 more words

7 Reasons Why People Who Have Kids Are More Selfish Than Those Who Don’t

Parents. Oh, long-suffering, self-sacrificing parents. How they dedicate their lives to their children. The snot stains on their crumpled clothes and the dark circles under their puffy eyes are badges of honour. 1,463 more words


Puppies Over Parenthood

There are increasing numbers of people adopting pets rather than having kids, with the Oxford Dictionary adding the term ‘fur baby’ to its official lexicon in 2015. 523 more words

Breaking a Social Norm

Breaking the Social Expectation of Having Children

By June Lawhorn

            The role women play in society has changed over the decades. We are now viewed as coworkers instead of just wives and we can have a career as well as children. 1,105 more words

Ted* Talk

Every six months or so I sit down with my fiancé to talk about our future. I ask general questions about jobs, vacation, our upcoming wedding, and even our feelings on children. 638 more words

Being a Rockstar Aunty

There are also plenty of childfree women who have oodles of love, affection and advice to share with nieces, nephews and friends’ kids as their honorary aunties. 517 more words