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Roll up, roll up for one of our fabulous biochemical pregnancies

Every couple of years I check in with the website of my old IVF clinic, Sims IVF, Dublin, to see if their ‘success rates’ page has become any less meaningless over the years. 373 more words


Not wanting to have children

Since I can remember, I’ve never seen my future involving children. I’m not maternal in the slightest and I have no idea how to interact with children. 228 more words

Blog Post

20 by 30


After moving to New York City, speaking 4 languages, sterilization, marathons and one half Ironman, I need to come up with something crazier to conclude my 20s. 555 more words

Briefly Noted On Life


I do not want kids.  Not now, not ever.  Nor do I want to deal with anyone else’s kids.  Even if I liked kids, I couldn’t rationalize a single reason for having them – between the emotional and financial burden and the possibility of a Mad Max-like dystopian future. 560 more words

Being Childfree and What It Means

What does being childfree mean? According to the official rules of r/childfree, childfree is “refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children (whether biological, adopted, or otherwise). 292 more words

Personal Life

Productive and childfree

“What do you do all day?” This question may come from a place of genuine curiosity but more often than not there is a tint of judgement. 732 more words


Why I’m Not Having Children And I'm Not Even A Little Sorry About It

Approximately eight seconds after my husband Dave and I were married, people started asking me why I wasn’t pregnant yet. Prior to the wedding, my aunts had even gotten together to make me a special wedding gift: a baby-focused scrapbook. 692 more words

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