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Child Worship - A Sneak Peek for the Childfree

Do you ever wonder what it is parents, breeders and wannabe-parents love so much about children? It’s a constant puzzle to me. When I see a child heading my way, I see a walking noise and germ machine first off. 2,030 more words

Those Childfree Bitches - Seeing Us Through THEIR Eyes!

Ever wondered what those childfree-haters think of us? I’m not talking about parents who are just getting on with their lives, parenting their kids, not letting their kids hound us in public and not minding what we do with our lives. 1,595 more words



What an exhausting day… I woke up tired, didn’t have time to sit down for breakfast and Niklas took my phone to work by accident. Thanks god I still have my old iPhone, it saved the day. 179 more words


27 Reasons This 27-Year-Old Is Choosing to Go Childfree

Trigger Warnings: Points could possibly trigger depression; also discussing pregnancy complications

Two years ago I wrote a post about choosing to go childfree that came off saltier and more aggressive than I intended. 4,165 more words

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Footloose and Childfree - ABC Podcast Ladies We Need to Talk, with Yumi Stynes

Grow up, find a partner, have kids — we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. But more and more women are choosing to ignore that path. 23 more words

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Child Free by Choice - Talkback on RN Life Matters

If you are a woman of a certain age, there is no question that the issue of children will come up.

If you have one, you may be asked when the next one if coming along. 72 more words

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Introductions: Prologue to Prague

When my husband and I first got engaged in 2015, we wanted to incorporate our love of travel into the wedding. Over the next year, we planned a small but spectacular destination wedding in Las Vegas, and took our closest friends and family there to celebrate them as much as they were there to celebrate us. 797 more words