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It’s okay to be a bitch sometimes. In fact, it might be the only way to get ahead. Being ambitious requires a little steel because being an acquiescent little employee isn’t going to get you very far on the corporate ladder. 726 more words


Pets are just like kids... or are they?

The thing is I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have lots of pets. When I was 5 years old Mom would pray we don’t meet a stray kitten on our way to the kindergarten… 780 more words

Some Thoughts

Unpopular opinion

It is annoying

to elicit niceties

with a child’s picture.

Yes, I’m a grouch. But an honest one.


Why Were We Born?

A serious question – and I want people to answer this objectively, because it would seem, in this current day and age, that the presiding atmosphere is one of nothing but hatred, one-ups-manship, greed, inequality, and duplicity. 336 more words

The Many Faces of the Goddess

When I wrote my introductory post a thousand years ago (sorry about the crazy hiatus), I mentioned that I am child-free. I have chosen not to have children, and my partner agrees with me on that choice. 958 more words


Selfie Factory

So a few months ago I got an email that the Selfie Factory was coming to Bluewater – I read about it and knew I couldn’t miss such a fun and crazy opportunity! 1,031 more words


"Don't Call My Kid That", The Fragility of Parents.

Mention someone’s kid and use an adjective that isn’t sickly sweet and sucking up to the mum or dad, and the parent will usually go into meltdown. 1,365 more words