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27 things to do before 27

The year is half over…in fact, the “longest day of the year” is tomorrow (Saturday, June 20)… and at the end of December I turn 27. 470 more words

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Are Single and Childfree Women Really Happier Than Married Women and Married Women with Children?

The purpose of writing this blog is to share what I’ve experienced so far as a single-childfree woman so you can have more specific firsthand details instead of just relying on studies which outcomes are aggregations of many people’s answers instead of individual’s. 7 more words



Lâu nay bạn bè chơi với tôi chắc đều biết quan điểm của tôi về chuyện con cái, đó là tôi không muốn có con, ít nhất cho đến thời điểm này. 6,137 more words

Guest blog: Bitter

by Brigid May

June 2020




adjective: bitter; comparative adjective: bitterer; superlative adjective: bitterest

  1. having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.
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Sunday I asked y’all on Instagram & Facebook to ask me questions that I could answer in today’s blog. To be honest, I was worried no one would respond and I’d look like an idiot. 785 more words

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When I was a teenager my mum and dad made it clear that they had no interest in being grandparents. Whether to mitigate any teenage pregnancy in me or my siblings or just to relieve any pressure that we might have felt to provide this service I’m not sure, but I took it as the latter and have always felt grateful that there wasn’t an overbearing parent in my life harping on about my biological clock and whether I had a partner or not. 1,255 more words

Childfree: Selfish or Selfless?

Today is a very different world than what my parents or grandparents entered into. The human race has exploded and we are facing real concerns over the end of the world via climate change. 667 more words