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Insightful blog post

Although I see and read many articles, links and comments on a wide range of blogs I rarely share them. Mostly because I’m not intimate with the workings of blogs and social media. 38 more words



Food grounds me.  Or more correctly, being or feeling full grounds me.

As a child (and still now) I would dissociate all of the time.  I don’t know how many times I’ve come out of my skin, especially when I am hungry and feeling empty inside.   455 more words


A Glimpse of Clarity about Homelessness

Yesterday I had a moment of grace in my process of trying to find a new home.

I’ve never had to look for a place to live when I’m not working.  532 more words

Childhood Abuse

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

It’s been an intense month or so for me.  Stu and Frieda, who I’ve lived with for quite a while, have sold their house. That leaves me looking for a new home.  1,031 more words

Childhood Abuse

Like a 2 x 4...

“You fight me on everything!”

“No I don’t!”

And then my husband proceeded to list just a few of the ideas that I had seriously protested that were his.   247 more words


Fear of Meds

I’ve always been grateful for medications for my bipolar, I just didn’t take them seriously.  Most of my methods of madness were unconscious.  I would get so depressed that I would forget to take them here and there until I realized I felt better only to end up in a mania or hypomania.   710 more words


I Hate Responsibility

I don’t know about anyone else, but by age three I had it crammed down my throat that I was responsible for the entire world’s downfall.  470 more words

Childhood Abuse