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This is why I stay on my bipolar/ptsd meds

It wasn’t one thing.  It was a series of events that snowballed to create a trigger from my childhood abuse.  It wasn’t long before the paranoid thoughts were starting to swirl around from everywhere and big fat tears that wouldn’t stop.   402 more words


The Funeral

Went to a funeral this past weekend for a couple we know who lost their son.  He was an adult but it still triggered off those feelings of when I lost mine, in a way I wasn’t prepared for at all. 164 more words


I think I am through the worst of it.

(my wildflowers still kicking in the third week of Oct.  unheard of in these parts!)

Actually I think I am past the worst of it.  My past.   315 more words


Still painful, but here it goes...

I live in a negative world, but I don’t see it that way.  I see the darkness as funny and inviting.  I love the smart ass comments that come out my mouth, because they are so rare and hilarious to me.   521 more words


There's no getting to how difficult this is for me

I’ve strived to be perfect my whole life.  I had to in order to survive my childhood abusers.  I understand that and the role I had to play, what I don’t understand is how it is fucking up my adult married life.   324 more words