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Sacred Struggle

Trigger warning – the following contains reference to violence in childhood and describes a binge eating episode.  Please take care of yourself.


During the weekend I struggled with some depression that had me flat on my back in bed for many hours.  1,102 more words



In my early adulthood, I was an utterly shattered and lost soul because of the abuse I experienced as a child and growing up in my family home. 503 more words


Dangling Carrots and Shiny Things

What are your highest goals?

My highest goal is to know myself and what I need, really, in order to be who I am, number one, and then to write my truth. 780 more words


Repost: When You Reach for Help, Are You Loving or Abandoning Yourself?

I wanted to share this fabulous article by Dr. Margaret Paul (www.innerbonding.com).  Much of her work seems to be focused on finding self-love, rather than trying to “get” someone else to love you.  795 more words


I Needed Words

“I needed words because unhappy families are conspiracies of silence.  The one who breaks the silence is never forgiven. He or she has to learn to forgive him or herself.” 10 more words

Childhood Abuse

Who Do You Protect?

At 50 years old I am struggling with abuse by my parents starting from young childhood and continuing into adulthood. I “kick myself” for not having dealt with this much earlier in my life — in many ways, I’ve suffered so much and I’ve lost so much time.  499 more words



Have you ever had one of those plants that looks like it’s alive, but it’s not really?  It doesn’t necessarily have any brown leaves; some of them could be yellowish when they should be bright green.  268 more words