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my life is in shambles and other woes.

Calm down. I’m not that dramatic. My parents are wonderful and I’m excited for this new chapter. Although, I do remember telling my dad if he ever sold our home I would take a picture of every brick. 1,357 more words


Today I stood under an old mulberry tree, the same tree I stood under countless times as a child with my sister. We had allocated branches then – hers the layered ones, mine a single, sweep-down canopy. 495 more words


The Curse of Chalion

By Lois McMaster Bujold, the story starts with a former soldier returning to his childhood home. Where he is coming from, we don’t know. Why he is in this unfortunate state, we don’t know. 91 more words

Book Reviews

In The Beginning.

Where did you come from?  Were you always there?  Was I born with you inside me?  Or were you hiding in the dark corners, watching, waiting, for the right moment to pounce.   832 more words

Excerpts From Butterfly

decorating the tree

Christmas Eve is only a few days away so I decided it was finally time to decorate the tree. I bought my tree at the weekend and I have to admit it is not the prettiest. 200 more words


An Early Christmas Gift

I received an early Christmas gift yesterday when The Boston Globe published my essay. The piece is about my childhood home.

It’s been a dream to be published in the Globe, so when I saw the recent email with the first few words, “I am the editor of…,” I leaped for joy. 10 more words

Writing Life

We keep this love in a photograph

It’s been so long, I think I’ll open with something light, before I even attempt to explain the title, the cryptic detail photographs, and this post that’s been ruminating since July. 2,023 more words