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Day 70: Growing up

I went to my ancestral home this weekend. My paternal grandfather built it as his generation progressed, moving the large family out of their rented home and into this single floor house, and eventually adding another floor too. 172 more words


'Burb Memories

“I have over 900 contacts on my phone.”

“Dang, mom.”

“Oh, this one’s my friend Betsey. They call us the Bloomington twins.”

She’s told me this story well over fifty times. 848 more words

Poem: Treasure Box

Treasure Box

by Shannon P. Laws

Single spine of a roof
cuts the home in half

Living space on the right
three bedrooms on the left… 223 more words

Madrona Grove

What it feels like being a boomerang child

I’m writing this post from the cozy comfort of my childhood home. I’m sitting at the desk in my old room, where I used to do my homework and dig my head into girly teen magazines while listening to Nirvana, trying to get over my unrequited crush. 1,333 more words

A Dream Beyond The Door

Reaching a hand out, I feel the fear in my finger tips.

But the desire to do drove me forward.

How long had I looked at this door, wishing I knew what lay behind it. 7 more words


House of Skeps

Industrious buzzing,

Captured by woven pieces.

My home is a hive,

Hidden within layers of paint.

Creativity reigns queen,

And we all sing.

Because my mother is a honey bee.

-M.E. InkOwl