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Its been 18 years since I set my family home on fire.

When I was 13 years old I looooved candles, I had heaps, and I loved lighting them playing with the was putting them out with your fingers… you know stupid things that kids do.  863 more words


#1    4′ x 4′

Appreciation is one of the most pleasant surprised one can encounter. To have your work loved and appreciated is validation like no other.  216 more words


Saying Goodbye to my Childhood Home

On Sunday evening I walked out of the house I grew up in for the last time ever, and it still hasn’t really sunk in yet that it was the last time ever. 729 more words

Coming home after 2 months

Here I am, after over 2 months of not visiting home.

I haven’t talked to my mom in 2 months and I’m so hurt that I can’t pretend I’m not. 378 more words


If you could live anywhere

If you could live anywhere, where would that be? Would you go back to your childhood house? Pick somewhere you’ve never been? Or stay exactly where you are? 687 more words


Change: The Only Constant | Goodbye Home

I never knew how much of an impact a simple “house” could have on me until I had to say goodbye to my childhood home. 822 more words


385 Malone Rd N

August 2017, I wrote a letter and sent it snail mail to the people who live in my childhood home. I could never forget this address even if I tired. 683 more words

Childhood Home