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Home is where the heart is

This past weekend really set in a reality for me. My parents are putting their house on the market and in just a few weeks it will no longer by our home. 1,021 more words

Transformation of childhood-house

Those who have followed me will know that I am very deep into symbols. Almost 50 years ago I discovered C.G Jung and his work on archetypes and the subconscious. 360 more words

Art And Consciousness

What does 'home' mean anyway?

This has to be a question asked by many expats, people who move with their jobs, people who are moving for any reason in fact. … 306 more words

Everyday Life


How long has it been since I last stood here?

Five years? Six years? Surely not more.

Not long enough for anything to change. 195 more words


my life is in shambles and other woes.

Calm down. I’m not that dramatic. My parents are wonderful and I’m excited for this new chapter. Although, I do remember telling my dad if he ever sold our home I would take a picture of every brick. 1,357 more words


Today I stood under an old mulberry tree, the same tree I stood under countless times as a child with my sister. We had allocated branches then – hers the layered ones, mine a single, sweep-down canopy. 495 more words