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‘It’s good to shake up the system and make a new start,’ I wrote to a friend, explaining our BIG decision to leave Istanbul, my beloved home for 26 years, and move to Brussels. 746 more words


Take the Smartphone-oholic Challenge

Beep!  Beep!  Ding-dong.  Knock-knock.  The theme song to Friends.  I have all these various tones, rings and songs that identify what or whom is texting, emailing, or calling on my smartphone.  566 more words


Childless Insights

A friend from high school has moved into town to do her residency.  She and her husband recently came over for brunch, and I have to say my kids were so, so incredible.   794 more words


The Nerdiest Injury

I don’t know if this counts as a childhood memory, because I was thirteen when it happened. But whatever.

I was in this musical group, that did musical reviews, which are basically shows consisting of songs from various musicals. 198 more words

General Nonsense