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Smarty Pants and the Bird Brained Scheme

My youngest son is fixing to turn eight soon. I think I have mostly come to terms with this, balancing that inevitable feeling of loss a mother experiences when her children begin to rely on her less with the joy and pride of watching it happen. 671 more words


Read 100

There is light at the end of my tunnel. I can look ahead past the stacks of student manuscripts and deadlines to a summer where my time is my own. 473 more words

Reading With Ian

I saw a great quote yesterday in the hallway at Ian’s school — “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” — … 374 more words


POLL: Do children read enough books?

In today’s age of computer screens, tablets, and smartphones – is it important for children to still read books?

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Do you have young children in the family?   25 more words

Brunch Talk

Read to Your Kids: Personal Experiences with Childhood Reading

Every night before I went to bed when I was a kid, my mom or dad would read me a story. The one I remember the most vividly is… 1,660 more words


The Bloggers We Read

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Bree at The Things We Read for her new feature – The Bloggers We Read – where she asks questions to get to know the person behind some of her favourite blogs! 1,276 more words

The new young adult books

Language changes. It always has, and probably it always will, but that won’t stop those of us who enjoy language from railing against awful usage and mistakes that become common practice. 411 more words