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An Incredibly Brief Thought on Arresting Stories

I have three distinct memories when it comes to prose fiction.

The first memory comes from primary school, where my second grade teacher demanded that I read a book of uninteresting stories ‘because I told you to read them’. 561 more words


Living Below Ground - Laura Ingalls Wilder Style

Since this blog is supposed to be primarily about basement living, I thought I could look at different ways of living below ground is found in literature and art. 194 more words

Art & Design

Tubby and the Lantern by Al Perkins

This was my first book and the most overwhelming and terrifying story that I have ever read. There is no book that has yet surpassed this one for terror and bravery. 468 more words

Recipe for Storytime Success

My Storytime for Big Kids is the high point of my week, which is otherwise occupied with budgets and HR and planning and communicating with board and staff and the public. 827 more words

Reading Like It's 1964

How lucky I was to grow up pre-Internet, to be shoved into literacy by the absence of shiny electronic objects. I was a reader from the get-go. 219 more words

Ann Anderson's Blog

Some books that changed the way I think, or at least the things I think about

I haven’t updated this blog in a while (why do so many of my blog posts begin this way?) but while I’ve been in Texas for the holidays I’ve been tasked with the cleanout of my childhood bedroom. 1,894 more words

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