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Some books that changed the way I think, or at least the things I think about

I haven’t updated this blog in a while (why do so many of my blog posts begin this way?) but while I’ve been in Texas for the holidays I’ve been tasked with the cleanout of my childhood bedroom. 1,892 more words

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The ghost who walks

Remember Phantom, anyone? The great daddy of all superheros? If you’ve grown up in the India of the 80s you certainly would have encountered him in the pages of The Illustrated Weekly or the daily newspaper. 524 more words

Famous Characters From Books

ADVENT CALENDAR '15: Rereading 'The Three Investigators'

Then: In case it has slipped anyone’s notice, I used to quite like detective books. Specifically child-detective books. I’ve covered the rest of the stalwarts, but last on the list for this re-read blog was The Three Investigators. 1,156 more words


BooKs on MondaY: Drs. Anne Cunningham and Jamie Zubilsky on their new book BOOK SMART!

By Leslie Lindsay 

I am in absolute awe of this amazing book on reading with your children, aptly titled, BOOK SMART: How to Develop and Support Successful, Motivated Readers. 2,117 more words

Leslie Lindsay

The Magic of (Early) Reading

My parents encouraged my sister and I to start reading from a very early age. I am pretty sure that as a child I read every book I owned about a hundred times. 688 more words


A Reader is Born

My mom read somewhere that if you read bedtime stories to your kids every night they will always feel they can come to you for help. 478 more words

Smarty Pants and the Bird Brained Scheme

My youngest son is fixing to turn eight soon. I think I have mostly come to terms with this, balancing that inevitable feeling of loss a mother experiences when her children begin to rely on her less with the joy and pride of watching it happen. 671 more words