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Spring Break Book Review #6

(Had a slowdown there when I had to get some work done for school, and had a family visit. But it’s still Spring Break! And I’m still reading!) 488 more words

Book Review


I should have never trusted my instincts. Telling myself that life is ordinary and that every problem has an expiry date, might have been the dumbest thought I had. 419 more words

Unhappy Mother's Day...

Yes, I realise it is Sunday. And I don’t write at weekends, because: kids.

And yes, I realise it is very sunny outside. And I ought to be out in it, because: kids. 864 more words


Almost Funny

my mother used to call me
little idiot,
she’d say it laughingly
it was almost like
her pet name for me.

i used to wonder why… 111 more words


Every single day he played,
Till his eyes went moist and red,
And he got dizzy in his head,
And passed out in his bed. 11 more words


Sparky - 78rpm - 1952 ish!

I was born in 1946, and so wasn’t doing much (that can be recalled) until the early 1950’s.  Both my Mom and Dad enjoyed music so, in retrospect, it is no surprise that we had a record player. 436 more words


Week 12: Finding Home | Everyday Nostalgia

My life tends to be a series of the same things: working, cooking, cleaning, hanging out with my daughter, blogging. You know—the usual “eat, sleep, repeat” routine. 1,453 more words