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Good intentions

This Red cross poster belonged to my mother in her childhood. It is marked Popular Republic of Romania and this places it before 1965 (when the name of the country changed to Socialist Republic). 55 more words

10 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mom has dispensed so much advice over the years. Some of it solicited, most of it not. I’ve listened to some of her advice, such as to always help the elderly. 924 more words

Ode To A Friday

From the 4th grade up to 9th grade my favorite day of the week was Friday. That’s not all together odd, really. I mean, I’m sure there were LOTS of people whose favorite day of the week was Friday. 1,083 more words

Just Because...

The teacher I still remember.

My childhood teachers were mostly either ignorant of their students, or too violent with them. To add to it, was the constant pressure of parents to please the teachers and claim good grades. 588 more words

Where the Hell is Simon Pegg When You Need Him?

Hello, lovely reader!  How the devil are you?

I don’t know whether it’s the heat or Brexit or an angry Norse god having a tantrum, but there’s some dreadful stuff going on with my social circle at the moment.   629 more words


A Peek Backwards, as Far Back as Possible

Never before have I deliberately tried to recall my earliest memories. This morning, however, simply to see what might happen, I tried it. In my imagination, I returned to further back than I ever had gone before, to a period before I learned to communicate. 167 more words


A simple thing about not walking on my own

When I was much younger I spent a lot of time in the Scottish Highlands. My mother, whose family came from Ballater in Aberdeenshire, was evacuated there after her house was bombed. 424 more words