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​A Very Random Thought on A Saturday Night

I remember from my childhood….

I used to have this coin purse that contained some old coin versions of the Philippines. I had a few pennies and quarters there given by our American friend. 394 more words


A day in history

Writing this from mental hospital ward. No I m not mad. Jus under psychiatrist supervision. This not going to be an ordinary depression story.

This story goes back to 20 years ago. 1,130 more words

Mum's the Word

My Aunt Sally always picks me up, but today my mum is at the school gate instead. I view her in the half-world of sideways glances; she’s a stranger with a title that she doesn’t deserve, my mum. 502 more words


Not so Childish Childhood

That was a finely fine day

The day,when I was woken up by the hustle of the streets,

Not by the beautiful sound of the tweets. 367 more words


Power Rangers - Movie Review


  • This review was “pre-gamed” in a previous post! If you’d like to read up on some juicy background and what I was looking for when I walked in the theater, click…
  • 1,091 more words

Trailerparkal Tendencies

T loves Kindra

He spray painted the words on the side of a random shed. Fluorescent pink screamed against green corrugated metal. A little ginger bitch who lived in a goldenrod trailer saw the declaration, and she promptly told my mother. 412 more words


Ladies and Gentlemen, “Can you Please Bring me my OLD Colors Back”? (1 min read)

Being a kid, I thought that the ultimate pleasure was in drawing and painting. A perfect scenario would be: “A house with a pointed roof and a big lamp hanging from the ceiling and some flying V-shaped birds” or “Mom and dad, along with little us, having a picnic between some nearby trees” or “friends playing and running here and there”. 333 more words