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Admit Impediments

Connie and I were the last two kids to live in our houses. We were the same age and only saw each other through the fence between our postage-stamp size backyards. 173 more words

Children's music, or Papa Loves Mambo.

Our home is a quiet home, the television may be on but the house is not bouncing away to any particular tune. I enjoy music but it is not on in the background, in fact I have only recently started to plug in my speakers while I cook dinner. 203 more words

Daily Prompt

Home Away From Home

Butetown in A sense I feel like i’m caved in
The buildings built around us I haven’t even been in

Now they find out we live on a goldmine and they want in… 239 more words


Musicals and the 40's

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”

If you were to ask me about the music of my generation, I would come up with a blank.

309 more words

In the Trailer Park with Elise and a Deaf Man

I lived in an Iowa trailer park.

Mom always called it a “mobile home,” and fondly remembers it as being “the nicest one in the neighborhood.” … 1,068 more words

Being Human

Instagram Repost: red wellies

Today was a gloomy day . It was cloudy with spells of rain ☔️☁️. Hubs had to go to work early so I had to send and fetch the little ones from school plus also go to my doctor’s appointment. 71 more words

London Life