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Three For Vinegar (2014)

1. Easter egg dye.

2. Salad.

3. Shine.


In the kitchen, to find-

To both disinfect and shine.


How Did They Survive Childhood?

Are you one of the baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964? How did you survive without government intervention?

Their mothers smoked and/or drank while pregnant. 453 more words

Jetmira Allushi, Friends are Family

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jetmira Allushi, an AUBG student known for her involvement in Defacto and Radio AURA. You will forgive me for talking about Harry Potter characters yet again, for the story that she shared was truly heartwarming and inspiring. 602 more words


6 Things Neopets Taught Me Which No School Ever Did

The word ‘Neopets’ is probably nostalgic to everyone, especially those born in the 90s. It signalled the beginning of an era where you had to fight to use the telephone or the Internet and also the slow loading of images. 815 more words

Video Gaming

The Ghost Upstairs

Dear Mom,

One time, many years ago, you came home to a mini mystery: the small, outdoor wooden cabinet that held the Tupperware of dog food on the bottom shelf and all the pool towels neatly folded on top of each other above had mysteriously relocated itself. 1,093 more words


When we look into the eyes of children

I wonder what you see when you look at this photograph of two children? We all see things according to our own lives and experiences, but sometimes the messages are universal. 317 more words

Being Real

April Fools Day

When my Father and Uncle were alive, April Fools Day was a perilous time.

You had to taste the sugar because it could be switched with salt. 289 more words

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