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Sophia's First Homemade Pie

Sophia is my little helper in the kitchen. No matter what I am doing she always ends up helping me out, and I LOVE it. It only seems to be natural that she enjoys being in the kitchen as much as I do, she comes from a family of cooks and bakers on both sides. 277 more words

Once upon a prosthetic. (part 2)

If you’re just giving my blog a peek there is a part 1 of this little “mini series” of posts that you may wish to read first. 181 more words


Taking It All Too Hard

I can remember for a good portion of my childhood (at least that portion that didn’t include a cassette player in my bedroom or in the car) that radio was my friendly companion. 1,125 more words

Just Because...

This Street Artist Captures The Innocent Moments Of Childhood

Star street artist Bumblebeelovesyou doesn’t make art to shock or horrify you. He doesn’t want to make you cringe. Instead, he looks to make people happy and create a sense of nostalgia. 2,781 more words

Home Page


Clickbait, sorry. I’m nowhere near motherhood and in fact think that Nexplanon is one of the greatest things ever invented, along with the wheel and hypoallergenic duvets, but I do really want to say one thing to the more maternally minded of you. 479 more words

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day or #SquirrelAppreciationDay if you go on Twitter.

The creator of Squirrel Appreciation Day is Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator in North Carolina who is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Nature Centre. 378 more words



In my youth I was shown all the ways to you.  So vast and intricate, and in this wonder I stood paralyzed, unable to move toward you in terrible awe of the all-seeing eye design, dynamic and changeless.  514 more words