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“Do you have a favorite color?”

“What about a lucky number?”

I still remember a homework assignment which directed me to ask these questions of my parents. 2,894 more words

Day 23: Alone in a Little Boat in the Dark with no Oar and a Storm Approaching

They just left. He took them for a 5.5 hour drive to another state for a college interview tomorrow. then, wednesday, they’re back on the freeway again for another 5.5 hour gamble with their lives. 2,927 more words

Breaking Up

Monday's Theme Music

Today’s song, “Tin Man,” was released in nineteen seventy-four. Among the trillion events happening that year, I graduated high school and joined the U.S. Air Force. 143 more words

Pop Culture

Non traditional Christmas

As I sit down to type this my mind wanders back and forth between childhood and the present day. I struggle between sadness of not remembering one Christmas memory as a child to the joy of knowing that the truth is Christ was with me even back then. 120 more words

If you want to be happier - ditch Facebook!

Research from The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen in Denmark (one of the happiest countries in the world) has found that giving up your Facebook account boosts happiness and reduces anger and loneliness. 485 more words


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Just a reminder

Dreamland Dissonance

Dreams, nightmares, REM reveries…they come in all forms and they all come for me. I have always been one to have lots of dreams and even remember them regularly. 378 more words


Why I stopped believing in Santa Claus (aka A young girl is fiercely protective of her father)

I’ll be the first to admit: I probably believed in Santa Claus longer than I should have, and longer than most children do. See, I have this hope, even now as an adult, that magic actually exists. 530 more words