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Late Snow

Although spring is just days away, the air is still cold; it bites with winter’s teeth. That got me thinking.

Late Snow

Spring fairies,
Tulip and Marigold, 42 more words


Some #ActuallyAutistic Advice for #ElmoMum

An #ElmoMum elaboration in three short parts.

Part the first: Background

Part the second: Context

Part the third: Advice (with swearing)

3 – Advice (with swearing) 1,380 more words


What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up

This is a question we were all asked at one point or another in our childhood. Was it a doctor? Or an engineer? Perhaps a teacher? 419 more words

Just About Anything

Knock, Knock

“Memory is the treasure house

of the mind wherein the monuments

thereof are kept and preserved.”

~ Thomas Fuller


Rewriting the Robot

Onan.  At six years old, he is taller than some middle schoolers.  Highly sensitive, fiercely brilliant, deeply lonely amongst peers; he has been one of my favorite young minds to support through play. 704 more words

Travels from My Childhood: Memories That Still Linger On...

Let’s go back … no, not to the future because no matter where you are in the world the future looks bleak. Instead, let’s go back to a time when things were simpler, travel was easy, airplane seats came with little ashtray slots in the armrests, people were friendlier irrespective of where you came from, and it was easy to adopt someone at the spur of the moment while flying thousands of miles up in the air… wait what? 1,324 more words


A Year of Yes: No more dreams deferred

“What happens to a dream deferred?” ~Langston Hughes, Harlem

Thanks to everyone for all of your birthday wishes. I felt the love all day, and in this next trip around the sun I’m working on making more dreams come true. 43 more words