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Teaching kids personal autonomy

Have you ever seen one of those Facebook posts where people brag about their childhood? You know, the ones that brag about how the streetlights were the curfew, garden hose the water fountain, how bikes were ridden without helmets and how dirty the childhoods of yore were? 377 more words


Same person, different place

I’ve recently been reflecting on a childhood, or should I say, an ongoing experience in my life that intrigues me.

What I have observed in my meagre almost 20 years of life is that very few things are stable, very few things are constant. 524 more words


Squared’s Scrolls – Childhood Favorites

I’ve been reading as long as I can remember, I remember my mom reading to me and my Great Grandpa reading all his Sesame Street books with me. 401 more words


God Is Near

Vidushi would often drape herself in sheen flowing dupattas and stamp the floor with her tiny steps, swinging to her melodies of devotion for Lord Krishna. 372 more words

Writing Spaces

Reminiscence of Summers Past

With school letting out for the holidays, I see little children playing cricket, chasing each other around the fields; It is that time of year which never fails to take me down the memory lane. 444 more words

Memories don't die

Yeah..!!! She is alive , she survived among those monsters but still that fear shook her from inside.

She was quite

She was numb and she know she did mistakes being silent at that moment. 120 more words


I am saddened by my son's lost wallet: Shall I name it Rosebud?

Many years ago, I was a young girl at boarding school learning to be independent. It was a huge step for a young Hispanic girl from the Bronx to attend a boarding school way up north in Massachusetts. 568 more words