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Cat or dog: which is smarter?

I will confess my prejudice right off the bat – I think cats are smarter. I have met some well-trained dogs that gave every evidence of having a keen intelligence. 383 more words


My low-waste kitchen: *&^%! Out of butter

In the 1970s, there was an annoyingly accurate saying, “It takes money to make money.”

It also takes resources to save resources, so while I write about decreasing waste I am highly aware that I am lucky to have a fully equipped kitchen, lots of Tupperware, a good freezer, and cooking theory in my little brain. 534 more words

Business of an Adult World

Painted picture of a smile
On a coated canvas face
Portrait of perfected pleasure
An intended illustration of illusion
Hiding hurt and humiliation
At a listless, lost and lingering life… 47 more words


Second Chances

(Source: www.schoolbag.sg)

(clockwise from top left) Angel with her sister; With her TP Early Childhood Studies classmates and a storybook they created for a module; Dressing-up for another module; Storytelling session with the kids. 1,121 more words

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Short stories are my first love. I love the compact feel of a plot spread over a couple of pages, every word getting the story closer to the end, preferably at high speed. 251 more words

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I think it was Natalie Portman who said, “I hate studying but I love learning.”

I imagine what she meant was that the idea of sitting at a desk with an open textbook and copying down notes and trying to absorb information was just too mundane. 575 more words