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Lonely little toys… | SimonasDesigns

Lonely little toys… | SimonasDesigns

Lonely little toys… | SimonasDesigns


Stories from the crèche

We dream of seeing active learning taking place in crèches around South Africa, where Early Childhood Development centers are not just a baby sitting service but a place for young children to learn, develop and grow. 423 more words

Domino Effects Newsletter

The life and times of Christine from the block

She didn’t have it easy. No one around her did. So why should she care or even think about her hard life. She didn’t have time to care anyway. 282 more words


The creative mind of a child - now adult

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein
Artist. Writer. Photographer. Architect. Graphic designer. Film director. Fashion designer. Chef. Hair stylist. 636 more words


IFI - Childhood of a Leader Q&A

Liam Cunningham came to the latest IFI Q&A to answer questions about the newest film he is in, ‘The Childhood of a Leader’.

The session was humorous and animated. 15 more words


I left someone behind

I left someone behind,
that summer day, the small girl on the mango tree,
bereft of grief and care and free,
The chuckles and songs, the smiles and no right or wrong, 70 more words



Society deems the age

when childhood ends

when we turn the page

when we round the bend

People expect you to act

how an adult should… 102 more words