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Yours Truly, Pandora

An astonishing number of toys from my childhood have been banned or so enormously altered that they might as well be called by different names. An article I stumbled across that discussed how lawn darts are treated with the same degree of government regulation as some banned firearms lit a fire under this poem. 165 more words


The white tree of memory…

Every Christmas season for my entire childhood, there was a white ceramic Christmas tree given pride of place in my grandparent’s front widow. When I say I remember it, what I mean is if I sit here and close my eyes, I can see it plain as day sitting atop the console record player and flanked, most years, by electric candles (with orange bulbs) and a panoply of Christmas-themed ceramic figurines. 205 more words


the magic of leaves

How do you describe the smell of fallen leaves
The pleasant scent of the dying and the decay
that has to happen for new life to appear… 49 more words


That puddle

“Dinòsauuur” and the “Grrr” that follows it brings as much glee on my face as on my 2 yr old’s. Peppa, George and the family with their friends have been good company for 6 long years now. 732 more words

The Cud

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans (1981)

Greek mythology has always had a special place in my heart, and not just because, being Greek, they’re a part of my culture. If one is a Westerner, then these myths are also a part of… 1,147 more words


deep hurts

i have questioned my worth
and ability to be loved
every single day since
i watched my father
walk away from me