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Children's Book Review: Wave the Flag and Blow the Whistle

‘Wave the Flag…’ has been a favourite bedtime read for the Boys for the past few years, a rhythmic and heart-warming railway adventure, we still wheel it out every now and then and (all three of us) happily drift away into a simpler, wonderful world of steam trains, picnics and Summer days… 92 more words


Phoenix Rising

A phoenix rises from the ashes born again.  I always find the phoenix to be a hopeful symbol.  The hope that survivors of abuse can rise from the ashes of their past and live new vibrant lives.   7 more words

Blogging 101

Mailman Finds Kid Reading Junk Mail Because He Can't Afford Books, What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

Ron Lynch is a Utah postman who was just filling up some apartment complex mailboxes when he stumbled into 12-year-old Matthew Flores.

Flores was reading a grocery store ad, and looked up to ask Lynch if perhaps he had some “extra” junk mail that he could read. 229 more words

July 30: My Happy Place

As I lie here forgetting the bad mood you put in me,
I feel at peace.

 (Not with you
 Never with you)

But with the world as it is:
The crisp lines and bright colors
Never ending perspectives
Infinite details and eccentricities,
The wonder that is the peripheral view. 29 more words

Read More Comics--From Black Creators, in Times of Crisis, Before Getting a Tattoo, and More

In June, I became a contributor to Panels.net, and I could not be more thrilled. In the last two months, I’ve discussed feminism, race, geek culture, tattoos, and more.  563 more words

Freelance Articles

A Fractured Family

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and especially my university choices. But naturally, my brain wants to balance this out by reflecting on my past. 793 more words

My Life

Where the Fireflies Go

The sunflowers are

loosing some of their luster

serving as a reminder

that summer is not forever

like it seemed once

when long ago

and far away… 90 more words