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Sometimes,I wish..

I do not wish to be there standing in the vast crowd sometimes,I feel to intake only the pure oxygen..not willing to judge people or pass comments to other’s,I do not wish to take control of someone’s life and decisions either,I am uncertain as to what do I actually wish for?But something tells me today..I wish to have all my past life back in my hands,I know we all should move ahead with new constructive hot dreams and eloquent will power..but can’t I wish to step back for once?Cant I just for an hour go back to the terrace of my house and wish all oblivion stuff for my future once again whilst gazing the moonlight and shimmering stars?Days do not remain constant neither do people,everything begins according to us but sometimes the end is not what we actually aimed for.We get hurt,broken,bruised in the process of evolution as a colossal human,but even giant mountains and rivers lose their vitality in the process of anew discovery that may come in future.Sometimes,I wish to step back,be a child and remain nonchalant and I am not penitent of it.I know,beautiful things may be waiting for me tomorrow but somehow at this moment I do not feel strong enough to think beyond this horizon,I can see a row of ravishing flowers in my future,that is me being optimistic now let’s be realistic for a moment..what about my current heartbeat’s pace?What about the emotions that gushes my blood sometimes swiftly  and sometimes at turtle’s pace?I still remain ignorant as to what my future holds for me?I may be insecure today..insecure about the people I have..insecure about things I may lose and the list goes one and so I wish sometimes..to remain that untrained child that I was as it was the best thing that happened to me and maybe to all of you? 6 more words


Time Capsule Episode 11 - Big Fat Liar


This week, Emily and special guest Jordan Wold (Jordan Wold Presents; And You Believe That?) discuss the seminal classic Big Fat Liar.


My goodness

It felt as though bricks were being placed one by one onto my body. I couldn’t move for more than two seconds without flopping back down. 627 more words

My Father

My biological father had surgery on Monday to remove the tumors from his colon and his liver. He has stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 49. 552 more words

On the road

The unschooling diaries: weeks twenty-seven and twenty-eight

To celebrate Leigh’s graduation (and to maximise the time our family had together before we were hit with the schedule of a junior doctor) we headed off for ten days or so in our campervan. 555 more words

A Child's Room

Don’t look upstairs, mom. The young girl in her dark tattered dress scattered up the wooden steps. Each wooden board screamed under her tiptoed feet, her dress spun and swayed with delicate threads pulling away from its form. 157 more words

Daily Journal

Throwback Thursday...

I think everyone knows what Throwback Thursday (#TBT) is and everyone has probably posted a throwback. However, for my family reading this who probably do not know what it is… 573 more words