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The Importance of Coming Last

My (almost) ten year-old has been out-thinking and out-smarting me since he was about five. His level of self-awareness both scares the shit out of me… 1,092 more words

From The Heart

Why The 90's & 00's were (and still are) SO MUCH BETTER...

Does anyone else cringe when they see children walking around with the newest iPhone or tablet?!

To some degree, it makes me feel really sad. I have all these wonderful memories to look back on from my childhood and these kiddos have… screens. 161 more words


Day 21: Fizzers

What on earth is it about Fizzers that children enjoy so much?


February 10 & 11

I forgot to write in my diary yesterday. Today I will write what did happen.
Lynn D. and I has a missunderstanding. I called up Lynn to go see if she could go skating on the river in 5 min. 130 more words

Series 3 and I Lost My Voice

I accidentally published a draft of this post the first time I tried writing this. Whoops!

Guess I’m still a little under the weather.

On that note I haven’t been very well since you last heard from me. 522 more words

Pixel’s Randomness

Looking at the Moon: Archaeology & Children

My child is obsessed by the moon.

It wasn’t her first word, but it was early, and fervent.

MOON. Before “mama” even. MOON. She points at the sky, finger connecting to the bright crescent. 673 more words


Dreams of Hope and Fret

From days of cribs
And bottled dining
We are told about our dreams
Hold them tight
Pursue them fast
Let them fly among the clouds… 119 more words