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A Memoir: In Remembrance of Him

           I derive from an image only the reflection in his mirror knows—and this evening, the moonlight shines with a bitterly, ridiculous intent to accentuate the absence of his shadow.

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My Letter to Bob

When I’m bored, I like to look through old essays I have saved on my computer.

I like to revisit these files and see the state of mind I was in when writing. 1,767 more words


Did they get a try? Is that the goal?

There’s a festive aura around the office. The two-fisted punch of Thanksgiving and The Jays in the playoffs has sent the work into a twitter of activity (can I use that word any more? 668 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Wk 7 - Artist Conversation - Jane Weibel

Yesterday I met Jane Weibel. Her major is Ceramics. She has one more year to graduate from CSULB. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder. She has been doing ceramics for two years. 258 more words


Writing Prompt 2: Stop That Boy!

In late September I picked up a “300 Writing Prompts” journal from a Barnes & Noble. Sometimes the prompts are straightforward questions. Sometimes they’re challenging imperatives.

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Daddy in The Dark

I absolutely love this painting done by our little Emma.  She said it was me, standing outside under the shooting stars.  This beautiful art was done using Paint, on my old WinXP desktop.  12 more words


From what I’ve experience so far in this life, there are few people who have to struggle with candor. Most people go through their daily routines telling ‘little white lies’ to spare themselves embarrassment and prevent others from being hurt unnecessarily. 601 more words

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