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Golden Cage, Broken Armor

I can still hear his voice in the back of my head, “You will never be great!” Stumbling, I’d find my way back to my room and write my tears away. 106 more words

Molar Mouse

With each tooth they lose the tooth fairy or molar mouse gets a questionnaire; length and questions depending on the child. There are three more wobbly teeth in this house at the moment and I hope the fairies/ mouse can handle the paperwork.


Dear childhood self

sweet little start of me
through ancient mist I see you
aping our mother’s daily routine
washing yesterday’s dollies dresses
while she scrubs the sheets… 129 more words


Vicarious Living

Looking back I can recall my parents doing their best to provide my sister and me with chances for extracurricular activities. As a child, summer camps, exciting programs, and sports were all I heard my friends talk about. 912 more words

Growing up.

So, I said I might write about what it was like to grow up in my childhood home. (It feels wrong calling it that. I… 2,073 more words