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The Counselor at the dinner table

If you know a family member, friend, or lover who is struggling with a diagnosis on the Asperger/Autism continuum, or has been abused in childhood, you probably have seen their symptoms and strategies to deal with post-traumatic stress. 2,131 more words

Family Patterns

And this too will pass away

Healing can take a very long time, especially when we aren’t conscious there is a wound. Fifty years ago an automobile accident changed my life forever. 947 more words


Letting go

I have been sitting in ayahuasca ceremonies for several years. Lately it has been the Brazilian tradition called Santo Daime, which, literally translated, means the “Holy Give-me”, give me love, give me firmness, give me insight. 609 more words


It’s All Good

I first heard the expression “It’s All Good” about ten years ago. I had just been seduced by a younger lover, who wanted to blame me for a delightfully fun sexual adventure. 1,238 more words

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Limbic resonance heals

A miracle surprises, it puzzles the mind. “How did that happen?” We ask ourselves. Spontaneous remission of symptoms is miraculous, regardless of what the symptoms happen to be. 1,068 more words

Native American Church

What's wrong with expressing my feelings?

Repressed feelings can make us sick, emotionally and physically. Expressing our feelings in creative ways can transform the process and lead us from dis-ease to balance. 1,288 more words

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Mr. Holmes, the journey from the head to the heart

Intellectuals can experience intense loneliness. In the movie Mr. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes admits to the Lady in Gray that he has always felt alone. … 484 more words