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What's wrong with expressing my feelings?

Repressed feelings can make us sick, emotionally and physically. Expressing our feelings in creative ways can transform the process and lead us from dis-ease to balance. 1,222 more words

Family Patterns

Mr. Holmes, the journey from the head to the heart

Intellectuals can experience intense loneliness. In the movie Mr. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes admits to the Lady in Gray that he has always felt alone. … 484 more words


The Water Horse Way

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. Out of the blue came a Facebook friend request from someone I hadn’t seen in five years. Three years ago he agreed to meet me for a movie, … 1,956 more words

Mentoring Men

I’ll take the upgrade please.

For several years I have noticed certain types of people show up in my life. They seem to cluster around the same characteristics, attitudes, and values. 1,006 more words

Carl Jung

Why are these patterns recurring?

A few months ago I met a young man who reminded me of someone of whom I had been extremely fond. Both men were the same height and build, same ethnic background, same way of dressing, flirtatious and charismatic, yet deep and smart. 833 more words


The Divine Eraser

How many times do we think we are “over it” only to discover we are still “holding onto it”? When I am sure that I am “over it”, my ego (conscious mind) is the one who feels certain about his decision. 1,369 more words


Chappie is Strange

To say the least, a police robot with Artificial Intelligence, is a novel place to turn a plot upside down. In futuristic metropolitan South Africa the robotic Scouts help police round up the bad guys, lower the murder rate, and humiliate drug dealing Mafia type lords. 719 more words

Family Patterns