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Cancer's ABCs

Gabor Mate, M.D. (2003) describes a study done in 1984 where cardiac and cancer patients and a control group with no medical illness were shone slides designed to elicit psychological distress. 1,586 more words


The Sins of the Fathers

When the phone rang 17 years ago, it was my niece on the phone, to whom I had not spoken in 18 years. She called to tell me that her mom had suffered an aneurysm in her brain and that the corrective surgery had left her in a coma. 1,328 more words

Family Patterns

Being "Outed" in Whole Foods

Still wearing my crimson winter jacket and white stole, I donned my Moroccan hat with its small circular mirrors and entered Whole Foods. I paid for my coffee and ├ęclair with a gingerbread man, a clever paper cutout with a bar code on the back, which my son had given me for Christmas. 927 more words

Family Patterns

The pearl in her tears.

An elder told me that she remembered Pearl Harbor day (12-07-1941) as a three year old. She said her mom raised the window to shout down to her dad what she had heard on the radio had happened in Hawaii. 574 more words

Carl Jung