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Why are these patterns recurring?

A few months ago I met a young man who reminded me of someone of whom I had been extremely fond. Both men were the same height and build, same ethnic background, same way of dressing, flirtatious and charismatic, yet deep and smart. 833 more words


The Divine Eraser

How many times do we think we are “over it” only to discover we are still “holding onto it”? When I am sure that I am “over it”, my ego (conscious mind) is the one who feels certain about his decision. 1,369 more words


Chappie is Strange

To say the least, a police robot with Artificial Intelligence, is a novel place to turn a plot upside down. In futuristic metropolitan South Africa the robotic Scouts help police round up the bad guys, lower the murder rate, and humiliate drug dealing Mafia type lords. 719 more words

Family Patterns

What frightens me most.

Abandonment is very scary. It was war time when I was born. The adults were preoccupied. I didn’t see my Air Force dad much. When he did return and sat on the couch, he would let me rub his aching feet. 1,362 more words


Orange Marmalade

What would be fun to do after reading about the Shadow? A movie perhaps, yes, a comedy would be a good compensation, but which one? I had seen the previews for… 2,531 more words


The Man in the White Ponytail

After the sauna my spirit son and I walked over to the coffee shop. As we entered I saw a person with a long white ponytail with their back to us. 796 more words

Child/Parent Relationship

Into the Woods

Fairy tales are known for their colorful and rather simplistic, almost rigid, portrayal of the forces at work in the mythical world of our imagination. This world of images is not limited to three dimensions as is our “real” world of everyday life. 739 more words