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Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett

If one had asked me if I was interested in a brief multi-generation novel, I would immediately have said, no. Then I picked up this 2016 novel, and was immediately enthralled by the opening chapter, the description of a christening party in a house of cops and other middle-class people. 976 more words

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Keeping your kids frenetically entertained has ruined museums for adults

You’d think that a hall of taxidermied animals would be the epitome of quiet. The animals were all shot, skinned, and propped up against idyllic backdrops decades ago, mute muses for visitors ready to lose themselves for a few quiet moments in nature scenes that they will likely never see firsthand. 980 more words

Our Journey to a Diaper-free Life

My pockets has been very happy the last 6 months! It’s been exactly that long since we stopped using and buying disposable diapers. Coco was 3 years and 4 months old then. 1,173 more words



How is your parenting working? Doing well? That’s great! Whatever you are doing, you may want to continue doing it.

If it is not working, you may want to consider that you have been listening to other people’s point of view too much and you may be judging yourself and others based on their values? 497 more words


Less Fighty

My girls and I have been on a journey. It’s been a journey to reconnect. To regain the closeness and relationship we had when they were little. 402 more words


Some more thoughts on how we come to know ourselves

I’ve been thinking recently about consciousness, about how we come to be aware of ourselves and of the world. In a passage which I think can also be taken as a broader metaphor for how we develop our perceptions of reality, Karl Marx somewhere describes the workings of the economic system (capitalism) in the following terms: the enormous machine is housed inside a building which we can never enter. 905 more words


a letter to the mother of my children

An incredible post for forgiveness of a parent who abandons their children…


There are so many things I want to say to you, I’m really not sure where to start.  33 more words