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It amazes me how much work goes into leaving the house with a baby. Over the course of the past year I can’t count the number of different phases of Erik’s life that have passed in which leaving the house has seemed impossible. 603 more words


*** NEW MEMOIR *** Note to Self: Learning is FOREVER!

I have shared my parenting journey – as a single mother raising a boy for several years, and my heart is overflowing with appreciation, love, respect, and more for everyone who is completely committed to the responsibility of parenting. 1,335 more words


#NYCStrong... Marathon day and every day

I had an emotional Sunday and the tears still swell up from time to time, but I want to write today about being a mother. Just as an FYI, I’m going to be waxing rhapsodic about my fabulous daughter, so if you were expecting something about writing or NaNo related,…sorry. 767 more words

Strong Women

10 tips for staying in a hotel with a baby

1. Never, ever stay in a hotel with a baby.

2. Have you, nonetheless, found yourself in a hotel with a baby? (Are you, by any chance, in Venice, of whose labyrinthine layout of abruptly-terminating alleyways connected by thousands of pushchair-defying bridges Google Maps understands less than your 9-month-year old pride and joy, and which has worn you all out to the point where even this simple sentence is making your brain hurt and your eyes feel heavy, even if you’re not in Venice and don’t have any children?) Has no amount of lullabying and milky-wilky and shush-patting and promises to stop insisting that she eat bulgur done any good? 482 more words


"It Takes a Village" Revisited

I have always wanted to read Hillary Clinton’s book It Takes a Village, and I recently saw it for the right price.  (It was free.)  Two days ago, I closed the book after the last chapter. 1,136 more words


10 Things Every New Mom Is Suckered Into Buying (That She Doesn't Actually NEED)

Since the second I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been bombarded by ads for baby related paraphernalia across platforms. I can’t go an hour, it seems, without encountering some new flame retardant onesie or safety centric detergent in my social feeds that will improve my baby’s quality of life and/or overall health and/or chances of getting into Harvard. 1,310 more words

hearing the whispered

one of the most difficult things as a parent, for me at least, is to watch your child suffer terrible things, and be helpless to stop their suffering. 353 more words