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Brain Storming about a NEW Kind of BLOG!!! :D

This will be the greatest blog in the history of blogs…people will be talking for decades to come…they will send our faces to Jupiter and broadcast our messages to….. 223 more words


The Foundation Gift of Fatherhood

The handsome man in the hardhat is my dad. The identity of the unskilled laborer on the left cannot be confirmed, which is just as well, since he frequently induced negative progress by such innovations as turning off a battery by grabbing a bare-metal switch with a soaking wet glove, while standing hip-deep in salt water.   1,272 more words

Biblical Leadership

It's true: Parents really are biased toward firstborns

A colleague related the following story: while running errands with her 11- and 7-year-old daughters, a back seat battle began to rage. My colleague’s attempts to defuse the situation only led to a shouting match about who was to blame for the skirmish. 759 more words

My 8-year-old taught himself how to code Java. Here's how yours can, too

My eight year old son is now getting quite advanced in Java, and is loving it. It wasn’t taught to him in school, and while I’ve helped him, he’s really taught himself, using some brilliantly intuitive products aimed at helping 8 to 14 year olds learn to code. 1,271 more words

Eight powerful ways to mold your children into leaders

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We all want our children to become leaders.

Whether they spend the bulk of their days in the mailroom or the corner office, we want our children to grow to be courageous, passionate, and authentic. 1,199 more words

Mothering is Curious

A Girl Named Marabell-lee

By Zaynab Abdullah


Marabell-lee was a little girl

Whose father was a father

And whose mother was a mother… 233 more words

The rocky path to separation

It’s been a while since I posted, life has had it’s downs and downers. I got a new job I quit the new job, it wasn’t a good fit for either parties. 826 more words

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