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Father God

My son just turned 25 years old . He still lives at home and is still kind of struggling to find his way. I love him with all my heart, but I am ready for him to gain some independence. 220 more words

You Aren’t Powerless: How To Stop The Cycle Of Abuse

“The cycle of abuse repeats.” 

Those five little words are like a death sentence to those of us who have been abused or hurt during our lives.  1,510 more words

Kids Happy Time Playground

Didn’t know that there’s a play place at The Venice Grand Canal Mall until today. Anyway, the only time I went here was last year, during one of Hi-5 Philippines’ mall show. 342 more words

Here's what the illiberal media doesn't want you to know about the Finsbury Park attack

My wife and I used to live just up the road from the Finsbury Park Mosque, but now we live in Rome with our four-month-old daughter. 1,209 more words


A three-month-old baby assesses the propects for the MAY-DUP coalition

So, you’re three months old…

Four and a half months, actually. Nineteen weeks on Monday.

It says…

Yes, I know. My male parent thought it made for a more eye-catching headline. 956 more words


Film review: 'The Other Side of Hope'

How often do you go to the cinema? Probably about six or seven times a day, right? I mean, I’m guessing, but I calculate that someone like you has, over the last, say, four months, likely seen in the region of a thousand films at the cinema, or movies at the moving picture theater if that’s your preference. 995 more words


My first post

Hello everyone! A little over 9 months ago, I gave birth to my son and while I’ve left the house, gone on play-dates, and even a few vacations, I finally feel as though I am getting the hang of things. 175 more words