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The 7-5-3 ceremony

Shichi-Go-San (753) is a Shinto event just after the year’s harvest. They thank Shinto deities for the year’s yields and for the sound growth of children. 177 more words

Everyday Life

Fairy tales

Both my son and my daughter like hearing stories. They would enjoy reading all those stories if only they could read, but not yet. So with the same desire to read by themselves if they could read, they ask me to read to them.   125 more words

Everyday Life

An Early Bird

I left home around 9:00 a.m. to drive my son to kindergarten this morning. I usually do this but especially this week, since this entire week is off (although I’ve got a lot to do from home, just as you know if you are your own boss. 255 more words

My Work

It Makes Me So Mad

This past week I started several posts on a variety of topics. But it was a tough week. That was even what one of my posts I began writing was about. 383 more words


You absolutely will not know the answers to almost all science questions kids ask

If a child asked you how close an astronaut can get to the sun, the chances are you’d need a moment—or perhaps a search engine—to figure it out. 777 more words

What we give//それらを与える

In the nitty gritty grind of daily childrearing, there are sacrifices made in order to arrive at the next day in one piece. Most parents plan to do all and give all to their children but with the arrival of children comes the contraction of time. 293 more words


A Spooky Halloween Adventure at Discovery Suites

Didn’t go TOT at the mall this year because I don’t want to roam the whole mall carrying Coco. I can’t bring a stroller because we’re just commuting. 327 more words