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To Have and Have Not

I am so glad childless women are finally speaking up about not having children.
I am one of them and I had started to get sick of being judged by smug married couples. 727 more words


Why we didn’t vaccinate our child

We’re not ashamed to say that there are many vaccines we haven’t given our child. Here’s why…

Pertussis, also known as “whooping cough,” is a bacterial disease that can permanently injure or kill a child. 598 more words

Different Rules For Different Houses

Written by: Christine Sirabella & Neil G.

December 26, 2014- I learned over the years, as a divorced parent raising children and sharing custody of them, that… 307 more words


Do Your Children View Silence As Consent?

Written by: Marc Zirogiannis

December 27, 2014- I always believed taking the high road in my divorce meant completely shielding my kids from the issues of my marital dissolution, as well as my contempt for my ex. 635 more words



Come on, you know the techniques that indicate your life, temporarily, is a hot mess…that good-enough shave only up to the knee.  That mystery patch left untouched on the back of the calf.   466 more words



And then I learned what I was taught.  That the four of us matter to one another, and the universe keeps trying to find a way to pull us together.   410 more words


How LEGO freaks stack and store their LEGOs

Parents often have a love/hate relationship with LEGOs. They love the toy for its open-ended play value and ability to exercise their fine motor skills. That said, as LEGO grows in popularity and kids continue to collect more bricks, problems build up right alongside them. 1,419 more words