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I’m Slowly Learning What It Means To Be A Mom

I’m slowly learning that I will never feel alone ever again because I am the mother to a daughter and that will never change. As far as realizations go, this is both liberating and terrifying. 528 more words

I am officially the worst mum in the world!

(Above me as a new mum with my first born)

When I held my first baby in my arms. I was really happy. I was going to be the best mum in THE WORLD! 572 more words

"WHAT IS THAT?" (Τι είναι αυτό;) 2007 ... referral by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 22 March 2014 

Dear Ones,

This short film is on on dealing with forgetfulness in an aging father. Hope you like it. 62 more words

Heart Clearing - Unconditional Love

Puzzle Pieces

I am trying to find childcare for my two youngest kids.  It seems impossible.  Until you have kids, you don’t realize how society is just no longer built for raising babies.   229 more words


Working on the plant-based poem November Love Story I was surprised to discover that this “Nurture” essay, which appeared in Surviving the Twenty-First Century, had never been published on Montaigbakhtinian. 2,346 more words

Parents And Children

Back-to-Back-to-Back Musicals

Oh, what a fun December we have, we watched 3 musicals in a span of 5 days. Imagine that?!
I watched Atlantis Theatrical Group‘s… 762 more words

Baby-Weaning Basics: A mommy’s beginners guide for your baby’s first year

Are you a first-time mommy? Are you concerned about your baby’s first weaning session? Do you question yourself that what is the perfect way to start weaning my baby? 1,799 more words