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Why we don't make cheese from mummy’s breast-milk

Cheese-making is a prehistoric craft. Cheese is usually made from animal milk, from cows, goats or sheep. Archaeological evidence suggests that milk production is likely to be as old as the domestication of sheep. 441 more words


14 things our beautiful 11-week-old baby daughter has no concept of

My wife and I have recently found ourselves in the position (unique for human beings) of parenting a child. Anyone who was somehow to have (had) such an experience for themselves (as if!) would soon understand that one of its most mystifying and mind-expanding aspects is wondering just what on earth is going on in the head of one’s child during her interactions with us and the world, given her total lack of basic mental concepts. 1,167 more words


Postpartum Changes: Adjusting to My New 'Occupation'

I didn’t agonize over whether to return to work after Baby Bird was born. Not going back wasn’t an option. This girl’s got bills. Mr. T’s got bills. 374 more words



           I WILL SING A SONG ABOUT THOSE GRAPEVINES     (Resource: Isaiah 5:1-6)

I  cleared it of stones in fertile ground,

And planted it with the most choice vine. 301 more words

Breastfeeding Blues: My Boobies Don’t Stretch That Far

My daughter is trying to establish her independence. She wants to feed herself. She’s trying to use a sippy cup. She’s even crawling!

She wants to help with breastfeeding, too. 291 more words


I try to interest my two-month-old daughter in the music of The Fall

In what must have been September 1985 (when I was 13) I started seeing the above image on posters around my hometown of Sheffield. I wasn’t clear if it was advertising music or politics. 1,579 more words


Jump Yard Fun

The birthday fun ain’t over yet. Ninang Rissey and Tito Vic took Coco out for some jumping fun at Jump Yard. It’s our first time here so Coco is so excited. 482 more words