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Grandma says...

Pamahiin are superstitious beliefs that are part of the Filipino culture. There’s no scientific explanation on such beliefs and neither can it be confirmed that there is enough basis like personal experience to support such belief. 577 more words

Random Thought

Parenting Hurts

A mother, is what I always wanted to be.  I had that maternal instinct at the age of 4.  Dolls, babies, little brother, little sister.  You name it, I wanted to take care of it.   570 more words


ADHD is real - so why question it?


The British ADHD organization – ADDISS – ran a campaign a few years ago in ADHD awareness week (this year happening on October 14 ) called “ADHD IS real”. 706 more words

Where's the bloody guide book!!!

Tween’s should be given speeding tickets for how fast their moods change! I have BPD so I understand rapid mood changes; but holy shit! It’s like narrowly missing being run down by a invisible speeding boat. 237 more words


American Progress

Considering Childrearing and Homelessness

I sometimes wonder whether we’re we raising ourselves adequately as Americans. . . whether the American parent is raising scientists and compassionate, social humans. 365 more words


My Baby is Home from College. Push and Pull.

Don’t get me wrong. Let me be perfectly clear. I love my two sons so deeply words cannot describe. The love you have for a child is unlike any love. 884 more words


Good old traditions

One important event for us parents this week was the rice cake-making ceremony at my son’s kindergarten. We were asked to help kids make rice cake (well, to tell the truth, we made it for them, and they ate it for lunch). 123 more words

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