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Caffeine and Health

Me, like many other millions of people love coffee. I can’t leave home without drinking my cup of coffee in the morning. People sometimes think that because I am from Colombia I drink coffee all day long, I don’t. 504 more words


Group therapy helps autistic children to cope better with everyday life -- ScienceDaily

Children and adolescents with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder can learn how to cope better in the social world and also achieve a lasting effect. Social difficulties are one of the main problems for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder, say researchers. 13 more words


Focus on the Empathy

In an opinion piece by Katie Hurley for the Washington Times, the topic of “shake it off parenting” is explored, along with a personal look at the kind of impact it can have on a child. 408 more words

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Should You Be Concerned About Teens’ Use of Social Media? Yes.

Several studies out of the UK have been focused on the relationship between adolescents and social media. As teenagers develop, do the rush of comments and likes have any impact on their mental health and well-being? 242 more words

Catharine Toso

Do Your Kids Care About Your Screen Time?

Any time new technology is introduced, it is bound to have an impact on the way children interact with their parents, and vice versa. In the mid 2010’s it’s no longer enough to say we are “increasingly becoming” connected around the clock— we are connected around the clock. 399 more words

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A Closer Bond

Take a moment to think back to when you were a young adult. Or, if you’re a young adult today, imagine your parents at your age. 340 more words

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