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#10 Let’s face it…A-tisket, A-tasket, the awards go in the Littles’ wee baskets.

Littles and Bigs / Part 2

It’s time for another awards show from The Baroness! Hands down, every Little that is born deserves a unanimous vote for the Tony Award. 965 more words

Children And Family

Boston Cream Pie Recipe

Why am I sharing a Boston Cream Pie Recipe? Because, today we’re celebrating
National Boston Cream Pie Day!

Boston Cream Pie is a chocolate frosted, custard filled cake. 313 more words


#9 Let’s face it…October is a perfect time to start some conversation about little monsters.

Littles and Bigs / Part 1

Boo! It is getting close to Halloween. Fall leaves, harvest moon, cooler weather, pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns, apples and caramel and cinnamon spice smells, costumes readied. 1,205 more words

Children And Family

Who is Noah Webster?

Who is Noah Webster? I’m assuming most people know that Noah Webster published the dictionary. But did you know that he was seventy when it was published, it took him 27 years to complete, and it sold 2500 copies? 178 more words


Why Everyone Should Be Pro-Choice.

Abortion is a touchy subject, I’ll admit. But I strongly believe in the pro-choice side of the debate. Here is why:

If you’re pro-life, you are taking away someone’s freedom of choice. 226 more words


Dads Matter Too: Why We Need More Paternity Leave

Equality in the workplace is not yet complete. Legally, you can’t fire a woman for being pregnant, and you can’t not hire her for being pregnant or of “child-bearing age”. 547 more words