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‘Mothers Schools’ to Working With Police: Women Prevent Violent Extremism

‘Mothers Schools’ to Working With Police: Women Prevent Violent Extremism. U.S. Institute of Peace. Viola Gienger. March 18, 2015
The helplessness pours out of a crying mother in India, so silenced by patriarchal traditions that she’s afraid to speak up about the risk that her son might be drawn to radicalism. 59 more words


The booty and the Potty.

Oh boy,  potty training , the milestone that we both love and hate!  potty training can be fun and exciting  yet frustrating . So many methods and tricks just to have our little ones pee and poop in a plastic toilet. 920 more words


How you can change the world with a good deed and a bow tie

One year ago, I learned the story of 11-year-old Colin, an unlikely hero who is asking us to make the world a kinder place with good deeds and bow ties. 395 more words


Something Special

Today we both are home. It’s a snowday, 4° outside.

I am sick but the little girl is wide awake and psyched up for the day. 165 more words

Children And Family

Men, Fathers, and Work-Family Balance

Men, Fathers, and Work-Family Balance. Center for American Progress. Erin Rehel and Emily Baxter. February 4, 2015.

While most the current research focuses on women and mother’s experiences balancing family life and paid employment, addressing the issues facing men and fathers is equally important to promoting greater equity at home and at work. 8 more words

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When Your Child Wants To Quit (What Would You Do?)

She was practicing in her room, counting out loud as she pressed each keys on her keyboard. I heard a lot of pauses. She played again, counted again and this time with the metronome… it was not that long til I heard another pause, and then no music. 741 more words

Children And Family