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Children and Nature

In general, the urban kids of our days learn what they know about animals from books and videos, in a classroom setting. Which is good. But we could be leaving out the fundamentals when much of the spotlight is on biological facts and environmental issues only. 222 more words


Even little children do science

This weekend, in cities around the world, people are marching in support of science and evidence-based policy making. As I write this, thousands of Australians have already taken part in the global March for Science. 577 more words


Why do educators allow young children to take risks at preschool?

Think back to the feeling of accomplishment you experienced when you finally did something you could not do before.  

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Early Learning

This Lovely Herbarium

‘Herbarium’ by Sonia Rafeeq, is a debut novel which has won the DC Literature Award in 2016. It depicts the relation between life and nature- like the amniotic fluid of a mother’s womb- through the story of a little boy who suddenly loses his mother. 570 more words


From Caterpillar to Butterfly

In the spring of 2015, Art found some butterfly eggs on his garden patch of stinging nettle.  He set up a mesh enclosure in his house and added some stinging nettle stems and leaves in a jar with water to provide food, and then collected two of the eggs — he left the rest to grow naturally.   98 more words


We’ve had a comparatively long winter here on the wet west coast.  And I couldn’t be more thankful to see the spring.  Goodbye hats and mittens and scarves and boots!  

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Early Learning


A highly contagious virus, one of the few drawbacks attached to grandchildren, rendered me couch-bound for 7 days. Jet colored numerous “feel better” drawings for me that lifted my spirits considerably. 320 more words