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Nature through the Ipad

Among the presents Zoe (my great granddaughter) received for her second birthday was a photobook about her recent trip to Sydney. The book was enclosed in 20 X 15 cm red vinyl covers, the front one containing a window showing the title of the book. 524 more words


Love Is Not Bound By Reality

Love is not bound by reality – 

But it is bound by infinity. 

Some moments it can be entered

and others it is like a slow, distant orbit:  45 more words


You build it, they'll come

Its eleven years today, since I moved into my shoe-box mansion in the suburbs of Inverness. I call it my shoe-box mansion as my grown up children frequently stay in our tiny bungalow during periods of life transitions, and it amazes me how we all manage to cram people and possessions into such a tiny space. 779 more words


Appreciating the gift of nature

Spring is here and with it longer days. There’s time after the children are home from school for walks down to the local nature reserve or cartwheel practice on the back lawn. 724 more words

Pitter Patter


And thus the forests have silenced. The chippering, singing, tweeting… Everything has faded now that autumn has arrived. Some of our birds have already left for the south, while others have simply silenced because they have no longer anything to sing about. 151 more words


New Children's Book

Can you smell with your feet? Do you dig your claws into a river’s muddy bank to climb up and bask in the sun? Animals’ legs are different from humans’ in so many ways! 184 more words

Win a copy of 'Autumn: an anthology for the changing seasons.'

Forget what the dates say, today is Officially the First Day of Autumn. Bye bye sun cream, hello anorak.

Nature has felt it coming for weeks now. 344 more words