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All Ireland Pollinator Plan - Junior Version

Here in Ireland the National Biodiversity Data Centre have just produce a junior version of the 2015-2020 All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. Pollinators include wild bees including bumblebees, butterflies and other insects. 116 more words


It's the second spa to the right...

S: …off to Neverland!

Oh wait…

Whilst it’s true that we do live in worldwide cosmic HQ, it seems that we have successfully managed to find the only part of Ubud to live in without a single yoga studio, regular kirtan practice or naked sweat lodges where you are whipped with leaves by dwarves just a shimmy, jangly skip and a star jump away. 900 more words

Motherhood As It Really Is

Malleable Landscapes

Many animals are engineers. Beavers build dams, spiders build webs, termites build mounds, and humans build houses, bridges, log cabins, towers, and monuments. Small humans build snow forts, tree houses, lego castles, and blanket and clothespin hideouts. 587 more words

Why you are a good snake detector

In reporting on a recent bushwalk she and her husband had done, my daughter Wendy mentioned with some excitement that they had seen a Lyrebird. She added, almost as an aside, “and a snake”. 1,232 more words


Nature Notes

A Dip in the Water.

It’s not perhaps the first wildlife-activity that springs to mind, mid-winter. But I’ve an article to write (for spring) and I need refreshing – so the girls and I go pond dipping. 450 more words

In Honor of Trees

Today I am honoring trees. They are beautiful, provide oxygen, shade, energy and more. It seems that there is a war on trees near my home town. 291 more words

Guide To Awakening Your Inner Self - Begin Your Creative Journey Today

Wildlife in your Garden

Happy New year! Here we are in the brand new 2016 and there is much to do and much to learn, and most important of all lots of fun to have. 215 more words