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The colour blue and your brain

I was intrigued by this photo of an intensely interested Zoe taken when she was seven months…

…because this is what she was looking at – not just once and briefly, but repeatedly for minutes at a time. 604 more words


The Simple Beauty of Nature

Whenever I’d first find out there’s a little one growing inside me, I’d start to dream of what that little one was going to be like. 319 more words

Some Of My Favorite People

Tree Tribes: A Final Collection of Ideas

(Reference: Richard Shilling, Land Art for Kids in the Woods, http://www.landartforkids.com)

I am writing a final collection of creative ideas for Tree Tribe participants, which may be of use  over the next couple of months. 1,382 more words

Children And Nature

an alaskan wilderness adventure

My Wilderness: An Alaskan Adventure, written and illustrated by Claudia McGehee
published in 2015 by Little Bigfoot
Sasquatch Books

In 1918, an American painter, Rockwell Kent, and his 9 year old son “Rocky” set off on an adventure  –spending seven months in the wilderness of Fox Island, Alaska. 302 more words

Picture Books

and so it begins...

Climate change is a kind of creeping death, so gradual that I almost don’t notice it. It’s there in the back of my head though, whispering to me on hot days or big weather events. 320 more words

Despair And Empowerment

You’ve Got a Friend in Me


The other day, I committed the ultimate parent-to-a-3-year-old sin.

My son had just shoved a few mud-encrusted rocks into my hand. After a few minutes, when I thought he had moved on to other business, I tossed them back on the ground. 339 more words

Weekend Moments

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” 122 more words

Simple Living