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Connecting in the Wild: Sunrise

It’s 5:15 am in my world. I was never really a late sleeper to begin with, but when I get excited about a day off, I really can’t sleep. 450 more words

Children And Nature

Just Released: Jack's Extraordinary Pack of Adventure

Sometimes kids need a little encouragement and confidence when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. If you’re looking to get your kids outside, this may be the very thing to give your little ones that extra help when it comes to spending time in nature. 155 more words

Children And Nature

Their Love for Nature Begins with You

It’s no secret our kids learn from us by what we do.

With the allure of new game apps every day, and the hectic pace of our daily lives, getting outside may not seem like the easiest thing in the world to do. 328 more words

Children And Nature

Brilliant Butterflies

Spring has finally arrived and with it come flowers. And once we have flowers, we suddenly start seeing butterflies too. Butterflies love two things – flowers and sunshine! 207 more words

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Get Your 4th Grader's Free National Parks Pass!

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to plan your summer vacation, before it’s too late. If you have a 4th Grader, this summer will be the perfect time to introduce them to one of… 256 more words

Children And Nature

Use Nature to Raise Self-Reliant Kids

In light of the recent “free-range parenting” bill passed in Utah, signed on March 15, 2017 to take effect in May, it got me thinking about children and how we can help develop their independence. 370 more words

Children And Nature