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Talking to Trees

This is a primer on communicating with trees.  I have done it since I was a child and was surprised to find out that other children and adults don’t know they can do this.   652 more words

The Treasures of the Earth

Everywhere I walk in nature there’s a treasure to behold.  Sometimes it’s a tree that grows sideways or trees that look like they are dancing.  The trees can look like a family gathered in the round. 166 more words


There is a place in this world called the Land of Gipp, an enchanted land many will say. In this land the locals whisper in hushed tones that a green dragon lurks in the cool valleys of the forested hills. 1,212 more words


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In book 2, Sara Fay embarks on a spiritual journey as she learns about the Elementals, what they are, what they do, and how to communicate with them. 28 more words


I’ve been in the field of environmental management for a little while now and one thing that stands out is that most people who couldn’t care less about the environment and/or destroy it are the ones who have distanced themselves from it since childhood. 542 more words



Each winter our lake at work gets visited by greylag geese. They flock around on the fields that lead down to the lake and walk about on their orange legs that are so characteristic for the birds. 99 more words


If you’ve been reading simply.cindy for awhile now, you are aware that one of the things I’ve been working on is starting up a nature preschool program.

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