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Feelings of Peace and Calm

I awoke this morning to a greater feeling of peace and calm, trust and faith. It is a beautiful feeling combined with the sense that something wonderful is happening.  623 more words

Fairy Stories

She thought she saw a fairy on that little tree

She thought she saw a fairy, it filled her heart with glee. Was it a little bit of light and movement on the leaf and bark?  429 more words

Dear Children

Dear Children,

The whole world is your garden.  you live in a vast plasma field that you are a part of.  And so, create your world with the  love in your heart!  262 more words

How to Find Your Very Own Enchanted Forest: a guide for Earth Day

The most important thing to remember about enchanted forest finding is that any rules are mere guidelines. An enchanted forest may contain one or more of the ‘classic’ traits or none at all. 508 more words

“That Don’t Impress Me Much”

From the first time we try to convince our toddlers that the toy INSIDE the cardboard box is, in fact, the real present, we are imposing our value system on them. 600 more words

forest school

“A bed of moss, a gentle breeze, and the certainty of a few fairies hidden away has taught her more than I could ever hope to,” said the old woman with a cackle that echoed off the leafless branches.

Get outside! Get Muddy! Have Fun!

I was lucky as a child I got to spend as much time out of doors as I wanted. I could roam through fields, play down at the stream. 584 more words