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When you need more than "I don't know": The High/Low Game

The school year has finally begun and you are dying to know how your child’s day went.  How was their teacher?  Were their peers nice to them? 486 more words

9 Ways to Talk to Your Kids about the 15th Anniversary of September 11

By Robin Gurwitch, PhD

The assassination of John F. Kennedy. The explosion of the Challenger. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. There are few events in our nation’s history that have made an impact on all of us. 2,656 more words

Children And Youth

What is a learning difficulty?

A learning difficulty can be defined as ‘difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age.’ That is all good and well but what is normal? 475 more words



Do not speak of evil for it creates
curiosity in the minds of the young.

source: Lakota Sioux Proverb
image: Eddie’s Image Collection,  Black Crow


The Joy of Not Knowing it All: Why Christian Education in the Church Matters

The following was initially delivered as a sermon on June 12, 2016 for Christian education recognition Sunday at the Congregational Church in Exeter, but it’s relevant for your church if you are starting a new year of Christian education soon! 1,365 more words


A Blonde and a Brunette

Julia’s parents have told her she may ask a friend along on their annual August getaway to Prudence Island. Emma’s face immediately pops into the nine-year old’s mind, and she blurts her name out not as a question but a joyful exclamation. 949 more words

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How to Talk to Teens About Drugs

Written by: Sonia Tagliareni, writer and researcher for www.drugrehab.com

Adolescence is a period of uncertainty, during which teenagers are not inclined to share anything with their parents. 576 more words

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