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New Release The Little Blue Piggy Now available at Amazon Kindle

“This is the story of a little piggy named Alex who finds himself taken to a new place.He travels all night in the back of a truck and begins to feel alone.Feeling sad the next day he is placed in the barnyard with many different animals.He has no idea what they are and begins to try to make friends with them only to be rejected. 39 more words

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Once Upon A Time: Leo and the Lightning Dragons by @leolightdragons ‏@FledglingPress #Lovebooksgrouptours

This Friday is special to me. Today, I jump into the world of children books. Today, I share my thoughts, gingerly, carefully, and with hope, about a book that opened my eyes, moved me, and made me fall for the bravest knight of them all. 813 more words

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Three must read mystery books for kids

From Sherlock Holmes to Inspector Morse, everyone loves a mystery. And when it comes to a good mystery, you are never too young to enjoy a tale that keeps you guessing from start to finish. 253 more words


Penguin: Wonder final Cover 

I decided to seek opinions on both covers to see how people would react and both seemed to gain praise between my peers but the darker blue seemed more superior in the vote. 100 more words


Penguin: Wonder  

I decided to go with wonder due to its message of being kind and the multiple perspective story is something that interested me, after that, I look towards the brief and saw they wanted imaginative, bright and something that stand out on the shelf but would also attract adults, there are other points the cover needed to accomplish, but I felt they were less important. 459 more words


Games and play in early childhood education stimulate learning

Games and play stimulate learning by promoting the development of imagination and curiosity.  This can be done on line, but also by traditional outside at recess playing with others.

Children Book

Is it safe for children to navigate alone on the internet?

Would you let your child walk the streets of a city by themselves?  Of course not. Then why would you let a child navigate the internet alone?  94 more words

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