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1 + 1 = 1

As i’m learning to practice self-care and to feel self-esteem and self-value I am accumulating some comfort with giving to myself and noticing that it is possible to boost myself and not ‘pay’ for it with others around me. 220 more words


youth, anger, culture

A couple of nights ago I lay in bed thinking about how children learn to respond to others; and, respectively, how we wish them to respond to us and others.   631 more words


choosing to follow vs. having to obey

What are the bigger social ramifications to our culture when we raise children to obey (reinforced by punishing, praising obedience, emotionally manipulating compliance by promising treats, using a child’s empathy to care for adult feelings over their own, etc.) rather than follow leadership that they instinctively trust?   876 more words


the artist, constructed reality, and children

I ask myself with all the humility and compassion I can muster, “How often do we, as adults, guide our children into the cave we’ve constructed and believe in, but are unhappy living in, because we cannot get out ourselves?”  I happen to believe that a child’s response to an experience, a cry, a smile, is not always a time to teach them what… 726 more words


educational reform: emotionally safe schools

Like many in the U.S., I ask myself what can be done to heal our educational system.  It is like a tight muscle in our cultural body.   526 more words


competition impedes our pursuit of happiness

One day, as a small child, I walked with my father in a parking lot and stared into the sky.  I remember trying to imagine this space big enough to fit all the dead souls; unsure if everyone who lived a “good” life could fit and thinking it’s unfair if space was an issue.   856 more words



Even though I am one of the most liberal parents I know, with no hard-and-fast rules regarding snacks, treats, chores, vegetables and other issues known to burn fiercely in many households, my children have been heard to cry out every now and then “I can’t wait until I’m an adult!!” 315 more words