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Helping Children to Eat Better

Eating healthy starts from a young age; here are some tips to help your child eat better:

1. Do not reward or punish with food – I remember my parents telling me that if I did not eat my vegetables then I would not get dessert. 729 more words

Eating Disorder

"Finish the food on your plate" could affect your child's future eating habits

Children have a tendency of having preferences that will amaze you as a parent or caretaker. Some children prefer sleeping over playing, playing over eating, eating over sleeping et cetera. 356 more words


In search of a good meal...

Maybe it’s my fault for having a child who doesn’t really eat sandwiches, or perhaps I’m just not going to the right places, but it appears to be increasingly difficult to find somewhere to take E for lunch on a Monday. 504 more words


Kids Eating a Seven Course Tasting Meal at an Upscale NYC Restaurant

The title says it all. It’s hilarious to watch little kids eat to begin with, but this is even better. The steak was a big hit. 15 more words

American History And Culture

Picky Eater? Getting Children to Try New Foods

Mealtime can become a battle zone when your child refuses to eat what you have prepared and only wants the same foods over and over again. 600 more words


Eating for two

One of the benefits of actually having a child is that I now get to properly judge why other people parent their own children the way they do. 463 more words