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సెలవలు సరే... మరి ఆటలో!

సెలవలు సరే… మరి ఆటలో!

సంస్కృతి అంటే కేవలం కట్టూబొట్టూ కాదు. కట్టడాలూ కాదు. మన భాష, జీవనశైలి, పెద్దలు నేర్పిన సంస్కారం… అన్నీ సంస్కృతి కిందకే వస్తాయి. వీటిలో మన సంప్రదాయిక ఆటలు కూడా ఉన్నాయన్న విషయం ప్రత్యేకించి చెప్పనవసరం లేదేమో! బహుశా అందుకనే కావచ్చు. ఈ ఏడాది యునేస్కో ప్రపంచ వారసత్వ సంపద కింద….…Read More………..

5 Best Free Kids games Play and Download

Hey Kids are you get bored ? I am here with some exordinary games for you.These games are from different websites.I have searched some of the best freeware games websites.You can play the games free instantly.Also there are some apps which can be downloaded on your mobiles.Then what are you waiting for… 252 more words


h99n Website

h99n Website is specialist on streaming videos and children games

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London Addresses

A double-entendre

“Kicking the can down the road” means things will go on as they are for a while.

To defer conclusive action with a short-term solution. … 36 more words

A Double Entendre

How to Teach your Toddler English at Home

I teach my daughter English the same way I teach her Romanian: daily conversations, songs, games, flashcards, books, toys (and here I include anything that can be turned into a toy). 1,430 more words

Teach Your Child English

The Games We Played When The Lights Went Out

Before the rage of cell phones, I pads, PSP’s had caught over us as children, we had an active life style in Kashmir. Not that I am against the advancements in technology, but at times I wonder whether it brought more of an evil than good to us. 1,050 more words


Snow Ice Cream

It’s snowing! What can you do with all that snow…besides admiring its beauty, and then shoveling it into piles?

Try eating it as a delicious dessert. 232 more words

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