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The Toy Cupboard

The days seem to whiz past, the hands of the clock seeming to move faster, when nobody watches them. The newborn has become a toddler, a tween and a teen. 326 more words

Everyday Moments

Who Will Carry This Torch?

I wrote this poem eleven years ago. I return to it today and just want to weep. What are we doing to our children? Who will save them? 165 more words


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What Happens To An Incompetent Teacher at Jeffco? Sadly, Very Little. #NotAnotherDimeJeffco

Visitors, last month I published a column detailing the flagrant incompetence of two teachers that my children had to endure at Evergreen Senior High.

That column has netted me several ugly comments, a couple of near threats, and several anonymous, cowardly reviews on Google regarding my early childhood facility, Evergreen Academy. 808 more words


When your baby is not your baby anymore!

We all love to watch our children grow! Do you remember your baby’s first smile, that first peeping tooth… remember when she first left the edge of the sofa to take a step towards you?? 339 more words


T.J is 10 months old!

T.J turned 10 months the other day. How did that happen?! He is growing up so fast!

He now says 3 words. Dada, hi and Mama. 69 more words


Wings and roots

We are coming towards the end of summer and often changes come along, too. Children may start new schools, leave their home for studies, start working; this all may be close to home, further away or even overseas. 208 more words

Back Up

Graduating to the Next Level by Stacy Hoff

This week we celebrated both of my boys’ graduations—my younger son from elementary school and my older boy from middle school. Despite all the cake,  I find the milestone bittersweet. 339 more words