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When my girls were born, I would often look at them and wonder…

What will they look like when they have hair?

What will they look like when they have teeth? 156 more words


Passing Me By

I caught a glimpse of her pushing her double stroller along the side of the road as I sped by in my car on my way to crossing things off my list and getting things done. 488 more words

The KEY is......

We were in a restaurant the other day when we heard it.

SLAP!!! 269 more words

The Birds and the Bees

In a world where children are becoming more sophisticated earlier and earlier, I have been keenly aware of the changes in my boys, namely Full Speed.   436 more words


She is Bipolar but I'm Bitchy......

Another day, another fight with my daughter.  I’m disgusted with my parenting when it comes to her.  Through the years I have managed her bipolar moments sometimes with grace and patience, and sometimes ridiculously bad.  893 more words


Juliana leaves tomorrow morning for Japan without me. She’s going with 14 other kids and 2 chaperones for 10 days. It’s part of a school sponsored trip and I am so happy for her. 553 more words

Reading and Children

How Important is Reading to Children?

Let’s just start out by answering this question right off the bat.
Very important!!

So many times when reading a novel I will make myself slow down so that I won’t finish the book too quickly…..Living in the world that I can only imagine many times!   473 more words