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Divorced Baby Boomer Men and Their Sexuality Issues, With Peppermint Tea

When I was still a wife and the kids were young,  Chris and I were very frank with our children about sex. We never used words like ‘little man’, ‘coochie’, or even ‘banana hammock’ for underwear (which privately I found to be hilarious.) If anything, we were guilty of overexplaining things to our kids, which is kind of hopelessly predictable for a household with two teachers. 778 more words


Being a mother is a pain.

I am not sure when it happens, but there is a moment after birth when everything changes. As we look into our tiny newborns face, and scan their little body, we are bewitched. 603 more words


Asking for Prayer...

I would be remiss today if I didn’t write about a young lady who needs our prayers. 147 more words

Christian Encouragement

somewhere in my mind

I’m no good at saving baby clothes or taking photos, so I feel like I have to write it down—before it’s gone like a slippery fish, leaving my hands empty.  412 more words


In The Eye of the Beholder

Me: “Oh, for wacky tacky day at school next week, you can wear your new pettiskirt!”

My DD, 8: “MOM, pettiskirts are NOT tacky!”

It makes me so nostalgic for the good old days when I dressed her in little smocked dresses with peter pan collars and big hair bows . 12 more words

Single Mom

Roll film

I expect movies in my head at major milestones.

As I watch my nephew get married and think of my parents not there to witness it in the flesh. 624 more words


Don't Wish It Away

Children really do grow up

Just an observation.

I thought I would crunch Cheerios under my feet for decades. And I knew I would never get to be in the bathroom alone. 211 more words

Encouragement For Moms