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The Bag Boy and Burdens

I remember being at the grocery store one day with my two boys. They are only two and a half years apart, so any shopping trip was a chore. 336 more words

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When Did the Pitter-Patter Change?

I am the mother of sons. I could not be more proud of the men they have become. And, like most mothers of adult children, I am not really sure when it happened…when they grew up. 185 more words


On the Birthday of My Oldest Child

I was never one of those moms who grieved their kids growing up. I thought it was great.

I didn’t want them to be babies forever. 288 more words


A leisurely Christmas

“Are you all ready for Christmas?” The middle-aged shop assistant in pixie ears and elf costume smiles brightly as she puts the dog’s dinner into my bag. 536 more words


Can we give that homeless man our spare room?

As someone who’s been involved with homeless shelters, I find this an especially hard question.  Part of us wants to say, yes you’ve got it right – no-one should go without food warmth and shelter and as we have a spare room, let’s suggest he or she moves in right away. 659 more words

Children Growing Up

Is Santa real and do Angels have feet?

This season is so alive with wonderfully powerful and magical stories. Children and adults alike have their imaginations charmingly tickled as they strain their ears to hear sleigh bells in the night sky, or engage with the image of glowing hay surrounding  an adorable baby and baaing, fluffy lambs. 909 more words

Children Growing Up

Top Ten Things Children Remember

Parents, children and memories….as parents we do all we can to make memories for our children. And we do the best we can with what we have available to us. 282 more words

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