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Dear Fellow Parishioners

For the record, I’m weighing whether or not to read this letter aloud during coffee hour or have it added to next week’s church bulletin…
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Estate agents and Christenings

A year ago this month, I completed the purchase of my flat.

I got the card above in the post the other day.

On the back was a brief handwritten note from my estate agent congratulating me, saying she hoped I’d been happy in my new home, and to let her know if I needed anything. 415 more words

Children In Church

Adults outnumber kids in children’s liturgy by ten to one

New research by the Institute for Ecclesial Statistics has shown the average age of attendees in children’s liturgy across the United Kingdom is 52 and there are nine adults for each child. 228 more words

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Paul and Silas in Prison - Storytelling

Church in Progress is committed to making church accessible for everyone, that includes the kids. To be honest though, it also helps me to hear the ‘word’ in storytelling form! 602 more words


"But I'm Not Good With Kids"

Most of us will agree it’s really important that our churches reach out to children and families. But what if the thought of holding a baby terrifies you (“what if I just … drop it??”) or if, given a choice between leading a Junior Church session and sitting through every one of these… 363 more words

Children In Church

Christmas Concentration

Who remembers playing concentration as a kid?

The rules were so simple – you mixed up the cards and set them out, face-down. You took turns turning over two cards; if they matched, you got to keep them. 476 more words

Children In Church

New Shared Resource!

We’ve had a few people ask for a centralised resource bank where we can all share lesson plans, worship ideas, story scripts, and so on, that have worked for us. 217 more words

Children In Church