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A Child’s Story through His Lens: In Memoriam of Robin Romano

It has been three weeks since we lost a dear friend and powerful advocate, U. Roberto Romano — better known to those who loved him as Robin. 506 more words


Cultivating Brighter Futures

National Farmworker Awareness Week is a time for all of us to recognize the challenges faced by the 2.5 million workers on America’s farms. Of those farmworkers, it is estimated between… 506 more words

Children In The Fields Campaign

National Farmworker Awareness Week 2013

For those of us dedicated to supporting and advocating for the estimated 2.5 million farmworkers in our county who harvest the foods we consume every day, … 243 more words

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Do Consumers Care About Farmworkers?

A great question was posed in an article today on immigrant farmworkers and New York’s local food market. Aurora Almendral, the reporter, asked a farmer who she interviewed, “Why do you think it is that consumers seem so much more concerned about animals than they do about the workers themselves?” The answer she received was, “They don’t eat the workers.” While some may chuckle at that answer, it does highlight an overwhelming lack of outcry concerning the treatment of those who harvest our food. 205 more words

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Migrant Students Make an Impact in the Community through Theater

By Noemi Ochoa, Children in the Fields Campaign Texas Regional Coordinator, AFOP

South Texas is home to many of America’s migrant farmworkers. These workers travel up North to harvest the nation’s food in states like Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan, among others. 644 more words

Children In The Fields Campaign

U.S. Child Labor: Becoming the Change We Want to See

Numerous media stories have been circulating covering the three newly released reports on International Child Labor and Forced Labor by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL).  609 more words

Children In The Fields Campaign

Labor Rights Week: Unfinished Business in the Fields

Today marks the beginning of Labor Rights Week, a time when the United States and many of its allies recognize the rights and needs of the workforce. 658 more words

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