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Children of the Moon: Albino Kuna Indians under Threat

Reuters’ “The Wider Image” reports that large number of albino Kuna (or Guna) Indians—“the alabaster-skinned people born on this sun-scorched constellation of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama have been venerated as the Children of the Moon or the Grandchildren of the Sun”—are under threat due to the tropical sun, “their mythic, celestial ancestor.” 308 more words


26-05-2015 Personal note: Writing Sungod aka Here Be Dragons

‘It was well over two months after we got stranded when people began to realize we were not going to get rescued. Less and less the look-out was manned as all this time we hadn’t seen any sign of ships, which meant we had to be outside of the regular shipping lanes. 484 more words


The Desire For Wholeness

Aristophanes’ speech comes in the form of a myth. Long ago, he explains, there were three genders: male, female, and androgynous, Each human being was completely round, with four arms and fours legs, two identical faces on opposite sides of a head with four ears, and all else to match. 210 more words


Current projects

Just thought to let you know what I am up to…

Now that I have killed a few books my hands itch for something new, and actually during the NaNo2024 I started on them already. 211 more words


Today I will be hitting 75 followers.... I have no words.

But seriously people… I am quite stunned I am getting followers. Now I know I promised something special when I had hit 50 followers, but as it happened the same day the surprise project for that was not ready yet (and actually still isn’t as I am waiting on reviews). 121 more words


Foothold of Tethys Free Download!

I just wanted to note that I have put my first science fiction book up for free download. I did this because I believe in free sharing of information and because people who download free Ebooks are unlikely to buy a copy online or at a bookstore from an unknown author. 203 more words