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Children of the Moon

Children of the moon,
Listen to me,
Take your hands out of the astral ash,
Focus on the Earth.

Children of the moon,
The time has come to take your gifts and give, 53 more words


Children of the Dirt

There’s this beautiful Greek mythology that I would like to introduce all of you to, about Aristophanes¬†which¬†is also found in Plato’s Symposium. I’ve always seen animations and texts about it on Tumblr but I never thought to look into it till now. 1,108 more words

Children of the Moon, Chapter 18: A New Day

To read the preceding chapters, please go to the Prologue. This is the final chapter.

Mira found her father in Jose Marti Park
with a gaggle of men playing chess; 1,149 more words


Children of the Moon, Chapter 17

Children of the Moon
The bus stopped at Port Charlotte;
Mira closed her eyes: she was sailing
on a white skiff with one white sail, skimming over the ocean in gentle blue… 745 more words


Children of the Moon, Chapter 16: Twilight Voyagers

Laurel gazed out the window, a thin line
of love and pain cycling between memories:
Grandma Wing had died of a stroke

Uncle Joe, packing up, pointed to a box: 919 more words


Children of the Moon, Chapter 15: Gulf Stream

Laurel slept submerged in a dream:
walking on a country road, sensing a presence
she glanced at the sky: an eagle flew above her
and whenever she turned, the eagle followed, 662 more words