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Are Ponies Real?

My 18 year old daughter relayed this funny story to me today. She was spending time with her little 7 year old cousin. This is my niece, who is a very cute little girl. 315 more words


The Wolf and the Crane

A feeding wolf got a small bone stuck in his throat and, in terrible pain, begged the other animals for help, promising a reward.

At last the Crane agreed to try and, putting its long bill down the Wolf’s throat, loosened the bone and took it out. 48 more words


The Lion, the Panther and the Fox Who Went Hunting

One day the lion, the panther and the fox went hunting together, and it was agreed that whatever they caught would be shared between them. After lulling a large stag, they decided to have a hearty meal. 109 more words

Moral Story

Book review: Bollygum (Australian children's chapter book)

Vital Statistics
ISBN: 1 875875 08 5 (PBK)
First published: 1995
Weldon Kids Pty Ltd
Story & Paintings: Garry Fleming
Style: Children’s chapter book
Theme: Australian animal adventure… 169 more words

Childhood Fun

Aotd- DONEEEE portfolio pièce !!!!!

Art of the day- Finished little red riding hood pièce :)

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Por Miguel Ángel Inga Domínguez

Una vez en el recinto, corrió como loco hacia el claustro de los osos; esas bestias eran sus animales favoritos. 417 more words


Queen's Party

“I don’t see why these people can’t afford to drop ten thousand credits for an open bar for a thousand of their friends for four hours, I mean sheeeyitte!” The queen argues back. 856 more words

Goblin Empire