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Lost and Found

It was not the best place to be in. I was in the back pocket of this little boy Sanju. He had recieved me as a part of his prize money in a school competition. 1,375 more words


Luna: The Phoenix

The garden was in full bloom, bursting with colours of red, pink and purple. The sweet aroma of lavender and roses seeped into the empty room of the Stardust house. 768 more words

Poisonous Thoughts

Are you feeling stuck lately?

I know how you feel. 

Often we get stuck with consistent problems at work or with friends, our families or marriages battle the same issues over and over again or our own unhealthy behavior seems to rule over us.   769 more words



Once there was a little boy,

Who really loved to play.  

He sat alone with with trains and planes,

Just happy everyday.

He played alone with tigers,   237 more words


The Adventures of Fire Boy and Earth Fairy: FIFA Beef

Last week I was in Ibiza
I ran into a staple who thought he was Frieza
He said “I bet I could slap you in a game of FIFA” 146 more words


Little Monsters - short story

Little Monsters

In a village far far away people talked about little monsters with fear. Nobody had ever seen little monster yet but stories about them were being told since many generations. 722 more words


Herman & Sherman - Mice Tails!

My granddaughter Felicity is six and three-quarters years old. She is of an age  where the exact measurement of time is extremely important. This is especially true in marking where you are in life. 853 more words