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The Ugly Duckling... Beauty in all things

As I sit here on lunch and pray and ask God for His forgiveness of my horrible repetitive sin (worrying) I am reminded of a story I read when I was in elementary school. 546 more words

Everlasting Flower

As time passed, the flower dried.

Please, don’t be sad.

It’s true, there’s nothing last forever.

But let me tell you a little secret.

Its beauty will be remained. 33 more words


A Parade of Monkeys for Darrell

Darrell’s 10th birthday party is tomorrow. All he wants is a parade. He has spent the last few weeks lining up his toy monkeys in honour of the parade he is sure he’ll get for his birthday. 755 more words


Enjoy My Book Club: The Tales of Beedle The Bard by J. K. Rowling

Greetings! ❤

I’ve never get a chance to read this book since it s first published. But now here I am finished reading the book and excited to share with all of you my thoughts about this amazing book. 164 more words


Diva dev's new book

Cap series 2 is releasing today on MARCH 1st 2017! Here’s the first chapter for you to enjoy! Do check out the book! CAP SERIES 2 CHINKY AND PINKY OODHI BABA!

37 more words

Tom's lunchbreaks

Tom did go to school that day, but hid behind every corner and stayed as far away from the bullies as he possibly could. At lunch, he ran out of the playground and sat at the top of the hill overlooking the school. 585 more words

The Colors of Me

Once I was pink.

Some days I was green.

Some other days I was blue.

All of them were me.

It’s the same battle everyday. 41 more words