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Let’s skim past how bad I am at keeping a blog, shall we?

Hey Look I’m Talking About RPGs
Pre-built adventure modules, a popular idea at one point are — if you believe the word on the internet — basically a cash-sink and not profitable enough to form any part of a sustainable business model. 741 more words

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Children Who Play With Monsters Overhaul; Site Updates

So I failed to post the last couple days, but I have been working — I’ve been typing away like a storm!

A storm with a keyboard! 4,160 more words

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A Good Excuse

After my last post regarding going silent for a while, I of course did the mature thing and didn’t post for a while. Good excuse this time! 697 more words

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Silence at the Heart of the White Noise

Poetical descriptions for “not blogging” aside…

I feel as though I have been especially quiet on this space recently. Even with the reposting of Vendetta… 1,636 more words

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Vincent Baker's Questions: children who play with monsters, design check

Yesterday I talked about the “Big Three Questions,” as they are known, espoused by game designer Jared Sorensen (see my last post for a link to his site). 1,210 more words

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Jared's Three Big Questions: children who play with monsters, design check

To begin: I am the worst at my own design blog. Ok, now that we’ve addressed that.

Never More Deserving Of The Category “I Probably Should Have Been Working” 2,345 more words

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Off Day, Work Day: thoughts, and an RPG

Nothing particularly exciting to report, honestly. I’m still contemplating the mechanics of the resolution system, and I’m staring longingly at the observations I made last time, and I think I spotted something interesting: 327 more words

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