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Fiddler crabs and tomato gravy

Good afternoon, friends.  I would like your help with something.  The following is an excerpt from what I hope might possibly become my first novel.  Can you take a peek and share your thoughts, please?   475 more words

Family And Home

Children in Need: 640,000 and Counting

Did you know that with one more foster family, LSS/NCA could provide a home for nearly 25 additional children over the course of five years? Here is an infographic with a few more statistics you may not have considered and information on how you can help children who are seeking a home and family.



A diagnosis of severe cerebral palsy in  a child can crush “normal” expectations. Will she drive? Will she have kids? Will she ever sing or dance? 217 more words


End of the Line ?

Former foster children live a patchwork life, with bits of  small recollections of the past, often blurred by emotional pain. Most of their own heritage and lineage remains a complete mystery. 832 more words



June has arrived and with it the long days of summer and school vacation. It’s a good moment to take stock of Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp’s activities over the past few months and look forward to our activities for the coming months as well. 521 more words

Reporting on the Event that will ever be known as the 'Star Spangled Pile Up'

It happened in slow motion. Like in a movie when you see something coming and you think to yourself, ‘oh here comes that part in the movie where the absurd thing happens’. 708 more words

The Truth About Life

Chairman's Executive and Financial Report 2014

Chairman’s Executive & Financial Report

January 1 – December 31, 2014

FLMCC had a very interesting third year of activities with respect to our goal to bring, as far as our means would allow, necessary and urgent living assistance to financially-strapped families with children and to elders in need, in accordance with our Articles of Incorporation and our mission. 952 more words