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Four long years. And no end in sight to the suffering in Syria.

What were you doing four years ago?

In the spring of 2011, this little boy was a happy, carefree toddler.

But life can change horribly in four years. 431 more words


Do Your Best to be the Best that You Can Be

Do Your Best to be the Best that You Can Be

This may sound non caring, but it’s not, it’s more so a realistic look at a reality of life. 961 more words

Life And Living

The Kinder-yashi Maru

Stupid grownups. Also, I think this train of thought: “no white pencil…the paper is white…if I leave it blank then it will be white” …I think this is impressive problem solving for a 6 year old. 7 more words


Stupid, horrible dreams

It’s strange what the mind can dream. I’ve had some really bizarre dreams – one dream I owned a mouse that was bald, apart from a black and white tuft of hair that it had on the top of its head. 287 more words

What Keeps You From Rest?

Isaiah writes, “For it is: Do this, do that, a rule for this, a rule for that, a little here, a little there.” Very well then, with foreign lips and strange tongues God will speak to this people, to whom He said, “This is a resting place, let the weary rest”; and, “This is the place of repose” but they would not listen. 884 more words