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Let them eat [milk]!

I’m not a fan of the catchphrase “breast is best!” being shouted from the rooftops by people who think babies should only be fed breastmilk. It perpetuates the polarization of mothers: breastmilk vs formula, instead of just supporting one another in parenthood, which is a tough enough job to begin with. 465 more words


Parent Orientation - Loving our Kids Before it’s Too Late

My girls started school today with a back to school orientation.  Most colleges have a Freshman Orientation.  But where and when is the Parent Orientation?  Listening to… 990 more words

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Get In My Car and Drive, Part 2

Yep, she’s screwed. I called the DMV yesterday. They will recognize her provisional license but she would need to hold it for 6 months before she could get a license here. 772 more words

Cheating Husband

The Strengths of Child Protagonists In Horror

Stranger Things was the surprise hit of Netflix’ most recent run of original series. For those who have yet to see it, it follows a group of pre-teen boys named Mike, Lucas and Dustin as they try to uncover the fate of a friend who mysteriously went missing, aided in their quest only by a mysterious girl with telekinesis with the number 11 tattooed on her arm. 968 more words


Wisdom Gone Wild

Last weekend I left my manclan at home to go off by myself for the first time since I left my parents’ home for college, which was sixteen years ago. 401 more words

One Year On

How often have you chosen to do something with a good heart-motive – to show kindness, to make a difference, to give of yourself, to help – only to discover that you end up being the receiver?  457 more words


My Children Will Know.

My children will not be fake.

They will be real.

They will learn to get to know people first. Not go off first impressions, or gossip. 255 more words