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A Tattoo to Remember

How bad could this be, I thought, as I sat in the  black  leather chair in the basement of a surprisingly clinical tattoo shop. Every person that walked in and out of the place was covered in ink and piercings. 952 more words


My classroom is empty. And yes, I am breathing a sigh of relief, short-lived as it may be. After a few days, I’ll be going through withdrawals from my students. 319 more words


Is sport spoiling my child's childhood?

It’s hard for some people to comprehend that a 7 year old child can dedicate 14.5 hours a week, in total, to a sporting activity. Over the last few years I have received many, mostly unwelcome, comments suggesting that we are ‘sacrificing our child’s childhood’ to gymnastics. 712 more words


WPC - "Spare" - The Lonely Sweater

Spare (Defined) “Not currently in use; in reserve”

Glancing in the window of a recently closed children’s consignment shop, I spotted this tiny, orange sweater hanging forlornly in the now abandoned store front.  91 more words


becoming mommy

it happens

in that first moment

when you are still you

when who you are is all your own

it happens


without really noticing… 67 more words


Scarlett Turns Two | Downtown Fredericksburg

When photographing a two year old, prepare for a bunch of candid photos. As part of growing as a photographer, I’ve started to learn that “perfect poses” aren’t everything. 82 more words