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If parents deported, first place children go are to friends and family

AUSTIN and McALLEN, Texas (KXAN) — In the wake of President Trump’s expedited and expanded immigration policy, more people will likely be deported. Immigration attorneys says the biggest concern is what will happen to their children. 352 more words


Wood Craft x

It’s half term so we’ve been busy doing very little.  One thing we have achieved is a bit of stick weaving…a strangely satisfying art form…first you need to find a good selection on Y-shaped sticks = outside jaunt. 120 more words


A letter to my boys

Time is going by way too fast. I remember the time I found out I was pregnant with you and the days you were born like it was yesterday. 416 more words


How The Earthplace Garden Grows

Like the perennial plants that bloom, then disappear there, the native garden in the Earthplace atrium has cycled through periods of growth and dormancy.

Designed in 1960 by Eloise Ray — a noted landscape architect — at what was then called the Mid-Fairfield County Youth Museum, the handsome garden was filled with indigenous species. 255 more words


the kinder nap diaries - so many styles, so little sleep.

the downward-facing up on the wall and on your head style

(includes the mysterious vanishing sheets technique)

the get inside of your sheets and try to camouflage yourself in them… 62 more words


Helping Children Learn to Write...by ARHuelsenbeck

Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic used to be called the 3 Rs—the three basic skills necessary for success in life. Your children’s teachers will thank you if you encourage your kids to write. 456 more words