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Reduce anxiety by deep breathing

One of the most common tools I teach teens and adult clients is belly breathing. It is one of the most successful tools when treating anxiety and fear.

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Trump Budget Director Mike Mulvaney, "Let Eux Mangent Bullets”

Sometimes I think too much and when I think I always know I need more information which causes me to pick up my laptop computer. As soon as I do that I find information that seriously upsets me and that causes me to write a blog. 1,295 more words


Varicella Occurring From Chickenpox Vaccination*

Varicella Occurring From Chickenpox Vaccination*

By Jefferey Jaxen

A recent review published in the journal Expert Review of Vaccines titled, “Severe varicella in persons vaccinated with… 514 more words


How to Include your Children in your Central Park Wedding

Some of the couples I help to plan their wedding in Central Park have children. They might the children of both the bride and groom, or they may be the children of just one of the couple, from a previous relationship. 1,897 more words


Best Wishes at the Kentucky Derby Today!!!

Every family has their thing and the Clemen’s family’s thing is demolition derby’s and building derby cars.  This week they traveled to Kentucky and today is Brent’s big day at the derby!!!   61 more words


The Start of my Book

I am getting both excited and nervous.  I am closing in on the end of what will hopefully be my first book.    I still have a few finishing touches and it will need to be sent off to editing before it goes to publishing (I hope)  but I am excited. 2,218 more words

Foster Parent Life

End of Chapter One: Substitute Teacher


My first stint as a substitute teacher — with absolutely no training, mind you — ended as painfully as it began… 792 more words