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Black kids stay longest in care, CAS study shows

More data on children’s aid in Toronto (see earlier article):

Black children in Toronto stay longer in foster care and group homes than any other group of kids.

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Abuse in Care

I will be writing many, many posts about abuse in Care because it has become so common that it’s almost synonymous with being in Care. … 243 more words

Review: Withrow House

Survival Rating: 3/5
The facilities and staff
Withrow House is a beautiful home on the corner of Withrow, steps from Withrow Park. Your room is pretty nice, the washrooms are clean and if you need more privacy, there’s washrooms in the basement. 471 more words

The GHWs

In the game of chess, the group home workers–social service workers, usually–are the pawn controlled by the more powerful people and also the people with whom you’ll have the most contact with on a day to day basis for the duration of their shift. 262 more words

ADHD, Children's Aid, My Son and Me

I always knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. When I spoke to his teachers they would dismiss my concerns. 980 more words

Man abandons two children following three-vehicle car crash in Quebec City

Two children are in child protective services on Friday after a man left them behind following a three-vehicle accident.

Quebec City police are looking for the 38-year-old man who abandoned a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old after a collision shortly after 5 p.m. 39 more words


Disclosure meeting

We had a meeting yesterday with our social worker and we have been matched with a sibling group of 2 girls. We have decided to proceed with the next step and have a meeting with the adoption team to get more information and understand the plan for adoption. 20 more words