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Junie B. Jones Author Born on This Date

Barbara Park, author of the Junie B. Jones series, was born on this day in 1947.

Children's Books

Cheer Yourself Up With A Children's Book - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Here at Loony Literature, we believe that if you need help smiling, you might consider reading a children’s book. Many grown ups do not realize that throwing adultness to one side and losing themselves in a children’s story is as good as taking medicine. 230 more words



“I think, therefore I am,” said Rene Descartes.

So after reading my last blog, just where are you doing this thinking?  Time present is lost in the infinity of transition between future and past, a segment of time which is mentally conceivable but mathematically impossible. 178 more words

James McKenna

New Page: Children's Book List

Recently, I was teaching about social and emotional development to early childhood educators.  This led into a discussion into CSEFEL, a great website for teacher resources and material to teach social and emotional skills to young children.   181 more words

Children's Books

Baby Shower at Russell's School

Our 4th, yes 4th, baby shower was hosted by Russell’s colleagues. They showered us with gifts, love, and advice at a restaurant near their school. The students signed this sweet and funny card for Russell.  69 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

Meet Lisa! The 12yo heroine from Hibernation

The book opens with Lisa in a season-induced sleep coma, so readers won’t get to meet her in the Amazon sample of the book. She wakes up in chapter 2 with the rest of her family still in their slumber and wakes up her dad. 378 more words

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Does time exist or is it purely a mental concept used to control our lives?

Many see time as the ticking of a clock with time present a constant factor.  319 more words

James McKenna