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Today, I came home from work warmed a frozen pizza in the oven and made my way to my computer. As I ate my sausage and pepperoni pizza, I went to work on my baseball article. 304 more words

Article Is Finished!

Today, I missed half of the workday with the continued headache from last night. I woke in the afternoon and made my way to work to finish the day out. 268 more words

One Hour, One Headache

Tonight, I came home, hot, tired and with the beginnings of a headache. I ate my dinner and sat in my recliner for a while, hoping that my headache would go away. 78 more words

Pumpkin Patch Blessings

Pumpkin Patch Blessings, written by Kim Washburn and illustrated by Jaqueline East, is an adorable children’s book that focuses on a fun day that a boy and a girl have at the pumpkin patch.  143 more words

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Article Begun

Tonight, I came home and with the help of two of my sons, we cleared the storm damage that had fallen against my home yesterday during a noon time storm.   180 more words

Franklin Street Bazaar

Tonight, I signed up my children for school, yeah, it’s getting that time again! After one hour and signing enough papers that I feel as though I have purchased a home, I returned home to begin working with Barney & Lexi again. 126 more words

Success, Just One Heartbeat Away!

Did you know that everyone falls? Everyone has a bad day, week, month and year. What makes us who we are is how we rise or fall further from those moments. 469 more words