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Pottering about and fancy children's clothes

Now that we have no visitors, we aren’t really achieving anything.  My son didn’t even get dressed the day before yesterday (although we did find both my children sitting in the front of my car in the garage, pretending to drive to “emergencies”).   144 more words

Isle Of Wight

easter with miffy

Are you trying to cut back on the chocolate this Easter? Here are some cute options that focus on snuggly Autumn snoozing and one very cute bunny.  424 more words

Jenna Templeton

Con-Signing My Life Away, Part 4

This is the first video I’ve ever posted anywhere (not of my son), and I forgot to mention how proud I was of myself for following through with this procesd. 25 more words

Modern Life

Con-Signing My Life Away, Part 2

After BB (finally) fell asleep last night (3/27/17), I began pulling some of the clothes I had put aside for my little consignment experiment. RB, laying on the bed reading on his phone, looked up at me wearily. 644 more words

Modern Life

£5 Easter Clothing at Asda

With 5 kids, the cost of clothing is a constant concern so we’re always on the lookout for good deals, helping us get the most for our money. 225 more words


Dressing Miss Daisy: the favourite flower dress

Anyone following this blog for a while will have noticed that I’m fairly selfish sewist, no doubt. Oh, I have plans to make garments for all the people I love most in the world, but with limited sewing time and limited funds I tend to prioritise clothes for myself. 1,068 more words

I Made This!

New Classes for the Spring

Now that spring is well and truly on its way we have started to spend much more of our time planning our warmer weather wardrobe. With the trees and plants in bud and fresh green leaves springing up all over the place, we are starting to feel like it wouldn’t be too silly to start imagining what we might look like in some strappy dresses or even a short sleeved t shirt would be good! 532 more words