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First Aid for Monsters Part III

I proudly present the third and final instalment of First Aid for Monsters, illustrated by Nicky, age 9, and Alec, age 6.

How to Bind a Bogeyman with a Bump, a Bruise or a Broken Bone… 1,197 more words


Making Father's Day personal with Snapfish

Sssshhh don’t tell Mr MumsnetKent, but we’ve been having fun with Snapfish to make him some personalised gifts for Father’s Day!

Here is the photo card… 278 more words


First Aid for Monsters Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I proudly present more First Aid for Monsters, illustrated by Nicky, age 9, and Alec, age 6.

How to Grapple a Griffin with an Arrow in his Marrow… 1,051 more words


First Aid for Monsters Part I

Some years ago I wrote a picture book called First Aid for Monsters after realising there were no useful manuals explaining how to perform first aid on the monsters my children and I so frequently found injured in our storybooks. 973 more words


Children's Workshop - 'Seeing With Our Fingers'

Today I set up and carried out a workshop with a class of 5 and 6 year olds in my local primary school. I called it ‘Seeing With Our Fingers’. 277 more words


Children's Workshop - Visualising

On Friday I held a workshop  in my local primary school with a class of year one pupils (age 5 and 6). I wanted them to use their imaginations and draw something that they had never seen or were even aware of so that their imaginations could run wild. 69 more words


My Models of Children's Drawings

Throughout my Neuroscience project I have been collaborating with children in order to find out how the world is seen through their eyes. I wanted to know what their perception was of the world around them and if they could draw this so that I could visualise what they see. 33 more words