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Insanity is hereditary; you sketch it from your children.

No, my work did not suddenly improve.

Today I was at an elementary school doing some presentations and projects.
This one was something the art instructor referred to as a “mystery drawing”.  41 more words

I made a rainbow for you yesterday

spoken by Alin
I meditate to make the sun shine
and that usually works!

Like yesterday
I was enjoying some rain

until the moment I thought you were gone… 51 more words


The Charming Doodles Charles Darwin’s Children Left All Over the Manuscript of ‘On the Origin of Species’ – Brain Pickings

Darwin’s Kids Doodle on Dad’s Manuscript, A Wednesday Treat:

Brought to You by Your Curated Information Blog, Create & Be Well

     This is my absolutely favorite discovery of the week and it comes from favorite resource, … 133 more words

a house, a person, a tree...

This is a nice exercise,  especially at the beginning of a course. You get your students to draw a picture of; a house, a person, a tree, a bush, flowers and then 5 more elements of their choosing… 73 more words


the transformation of a name...

Have not done this for a couple of years…I get the kids to write their name down the centre of a page and then trace a mirror image of it. 113 more words


freeform birds...

These are drawings by some of my students for a larger project that i will keep under my hat for the time being, but i could not resist posting at least a few of these exotic creatures… 44 more words


Ikea Lovingly Turned These 10 Children's Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys

Winning designs will raise money for kids’ charities

To help create this year’s lineup of Soft Toys for Education, global retailer Ikea turned to crayon-wielding kids around the world.

82 more words