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Happy "Poisson d'avril", 2015!

After a whole year, I finally untaped Martin’s 2014 fish from the front door, and sewed them onto a black and white postcard that was lying around.  66 more words


Parent and Child Drawing Collaborations - You Can Increase Creativity By Letting Go Of Control

Going forward with my neuroscience project I am going to focus on how a 5 year old perceives the world and how much of their brains are developed in order for them to have a magical view of what goes on around us. 173 more words



INSIDE CHILDREN’S MINDS, edited by Valerie Yule, Queensland: Bookpal. 2014.    Illustrated with children’s drawings, 470  pages, $31.95.. Paperback  ISBN 13: 9781742844299 ISBN 10: 1742844294. Hardback .ISBN: 978174284537.Available from Bookpal, online booksellers and Australian bookshops like READINGS, Carlton… 388 more words


End Of Level 4 Field Module!!

Today was the end of my level 4 field module, we had to present the work we had produced as a group. We got some really good feedback on what we had done however as we didn’t do a powerpoint our presentation didn’t seem very organised. 169 more words


If You Found A Pot Of Gold...

I found this St. Patrick’s day math worksheet last year with this little side bar question asking: “If you found a pot of gold, what would you buy with all of the gold?   182 more words

3rd Grade

Playing with foils, heat press and photocopies.

I was playing around with images and foils yesterday and I really like the outcome.

This was the first one I tried, the foil sticks to the black toner from a photocopier, the detail on this one is amazing. 143 more words