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Gooby (2009)

I’m not gonna mince words: this film is creepy. Not stalker creepy, but it tiptoes in the same ballpark.

GOOBY (2009) is a Canadian children’s film about the importance of family connection and finding an outlet for loneliness…and giant, talking teddy bears….that follow you and never leave your – okay, let’s get into the plot. 433 more words


A bear and a mouse in Glenelg

This is the spellbinding story of the unlikely friendship between a bear, Ernest and a young mouse named Celestine.

Screening this Tues 14th July at… 31 more words


MINIONS [2015]

I live under a rather large rock. I don’t have TV reception and I am horrible with pop culture. I just follow movies, obsessively, and that has only been for the last two years. 406 more words


Why Disney needs to make more movies like Lilo and Stitch

An out of the ordinary girl is marginalized and chastised by her run-of-the-mill peers. In quest for solace, she befriends a fallen angel of sorts and persists to fight off her woes. 826 more words


Minions (Kyle Balda & Pierre Coffin, 2015)

After the surprisingly good Despicable Me and its sequel, studio execs at Universal must have rubbed their hands with glee at the thought of all the extra money they could make off some cute little yellow blobs (THINK OF THE PLUSH TOYS!) Kiddies everywhere were besotted with the Minions (and you can imagine that these young audience members will forever associate the term ‘minions’ with these animated cuties) and will be out in full force these school holidays to see more of their shenanigans on the big screen. 351 more words

Inside Out


Inside the mind of Riley Anderson live her five emotions who guide her through life. However, when Riley and her parents move to San Francisco her life is thrown into disarray, mind included. 723 more words

Inside Out: Joy of children’s film doesn’t live up to buzz

6/10 footprints


  • Unique idea
  • Cute characters
  • Good animation


  • Convoluted and over kid’s heads
  • Ho hum humour
  • Forgettable

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a child? 536 more words