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Health Benefits of Apples.

Often called as the “nutritional powerhouse”, the potential health benefits they bring, with links to better and best health, together with prevention of many diseases. The vitamins present in apple are the key in maintaining red blood cells and the nervous system in good health. 342 more words


"An apple a day keeps a doctor away"

Introduction of Apples

Apple- king of all fruits have long been associated with the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Between the Caspin and the Black Sea, the fruit was originated in the Middle East just about 4000 years ago! 352 more words


Cod goujons

So versatile, feed the children or add lots of spice and feed the adults ……

1 thick fillet of cod cut into 1″ thick slices… 284 more words

Angela Lansbury Serves Rosehips, Elm Bark, and Stewed Nettles

Enjoy this clip from “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” Thanks to Nyrees of Sandwell and Birmingham Permaculture Group for sharing it. She’s a weed-eater along with the best of ’em. :)

Short Films

The Simple Steamed Vegetables

Dining table battles have been fought over the generations between exasperated parents and mutinous children about eating veggies.  What is it about veggies that some children absolutely loathe? 134 more words


Creamy Chicken & Capers

Food is cultural and has very deep roots.  I am into Soul Food because my mother brought me up on Soul Food (otherwise known as boring British food) and even now, at 47, whenever I feel battered and bruised by the world, I would curl up with some comfort food and hark back to those safe childhood days. 162 more words


Soul Food: Chicken Chasseur

Continuing from my previous week’s post on so-called Soul Food, here’s my adaptation of the french classic, Chicken Chasseur.  As a working mother when my kids were young, I have always been a fan of one-pot meals, especially those that I can put on in a slow-cooker before I leave for work, and… 170 more words