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Wild Child Kitchen

I know i’m not alone (I hope!) in relating cooking for children with anxiety and stress… mainly because children so often chop and change their likes and dislikes making meal choices like a minefield! 721 more words


Chicken Meatballs

  • 10m +
  • Can be Frozen
  • Nut Free
  • Lunchbox Idea

My monster is well and truly into feeding himself now, and he’s asserting this new independence on a daily basis. 264 more words


Cooking for kids with allergies

We all know someone with a child who has at least one food allergy.

Perhaps that child is our own.

It’s no longer just that sole kid in the entire school with allergies, like when I was young. 1,149 more words

Allergy Friendly Food

Cheddar, Brocolli and Tomato Quiche

  • 12m +
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Gluten

This recipe is fab for lunchbox’s and is loved by both kids and adults so it’ll feed the whole family. 354 more words


How to persuade fussy eaters to eat healthily

Some people are born with the genetic inclination to like certain foods, healthy or sugary. This might give a small advantage or disadvantage in learning to enjoy eating healthily, but the way we teach ourselves to eat (and it is teaching and learning) counts for much more. 1,467 more words


Sugar-free carrot and date loaf cake

If you’re planning to freeze any of the loaf, you can spread the ‘icing’ on your slice like jam. As this isn’t super-sweet, it makes an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea with a cuppa. 170 more words


Special Fried Rice #babyinabouncer #recipe

This is a lovely recipe and whilst my children don’t jump on it and devour it like they would with any beige oven food, they do eat with little complaint -which frankly I see as a win… 281 more words