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How to persuade fussy eaters to eat healthily

Some people are born with the genetic inclination to like certain foods, healthy or sugary. This might give a small advantage or disadvantage in learning to enjoy eating healthily, but the way we teach ourselves to eat (and it is teaching and learning) counts for much more. 1,467 more words


Sugar-free carrot and date loaf cake

If you’re planning to freeze any of the loaf, you can spread the ‘icing’ on your slice like jam. As this isn’t super-sweet, it makes an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea with a cuppa. 170 more words


Special Fried Rice #babyinabouncer #recipe

This is a lovely recipe and whilst my children don’t jump on it and devour it like they would with any beige oven food, they do eat with little complaint -which frankly I see as a win… 281 more words


Clean School Lunch Box Ideas

I have a love hate relationship with making school lunches, I mean seriously does anyone enjoy having an extra chore to do?  I certainly don’t. 1,128 more words


A healthy Mediterranean breakfast

Almost all children love tomato ketchup, but most commercially produced ketchup have very little tomatoes in them: a well-known brand of ketchup is made up mostly of sugar, starch, artificial flavourings and artificial colours. 183 more words


Of fussy-eaters and two way respect

My 60 kg 16-year-old daughter is strictly a carnivore. She eats greens under sufferance, namely to neutralise the acidity of the meat she eats. She often blitzes these greens up into a smoothie, fibre and all, and chugs them down. 660 more words


Sugar-free chocolate covered flapjacks

The ultimate combination of the fabulous sugar-free mousse and ‘baby crackjacks‘! Though free from refined sugar, these should still be seen as a treat – particularly for young children – as they have a lot of dried fruit in, which is high in sugar (but also high in fibre, vitamins, minerals etc), as well as fat. 295 more words