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Magic Soup

Children are funny, especially when it comes to food.  My children are fairly good eaters, thanks to “The Kosher Mom”.  I personally don’t have the patience she has.   401 more words

Glamorous green smoothies

I have been trying to photograph green smoothies for YEARS, trying to make them look artistic but they always come out as an unappetising slimy gloop. 67 more words


Healthy alternative to instant noodles

I can be quite draconian and dictatorial when it comes to food for my family, and though we lived in Asia for several years, I never allowed my children to eat the ubiquitous instant noodles.   206 more words


Food from my childhood: British curry

A recent survey show that curry is Britain’s favourite dish.  Yet for folks like my Welsh mother, curry is something not from India.  Give her a taste of ‘real’ curry, and she will freak out. 93 more words


Food from my childhood: Fish

Freshly caught fish (as opposed to commercially farmed fish) has a lot of nutritional benefits, namely omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, iodine and various vitamins and minerals. 207 more words


Stuff that cabbage!

Dishy Doc is still away, so it’s all about food!  I love comfort food.  Don’t we all!  Home cooked meals cooked with love, family around the table.     634 more words


Researching Food with Children – Messy, Fun and Insightful

“It is easy running children’s groups” I overheard someone saying, “You establish the rules quickly up front so they know what is expected then they relax and become quite chatty.” 363 more words