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He Just Died and I Can't Function

The days are dragging and I can’t breathe. My husband is gone and the world is still turning. I’ve entered a Twilight Zone, a place that makes no sense. 556 more words

I Never Dream of Him

My oldest son is eight-years-old. In just a few days he’ll be turning nine. Another year, another birthday that his father doesn’t get to celebrate with him. 557 more words

Children's Grief Awareness Week UK

Last week I wrote a blog post about Emma’s struggles as a bereaved sister and Vicky, a bereaved mummy and friend, commented with information about Children’s Grief Awareness Week in the UK. 1,583 more words


Watch Out, the World is Judging

Oh, what an awful way to feel.  As if the eyes of the world are on you and nothing you do is adequate enough.

I’m called combative.   416 more words

Lunch and Tears

The boys aresitting around the computer watching a Netflix show.  Movies and cartoons are left for weekends only.  It’s Saturday and they’re excited to watch something called Ant Boy.   465 more words

Circling Back: "I Don't Want to Die"

“I don’t want to die, Mommy.  I don’t want to go to heaven.  I’ll miss you.”

That’s what my six-year-old was telling me, crying, from the back seat of the car.   475 more words

Bedtime Stories

My son rushed into my room sobbing.  It’s time for bed and they have ten minutes left until it’s time for their bedtime routine.

“I miss my dad!”  he wailed. 722 more words