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The Two Faces of Evie

I thought it was just me that had a face for the world and then one with the cracks that I tend to keep for behind the closed doors of our home. 938 more words

Daily Miss

When He Died, He Destroyed My Sons' Security

“Don’t worry, Mommy.  I’ll never leave you.  I’ll make sure to shoot the bad guys.  Should I shoot them?  I’ll help you run away if we don’t have a gun.” 544 more words

Why Am I So Angry?

My youngest curls up next to me, rubbing his little hand over my collarbone and my neck.  Eventually he starts touching my face.  “Please, knock that off,” I snap.   1,211 more words

The Real Days of Single Parenting After Suicide

I remember the moment I realized that from here on out I was all alone.  I was walking down the stairs, my children needed attention, and I felt heavy and tired.   1,422 more words

Where is God After Suicide?

“Mommy is my daddy in heaven? Or is he in hell?” my eight-year-old asks.  He pauses slightly.  “Sometimes I don’t know.”  He frowns and looks up at me expecting an answer.   566 more words

Talking About Grief

I thought I would share with you my recent interview for a morning radio program that radiates to the people of outback rural N.S.W. I was asked about various aspects of grief and the differences for men, women and children when they are experiencing grief. 57 more words


The Seasons of Pain

Snow is falling outside, dusting everything with powdery white fluff.  I’m wondering if the boys will want to play in it tomorrow.  Or at least, that’s what I was thinking of earlier.   733 more words