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On Children and Grief

Hi there!

As usual, it’s been a minute since I have posted.  I could tell you any number of excuses why, but, I’ll spare you and just thank you for reading today. 614 more words


The Grieving Child: More and More Questions

It’s been over five years since my husband took his own life. In harsher terms: since he put a gun to his temple. Sometimes I feel like when we say things like, “passed away” or “took his own life” or similar, we are smoothing over the violent edges of what really happened. 1,258 more words


I want everyone to leave me alone tonight. By everyone, I just mean the world, minus two little boys. I have been saying “mine” in regards to them, but tonight I’m reminded that they’re a product of two people. 399 more words

He Just Died and I Can't Function

The days are dragging and I can’t breathe. My husband is gone and the world is still turning. I’ve entered a Twilight Zone, a place that makes no sense. 556 more words