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Life is a Canvas

Life is a Canvas – Watercolor & Gouache 9×12

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Grow. To be honest, I began this painting last week when the topic was, nature. 67 more words


Wandering Into the Forest

It is hot in Portland. Not like, ew, I’m a little sweaty hot, but like, it’s almost 8 PM and it’s still triple digits out. I grew up in the desert, I should be able to deal- but there is no humidity in the desert, this heat is a whole different beast. 61 more words


Meet the Cast of 'My Dead Bunny' (part 2)

My new book is about a zombie rabbit. It’s written by Sigi Cohen and it’s called My Dead Bunny.

Earlier this week I showed some reference sketches for the secondary characters: … 224 more words


Post by Clover :: getting art (and words) in the mail

Hi Folks,

I’m starting something new and I’m really excited about it. It’s called Post by Clover and it came about from a few ideas and loves: 202 more words


Why Worry?

I’ve spent a good amount of my time on Earth fretting.  A defense developed in childhood, worry was my talisman, my rabbit’s foot. I believed it kept me safe. 197 more words

The stuff I do for fun.


Now that the wonderful madness of a book launch is over, and now that I have just (yesterday!) completed all artwork for the next picture book I am illustrating (called “Phil Pickle”, written by Kenny Herzog and published by Peter Pauper Press in the US) AND now that I have just (today) finished writing my very first 96 page lower middle grade book, I can relax a little and focus on some fun and quick personal illustrations before the next wave of work rolls in. 109 more words

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