's National Dog Day!...books for dog-lovers

It’s National Dog Day, and as a dog-lover I’m good with that!

Give your dog an extra treat, then treat yourself with one of these tail-wagging titles.   62 more words


Guest Blogger: Fantastic Mr Fox - A Fable for Our Times?

Good morning all, and happy Friday.

Today we bring you a guest post from one of our favourite like-minded wordpress bloggers, Animalista Untamed. Be sure to click on that link for some un-censored yet beautifully-articulated animal rights blogging goodness.

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Chinese Calligraphy

I find it important – and enjoyable – to read multicultural literature with my students and children.* As I stay home from work this year to be with my two daughters, I am intentionally searching for age-appropriate multicultural picture books to read with them.  332 more words


Coming Down The Stairs

Well, today was hot. I mean it was very hot! The heat index registered at 107* F and it would be the day that the loader at work was down and I had three deliveries to make before lunch and all had to be unloaded by hand. 266 more words

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Obviously I’ll be spoiling the heck out of The Cursed Child in this post, and I’m going to kind of assume that if you’re reading this you’ve already read it (or don’t care). 2,569 more words


Books for Kids: School learns a lesson on its first day of class

The first day of school looms large for many children, but especially for those just starting kindergarten or Grade 1. More than a few parents this week have likely spent time reassuring their offspring that all will be well, teachers will be kind, there will be plenty of new friends, and no, they don’t have to know everything before entering the classroom. 514 more words


Life lessons from a sad tiger

This evening I read my son Matthew the most beautiful story. It is about a sad tiger called Augustus and he thinks that he’s lost his smile. 98 more words