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The Solidarity Of It All

Okay so I’m in a Harry Potter mood. There are few times I can count where I am not in a Harry Potter mood, but I especially feel it this week. 196 more words

Episode 8. Marvel's Cinematic Universe and The Secret of Roan Inish (1994) -- the Pastoral and the Child

The Secret of Roan Inish, the pastoral, and the child!!

Filling in for David, Jen Zink joins me to discuss the state of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and our main event film,  128 more words


One Disney Channel Movie To Rule Them All

I grew up in the awesome era of Disney Channel Movies.

It was a different time where a kid was at the mercy of what was on TV, and couldn’t look up every new movie on Pirate Bay, because it didn’t exist. 595 more words

I've Been WAITING For A Film Like You.

I truly hope that the title was sung like a yearning Foreigner fan.

Alas, the 80s are still alive in some of us. Even those of us born in 1989 (ahem, me). 333 more words

What's Love Got To Do With It?

I tend to proceed with caution when it comes to Netflix. I find if I choose a series to watch, I’ll binge until I finish the entire show and mourn the absence it. 452 more words

"Oh, Of COURSE you're a girl": Dragon from Shrek

When I initially saw Shrek (2001), I was a high school senior lazing away Christmas break. I’d ignored the release of the movie almost entirely, convinced that it was something I’d be bored by. 790 more words

Part Time Monster

Review: Inside Out

Spoiler Warning: None

Image Description: Poster for Inside Out, Five cartoon characters, personifying fear (back left, a purple man in a sweater vest cowering from…something), joy (back center, a Disney Tinkerbell-esque figure with blue hair and fair skin), disgust (back right, a green woman with long eyelashes and a look of disgust), anger (front left, a short red man with a shirt and tie and his head on fire), and sadness (front right, a short, roundish blue woman with big glasses) stand in front of a background of colorful circles. 754 more words