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Theater: The 5th Wave

Yes, I admit that I actually saw this in the theater. My disclaimer is that Hubby picked it out and we knew nothing about it. This, as I’m sure you already know, was a horrible movie. 154 more words


Zootopia (Trailer)

I love animation. There is so much work that is put into it that it blows my mind. I will make it clear up front that I believe that in most cases Dreamworks has the upper hand over Disney-Pixar in nearly every category. 335 more words

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Today we have a little thing that burst onto cinema screens everywhere in 1982 by the name of E.T. The concept was based on an imaginary friend that Steven Spielberg created for himself after his parents divorced. 467 more words


When Marnie Was There; From the Lense of Child Welfare

As what will likely be a farewell from Studio Ghibli, When Marnie Was There feels bitter sweet. I would have loved to feel returned to the magic of My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away. 498 more words

Children's Media


Just a few months after yours truly entered the world for the first time, these little things burst onto the cinema screen in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory… 567 more words


Toy Story

Today we have another quick little doodlewash (pencil sketch straight to watercolor) of a cool little character from Toy Story. This is Rex, and he was a request from… 268 more words


Norm of the North

This animated atrocity shouldn’t even have seriously-written reviews about it. The animation is that of a Nickelodeon animated film, and children shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of quickly-produced substandard style when their parents are paying for a movie ticket.  688 more words

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