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Coraline - 31 Days of Halloween, Day 8

October is Halloween movie month! Having been completely deprived of any kind of Halloween experience growing up, I now spend 31 days celebrating with film and TV. 1,256 more words

Theatre: The Martian

I can’t say enough good things about this film! The cast was great, the visuals were stunning (for Mars), the story was gripping and as far as I know and after discussions with my scientist family, the science was close enough. 132 more words

Amateur Movie Critic

Movie Time!

So excited that it is Friday and that I can get a little break from the craziness that is life. Maryland is currently under a state of emergency until the hurricane (hopefully) passes by us. 286 more words


The Boxcar Children Movie (2014): Appreciation of the Stillness

I watch The Boxcar Children more times than I can remember. I used to play the movie on my tablet to help me fall asleep (I switched it to something else recently). 278 more words


Children's programming, the creepy and the fun

There is somethings about children’s programming that is just a wee bit creepy. No matter how “innocent” something is, I seem to be able to find things both hysterically funny (maybe too funny as my filters are off) or deeply disturbing. 444 more words

In Which I Learn A Tiny Little Bit About Soviet Children's Cinema Of The 1930s

I was reading Karl Schlögel’s Moscow, 1937, which is of course about life in New York City in the exciting Great Fire year of 1835, and ran across this mention about children’s movies: … 161 more words


Thursday, Better Known as Friday Eve

Happy Friday Eve, Dear Readers!

It continues to be a hell of a week – hell of a month actually, but I’m not getting into that. 113 more words