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Princess Castle - Work in Progress 17th July

Last week only allowed for one session (I had planned on the entire weekend so this weekend would hopefully only need one session to complete) as the client’s daughter wasn’t feeling too well and needed to sleep it off in her princess boudoir! 132 more words


Princess Castle Mural WIP - 16th June 2015

So Sunday was another 6 hour session on the mural and I am pleased to say – I am finally winning! My phone, although pretty new, doesn’t do the colours and details justice, so when I do complete this, I will be using my proper camera for the final pictures. 147 more words


Entertainment vs. Character vs. Story

One of the things I find interesting is that whenever I read animation books about making films, the authors all like to say the exact same thing:  “The Three most important aspects of any movie is STORY, STORY, STORY.”  What is it about this mode of thinking that have defined the way animated films are made?  1,418 more words


Call of Duty COD Bedroom Mural

Here is the call of duty part of a bedroom mural

New Page Added: Cartoon Murals!

A brand new gallery has been added to my website.  Now you can see all the cartoon animation murals I’ve done in the past. Check them out here! 11 more words


If you are finding yourself trying to make a decision to have a personalize mural or not

Here are a few things to think about.

1. What theme_______ Can my baby (child) grow with it? Is the design versatile?

2. Where should the mural go_________the mural should be the focus point? 138 more words

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Exotic Jungle Beach

The mural ‘Exotic Jungle Beach’ is done!

My children were curious about what I’d been doing all week, so today I took them to see the result: an exotic jungle beach scene for the under-twos corner at… 23 more words