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An Afternoon Visit to the Terre Haute Children's Museum

I think that one thing (of many) that is great about being a parent is that you sort of get to be a kid again.  You get to buy Teddy Grahams and go to cartoons in the theater without people giving you funny looks.   1,679 more words


Building a Scarf Cannon

We’ve travelled to many children’s museums around the country, and our sons favorite exhibits are always the ones where fans or pneumatic tube systems shoot balls or scarves  through tubes, like the “scarf poof” at… 923 more words


Playeum: The Children’s Centre for Creativity

While we loved KidsSTOP, I did wonder why it reminded me of many children’s museums we had been to in the United States (namely The Children’s Museum of Manhattan). 334 more words



Thanks to #sghaze, we’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time indoors. I despise malls and The Preschooler is not fond of indoor play spaces, so we have been exploring Singapore’s many museums. 176 more words

Expat Life

Bits and Pieces Vol. 2

One of those weeks that was pretty ordinary, but ended up with us having some good stories.

Katherine’s godfather, James, was in town for a bit, so he came over to hang out before going to a soccer game with Ryan. 396 more words

Children's Museum

Evolution of the Joy

Here I am, here we are and I am a confused but attractive bump on a log. If you knew me before my traumatic brain injury, you knew of my sincere distaste for children. 534 more words

Imagination Takes Flight

Published on May 24, 2012

On the third floor of the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, ISU painting students become inspired while contributing to the creation of a mural entitled “Flightful Fantasy: We can fly, we can fly.”

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