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Gnome Countryside

I went on a hike one day,
Through a woods an hour away,
And met a man who likes to roam
Through the forest seeking gnomes. 210 more words


The Tall Girl's Dress

This is the tale
Of girl so tall
That nothing would fit her,
No, nothing at all.

She went to the shops
With her Dad and her Mum, 190 more words


All Things Bright and Beautiful (Children's Poem)

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander (Poem/ Hymn/ Song)

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Background/ History/ Origin:

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Alexander is actually an Anglican (children’s) hymn or song that is also popular with other kinds of Christian denominations. 488 more words

Children's Songs

A Limerick

There was a girl who loved to dance

Anytime she was given the chance

But one day she tripped

And her tendon ripped

What a dire circumstance!

Colors of Autumn (child's Poem)

I see a leaf.

Orange and green.

Autumn gleams!

I see a tree.

All in red.

Red as the barn shed.

I see pumpkins.

Many orange pumpkins. 58 more words


The Snow Leopard

Stealthy, solitary, sad.

Dark blue and mysterious eyes.

Sleek, spotted, soft fur.

Walking over a lush green meadow

to play with the dandelions,

its only friends. 66 more words


Night Light

Night is when you turn out the light

Darkness enclosing every space

And nothing but your eyes shine bright

Night is your feet rustling your bed sheets… 120 more words