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The Sunshine Blogger Award - Susan Day

Susan Day tagged me in The Sunshine Blogger award, which means that as the author, I allow one of my Fauna Park Tales characters to speak his or her mind, including an interview with me. 2,029 more words


Birds of a feather

… flock together, but birds of all kinds seem happy to share.

It’s not only in winter that it’s helpful to feed the birds. At this time of year, when young birds are hatching from their eggs, there are more beaks to fill. 186 more words

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The Cruelest Month is Surely Not April

The cruelest month is surely not April
Because thinking so would prove me unstable
For insisting that sunny skies should hide from our view
The brewing of storms with the grayest of blue, 180 more words


When I Grow Up (a poem for children)


By M.L. Millard

When I grow up, I just might be a space-exploring astronaut

But if I can’t, I’ll still have fun exploring all that THIS world’s got… 186 more words

It's World Poetry Day!

It being World Poetry Day, it’s probably a good idea if I post a post a poem – so┬áhere it is – At the Match with my earwig! 32 more words


First Month of Spring

… and a brand new poem to welcome it in!


Third month of the year, and a windy one, too,
New lambs learn to baa, and calves to moo. 77 more words
Poems & Extracts