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Lenny the Leprechaun

Lenny the little leprechaun,
Has had one goal of old,
To find the magic rainbow,
With its infamous pot of gold.

This very special rainbow, 61 more words



William was whistling,
While Wendy went waltzing.

When William went way West,
Why Wendy went wandering.

Oh, there can be much interpretation,
When you use alliteration!


Animal Lottery

If I could be anything,
What would I be?
A giant blue whale
Surrounded by sea?
An agile antelope,
Running so fast
Or a slow moving cow… 95 more words

Frivolity And Frippery

Continental Breakfast

I’m staying at a hotel tonight,
And a sign in the lobby
Spoke to my heart’s delight.

Tomorrow at breakfast,
The world will be mine. 71 more words


Chicken Mawk (or, "Mother Hen")

            A dandelion-yellow chick
            Lately has lost her smooth white cap
            With edges chipped out tap by tap
And peck by peck and tick by tick.
            She moves with careful steps between
            Her mother's not-too-careful strides,
            And with a careless foot collides,
And falls (kerplunk!) sans any teen. 25 more words

In Search of Money

Today I need to buy my lunch,
But only have two quarters,
I am in quite the bunch!

I go to my friends to ask for a loan, 42 more words


Bringing stories to life

Messing about planning activities around a children’s book. I chose Elmer the elephant, made an elephant from an empty milk carton, came up with lots of ideas for games including elephant snaps and had a dabble writing an acrostic poem. 19 more words