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My fave kid's book ever, and an interesting morning in a bookshop with the kiddies! Will You Be My Friend by Gabriel Fitzmaurice @LibertiesPress

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Also Will You Be My Friend? is in bookshops now… 804 more words

Toddler Christmas

My little girl is four years old – some observations around the festive season.

Toddler Christmas.


There’s an obviousness to your innocence that’s endearing. 80 more words


Cotton Candy

“Cotton Candy”

The stuff
That little children dream of…
Pastel-hued and delicate.
The sweetness
That melts in your mouth
Even on a parched day.

Cotton candy wrapped… 14 more words

The Sicklies and the Sniffles.

At the beginning of every school year,

we get new visitors to our house.

They are always expected, yet uninvited,

and sneak in quiet as a mouse. 201 more words


Hi There! Zany Larry Potty here.

Did you know that butterflies taste with their back feet and crickets hear through their knees? Animals can be quite strange at times, can’t they? 197 more words

Children's Poems

autumn story: a man and a giant pan

Humboldt is a humble man
he lives alone with a giant pan
minding his business tending his sheep
never lazing or sneaking a peep

one night he counts and finds one short… 139 more words


Through The Storm.

Boom!  Crack!  What was that?

Why am I wide awake in bed?

Sleepy, so confused, she rubs

her eyes and shakes her head.

Is it the middle of the night? 247 more words