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A strange encounter

A strange encounter.
By AJ O’Brien.

From a spaceship
Appeared a green creature
He’s come a long way
His name’s Hickeybeeper.

His arms are long… 199 more words


The Princess

There was a princess, so fine and fair
With eyes of blue and golden hair,

In her heart she was a knight
and dreamed of ways to win a fight, 64 more words



School is out, I’m glad it’s done

Now it’s time for Summer fun!

On hot days, I’ll eat some freezies

In the sun, when the weather is breezy… 46 more words


Happy Rain

Summer rain splashed on her hair and her clothes,
Gushes of water dripped off of her nose,
But she couldn’t care less,
That her hair was a mess, 64 more words


Chocolate Kisses


A dirty face, a chocolate mouth.
Tangled hair, an occasional pout.

“I don’t LIKE peas or carrots! I don’t want THAT to eat!” 136 more words

Children's Poems

Hill Top Thoughts

She walked up the hill,
And stood ever so still,
And she thought that she heard it breathe.

But hills cannot breathe
She berated herself… 155 more words