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It's hard being a father in a modern world

Its hard to keep on going when everything seems so stacked up against fathers. I am off to see my solicitors tomorrow even though I can guess what he will say. 1,421 more words

Parental Alienation

New documentary examines a radical feminist group for young girls of color

Think of the ‘Radical Monarchs’ as the Girl Scouts with a twist — the group focuses specifically on issues facing young girls of colour and are more likely be found marching alongside the anti-racism protest group, Black Lives Matters, than learning to sew or bake cookies. 289 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Women and Children's Rights: Draft Resolutions in the Third Committee

The November 22nd meeting began with a report of UN spending and proposed draft resolutions on preventing and combating corrupt practices and facilitating asset recovery. The Committee Secretary and the representative of Colombia stressed the importance of crime prevention and criminal justice. 230 more words


Breaking Glass Ceilings

Nature does not provide for the weak. There are no special favours for the mouse or the sparrow. Though some may evolve defences they are the rarity not the general. 950 more words


Former Pupils Tell Of Headmistress Abuse At Liverpool Royal School For The Blind

A group of blind and vulnerable people have said they were physically and emotionally abused as children by their special primary school’s headmistress.

Six former pupils of The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool have told the BBC about abuse dating back to the 1950s when some of them were just five. 442 more words

Mainstream Madness

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'Susan George, president of the Royal School for the Blind, told the BBC the charity was “saddened to hear of former pupils having such memories of their time at the school”. She added: “Such behaviour [as the former pupils allege] would not be tolerated in any school today.”' The point is that although it would not be tolerated in any school today, it should not have been tolerated then. However, in the 50s there was a atmosphere of fear in many schools and pupils were not as enlightened as they are today. No child should be scared to speak out, but in the 50s they would never have been listened to and some are still not listened to today. There are still many aspects that are not right today, however, the enlightening of childrens understanding and the understanding of staff and other authorities is welcomed and needs to be encouraged.

Vulnerable witnesses and children: human rights and legal aid

Cross-examination of victims of domestic violence

Women’s Aid and the Guardian are concerned about the lack of protection for victims of domestic violence in family courts where their alleged abuser is permitted to cross-examine them. 2,586 more words

Fashion designer raised in the U.S. and Iran recounts being lashed for attending co-ed party

Tala Raassi is enjoying much success as a fashion designer. Her swimwear line has been worn by contestants in the Miss Universe pageant. She recently authored a book on her life, which could’ve taken a different turn altogether. 480 more words

Human And Civil Rights