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Je suis James: Pianist finally allowed to tell his story of sexual abuse

James Rhodes v OPO (by his Litigation Friend BHM) and another, UKSC 32

The Supreme Court has handed down its judgment in an appeal by the celebrated concert pianist, James Rhodes. 1,342 more words

Case Summaries

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In the experience of Gagged Dad and others, those who testify to having engaged in homosexual behaviours during childhood or adolescence, but not in their maturity, are one of the most vehemently hated minorities in society today, not former victims whose testimony of abuse that they have survived other people want to hear. Vitriolic verbal abuse is typically heaped (even some on this blog) upon those who out themselves as "ex-gay" as Gagged Dad and James Rhodes have done, even when (as for both men) their gay years came to an end before they reached adulthood, and in any case were inflicted upon them by older people of the same sex, who perhaps went on to chose a gay (and perhaps ongoing child-abusive) way of life permanently for themselves. Survivors of homosexual abuse during childhood and adolescence aren't even allowed to publish their testimonies of abuse they "got over" on the sides of London buses, on an equal basis with those who remained in homosexuality.  Many people HATE former victims of underage homosexual abuse who speak out, accusing them of "hate speech", because they out themselves as survivors of underage sodomy, as James Rhodes and Gagged Dad have done. Any ex-gay survivor who goes public can expect a lot of hate mail, if Gagged Dad's experience is anything to go by.  James Rhodes should expect to be shouted down, by strangers who wish to insist that James should tell his story, using politically correct language of which they approve, in order to document what he endured, and has survived. Please follow me New-Twitter-Bird-Logoon Twitter - and please follow this blog too.

Prison Visitors’ Centres and furthering the rights of children affected by imprisonment

By Emma Grindulis, Policy and Communications Officer, Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights)

“I like sitting back and watching my daughter bond with her dad. 928 more words

Children's Rights

No platform for gay cakes!

Why the Ashers Baking Co Ltd were always doomed, and (I’m sorry to say) deserved, to lose their court case

The judgment handed down on Tuesday this week, in… 999 more words


Day 82:  I am a Stay At Home Parent, Not a Stay at Home Dad

As a man staying at home with our little guy, it’s been interesting and wonderful to meet others in the same situation. There is little variation – 100% if those new friends I have made are moms. 561 more words


How same-sex "marriage" will destroy marriage, the family, and parenthood

The Yes campaign in the upcoming Irish referendum on gay “marriage” wants to make people believe that the intended re-definition of marriage will widen marriage, but not… 54 more words


The Limits of Bans on, and Limited Access to, Abortion

As many know, and as may be unsurprising, Latin America in general is one of the more restrictive regions in the world when it comes to abortion and legal reproductive rights for women. 420 more words