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Child’s views and court proceedings

EU Charter of fundamental rights and children

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union is to go on European Union ‘exit day’: ie the day that EU withdrawal finally happens and whatever other terms – or not – are negotiated by the politicians. 1,477 more words

Children's Rights

Tsuro naGudo part 2

Kubvira pakaunza Tsuro nyama yaakabira vavhimi vamambure, Gudo haana kuzombogadzikana muhana make. Akanga ongoita seane mamhepo. Kana hope dzake dzakanga dzangova mazikopekope. Akanga ogara achirota achirova vanhu zvakaipisisa kwazvo, achivatuma kuti vamupe nyama zhinji kupfuura yavakanga vapa Tsuro. 464 more words

EU Charter of rights and children

A child’s Charter rights which will be lost

The Observer today reported that clause 5(4) in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which proposes to abolish… 1,565 more words

Children's Rights

Child marriage in Tanzania (Pt 2)

On 8th January 2018, the National Examination Council of Tanzania announced that girls had outperformed boys in the country’s 2017 equivalent of A-level exams with the top 10 performers all being girls and the top four performers at the GCSE equivalent being girls. 505 more words


NSW Children's Guardian launches new SAFE book series

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian has launched a series of four books aimed at early education services that promote protective behaviours and children’s rights. 116 more words


'Dead arm' parenting

You know those times when you half-wake-up after falling asleep in a bit of an uncomfortable position? You contemplate moving your arm out from under you but you worry that it will be a bit painful after being under there so long, and despite it being uncomfortable, it sort of… 1,673 more words


The pay gap...

Does the pay gap exist? Yes. However, there are many places of employment it does not exist by their own design. And, there are many women who negotiated well to get their pay. 1,325 more words