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The House Girl - Part Eight

“Three nights ago, my niece showed up at my doorstep soaking wet and looking like she’d run into some thugs, who had beaten her mercilessly!  She fainted moments later.   257 more words


Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven...

Melania Trump has made a so-called surprise visit to a detention center for young undocumented immigrants.  Just look at how nice the place looks in the photograph.  44 more words

More about the speakers at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference

Host Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neill is the founder of the political party Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party. Michael has worked in the natural health arena for over 30 years. 1,454 more words

Kids in Need of Defense - KIND

Kids in Need of Defense – KIND

“KIND protects unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone to ensure that no child appears in court without an attorney.”


The House Girl - Part Seven

Osinachi returned home on Thursday morning, as she preferred to return when she knew Donald would be at work.  She wasn’t yet ready to see him, and they still hadn’t spoken since she’d left home on Monday.   242 more words


Burning Christians Illuminate Administration's Immorality

Donald Trump can end his “Rip Families Apart” policy by calling his Attorney General and ordering him to stop.

There are at least two reasons he will not do this. 543 more words