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Afghanistan’s “mother of education” concerned by Taliban resurgence and dwindling aid

Sakena Yacoobi, known as Afghanistan’s “mother of education,” at one point ran 80 underground schools in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Yacoobi’s non-profit organization, the Afghanistan Institute of Learning (AIL), currently runs 44 learning centers for women and children, four private high schools, four clinics, a hospital, and a radio station, but Yacoobi worries that the Taliban’s recent resurgence as well as waning international focus on Afghanistan threaten her efforts. 160 more words

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Take an exclusive look inside Pakistan's first all-girl boxing club

They are part of the first-ever official training program in Pakistan to teach women how to box. The First Women Boxing Coaching Camp has been organized by the Sindh Boxing Association (SBA) in Lyari, Karachi, a neighborhood known for two things: gang violence and sports stars, particularly footballers and boxers, including Olympian Syed Hussain Shah. 1,573 more words

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The war on drugs - what are the impacts on parents and children's rights?

The war on drugs has long been justified on the grounds that it protects children and young people. Its supporters claim that people who use and supply drugs must be arrested, criminalized, and in some cases even imprisoned or executed, in order to keep drugs off our streets and society’s youth safe. 673 more words


Mindanao Children's Groups bring their issues at the National Children's Meeting

San Mateo Rizal, Manila, Philippines – 6 children’s groups from Mindanao participated the recent National Children’s Meeting organized by the Children Talk to Children (C2C) Project, Samahang Mamamayan ng Zone One Tondo (SM ZOTO) in partnership with Save the Children. 293 more words

Manhattan Dentist Is Arrested on Drug and Child Pornography Charges, and Sex with Animals

According to a drug dealer’s claims in the criminal complaint filed by the FBI, a prominent Manhattan dentist Dr. Wolf told him “that he was actively involved in underground sex parties at various locations in New York City, including in Brooklyn, where participants would engage in sexual intercourse with animals.”    The dealer also said that Dr. 116 more words

Please, miss, please may I watch my son's school Christmas play?


I missed it last year, as you can see here:

There is to be a short but very important, directions appointment, held in public, listed for only 30 minutes duration, at Truro County Court, on Wednesday 25th November 2015, at 10:00 a.m..   169 more words