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On Children

December 4, 2016

By: Prapatti Lim

National Children’s Month is celebrated every November here in the Philippines mandated by Republic Act No. 10661 to recognize the value of Filipino Children as the most valuable assets in the society. 339 more words


The Jungle Children

Write to your MP.
Dear Rt Honourable Member
At the time of writing, the UK has managed to take in only about 300 children from the Calais migrant camp. 75 more words


11-year-old Florida girl is pregnant because of man's 'moment of weakness'

Officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida, Wednesday night after receiving a call about a sexual battery case. 282 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Orphanages: how liberal government abandons the abandoned

The road to hell is paved with good intentions (proverb)

Liberal government, liberal interference

The Labour party, ironically under the Catholic convert Blair, forced the closure of Catholic orphanages in the UK. 483 more words

Treatment Of Children

Arrests and uncertainty overseas show why Australia must legalise compensated surrogacy

By Paula Gerber

Cambodia is the latest country in our region to ban commercial surrogacy. As happened when India, Thailand and Nepal introduced such bans, dozens of Australians are now extremely anxious because they have no idea what is going to happen to their babies who have recently been born or are on their way. 826 more words

Children's Rights

Korean Exam Day

Here’s a piece for families dealing with teens hoping to get into a good university. In Korea they take the big exams very seriously. This is from yesterday’s i paper: 362 more words

Real Life

Dom im Berg - The Venue within the Castle Hill of Graz

The Dom im Berg is a venue located within the castle hill of Graz right in the center of Old Town Graz. This location was used as air-raid shelter against the bombardments during World War II. 417 more words