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daaTu varises

ದಾಟು ವರಿಸೆಗಳು

ರಾಗ:ಮಾಯಾಮಾಳವಗೌಳ ತಾಳ: ಆದಿ

1.  ಸರಿ ಸಗ | ಸಮ ಗರಿ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸನಿ ಸದ | ̇ಸಪ ದನಿ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||

2.  ಸಗ ರಿಮ | ಗಪ ಮದ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸದ ನಿಪ | ದಮ ಪಗ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||

3.  ಸಮ ಗಮ | ರಿಗ ಸರಿ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸಪ ದಪ | ನಿದ ̇ಸನಿ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||



Your face, it may be sad; but make your heart happy
Make your heart happy, jump for joy, see all you have
Look around, look around, there’s always a blessing… 200 more words


January 23rd - First frisbees produced - "Five little men in a flying saucer"

In 1957, the first #frisbee was produced.  Here is a related #kids song to celebrate a kids #toy #singing;#feelgood

Five little men in a flying saucer… 204 more words

Feel Good

Woolly Bear Song

(A wood chopping song)

Woolly bear, woolly bear
Wha-cha-gonna do
Woolly bear, woolly bear
I see you

I see you woolly bear
Wha-cha-gonna do
Woolly bear, woolly bear… 46 more words


One-Eye, Lefty And Ginger


For two pleasant years I taught at an infants school and wrote several songs for the classes and assemblies. One-Eye, Lefty And Ginger was a great favourite, because of the book by Janosch (Horst Eckert). 38 more words

Horst Eckert

Bob, The Train - Bingo | Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs

It’s all fun and joy when best friends meet! Like Bob The Train meeting Bingo The Dog! There is just so much excitement! Singing and dancing… Jumping and playing… All to give each other plenty of unforgettable playtime moments. 100 more words

Sometimes you just gotta go through it

Are you facing a fear or uncertainty that’s stalled your progress in a particular direction? Remember this verse from an old children’s song:

Can’t go over it.

45 more words
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