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My Kalari diary

25th of May, is the day we all gear up and gather for kalari pooja at spaces, besant nagar. We students are all excited as we graduate from one stage to another – be it empty hands to long stick or long stick to short or sword and shield. 506 more words

Children's Stuff

Human Evolution penned on wood

(This is a 6mm ply wood board 4 ft by 4 ft, painted with acrylic colours)

Our dashavataram is the best story to explain evolution of mankind. 251 more words

Ranjani Chandran

DIY Valentines card

This super sweet Valentine’s Day DIY card tops any you could buy. It is a perfect memory keepsake of my little guys hands, plus it’s inexpensive and easy to make which is perfect for busy Mommas. 111 more words

Childrens Stuff

Christmas tips for eco-friends

How many people go on holiday by train and come back with more suitcases then when they left?

well I did!  -believe it or not we were carrying more suitcases on our return then when we left 5 days ago (after that I knew my hobby will stick with me forever). 285 more words

Sustainable Living

eco kids toys and playhouse

Lets turn the focus to our little ones; my oldest daughter keeps asking and talking about ecological concepts and she really can’t understand why people would spray toxins on natural products like fruit and veg and how people can then buy it?!?! 333 more words

Sustainable Living

eco holiday


we have just finished our eco holiday in the countryside, and in a few words; -its been great!!! we did not have any running water or toilet so our basic needs has been put to the test, but we did have green fields in every direction and plenty of quality time together, cooking and eating outdoors and playing garden games and most importantly -laughing a lot! 177 more words

Sustainable Living

Plastic toy reincarnation

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I got this idea of up-cycling some of my daughters plastic toys (yes, are going through a phase of domestic plastic-dieting by trying to eliminate the use of plastic at home). 160 more words

Sustainable Living