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Peppa Pig and all her friends.

Before my daughter came along as a mature woman i would like to say that i didn’t really watch children’s television, but that would be a lie.  414 more words


Creeped Out - The Traveller

Written by Dan – Creeped Out episode 11 ‘The Traveller’ follows Jodie and Brandon, who upon discovering a mysterious box find they have the power to pause time. 831 more words

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How Watching Too Much TV Turned Me Into An Academic

According to my mum I used to be a proper TV junkie. Looking back I’m not surprised. The 1990s were a great time for children’s TV, especially in The Netherlands. 625 more words


Cult TV, a pirate ship and Gothic furniture (Belle)

I was on the set of “the greatest kids’ TV programme ever made” (my own words). The presenters included the entire cast of Rosanne and a famous American newscaster of the 1970s, whose name I couldn’t remember. 54 more words

6 times Daddy Pig ruined everything in Peppa Pig season 2

Peppa Pig has gained a reputation for being sassy, and it’s usually long-suffering Daddy Pig who bears the brunt (or should that be grunt, hoho?) of Peppa’s tongue lashings. 550 more words


7 times Peppa Pig was savage AF in season 2

Who would have thought that a cartoon about the everyday life of a preschool pig would cause so much controversy? Apparently the show causes bad behaviour in children… 634 more words