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Terrahawks | Watch out Earth scum! Gerry Anderson’s crazy children's Supermacromation sci-fi invades in HD

Having turned to live action drama in the 1970s following his 1960s Supermarionation hits Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, Gerry Anderson returned to puppeteering in the 1980s with the Supermacromation sci-fi, … 233 more words


Tips for Going to the Seaside

Miffy loves going to the seaside with her mother and father – it’s her favourite place to go at the weekend.

Have you been to the seaside? 381 more words


South Africa Needs Mall Rats

Here’s the sitch, I grew up on two and a half seasons of the New Zealand series The Tribe and I loved it. Heck, I didn’t understand why it had three seasons! 377 more words

Children’s Internet TV Channel Seeks Authors and Illustrators

Children’s Books, Children’s TV, Publishing

I’m honored to have Bill McManus, founder of the Storytime Pup Children’s Channel, as my guest blogger today.  For more info. 549 more words

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Ruby Gloom: When childhood trauma taints your life" by Bryan Peterson

Ruby gloom is a wonderful children’s cartoon that from what I can tell only airs in Canada, presented by the Teletoon network. It teaches children the importance of sharing and friendship and over coming tough times but at the same time it has humor in it that’s subtle and clever along with your basic cartoon slapstick. 1,604 more words


DTV Wonders: Stitch the Movie

Oddly after I pan The Lion King II the next film ahs a trailer for the DVD release of the first one.  This trailer made my brother want to play the safari game so much we bought it.  1,515 more words

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