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I'm in Love with George

Before anyone says anything, I know I’m married to Roy. But for a couple of years now, there have also been two little boys in my life…and in addition, there has been a monkey named George. 523 more words

Humorous Column

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Batibot?

Early this year, I started looking for Tagalog books for children in the bookstores.
My daughter is a preschooler and part of the 24-hour children’s cable channels fan club. 670 more words


Man Versus Cute

My daughter had her eighth birthday the other day.

This isn’t the tomboy one that wants to be a ninja. This is the other one; the girly one. 688 more words


Using TV to get children reading...

This is a mad idea that came to me this afternoon. Most of us love the TV, and most children have favourite characters/shows. As parents we can use this to get children more interested in books! 771 more words

Children's Literature

Peppa Pig is a naughty girl!

sitting in my bed with the boy, watching peppa pig. What a naughty little pig! I mean, seriously! No wonder kids are spoilt naughty brats, if their example of behaviour comes from crap like this! 266 more words


The Kids Are Alright....

TV was often blamed for all that’s wrong in the world well before the dawn of the Internet which has brought a raft of problems including Internet trolling. 567 more words

Children's Tv

A generation gap in the making

Over the weekend, Dean and I went to see some friends. They already have a young kid with a second one on the way. As seems to be the case now that I’m knocked up, the conversation inevitably turned to childbirth, and then the prospect of raising the little rugrat. 366 more words