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The Great Debate: Screen Time and Your Child

Hello, and Good Morning, Friends!

This morning, I wanted to talk about a couple of Baby Richi’s favorite TV shows, and television and children in general. 617 more words

SeaLife Blackpool Review and Exotic Pet campaign

Teddy and I were very lucky to be invited down to SeaLife Blackpool’s Rainforest Area recently. 413 more words

Out And About

5 reasons to take your little one to In The Night Garden... Live

It’s safe to say that all parents are familiar with Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle and co., with most more up-to-date with the goings-on in the Night Garden than they are with the latest, on-trend Netflix original series. 959 more words

Picture yourself in a boat by a river

It makes me feel ancient to say this, but TV was still relatively new in Australia when I was a child in the 1970s. TV existed before this, of course, but it was not until the 1970s that it became common for most households in Australia to have one. 1,143 more words

Blathering About Nothing

Creepy Children's Programming Reviews: MINI FORCE

My kid’s day care was supposed to have a Father’s Day party today, but I’m kind of pissed at my kid’s day care right now– more on that later, maybe– and so instead I picked him up early and we’ve been having a Daddy/Kenny day at home.   706 more words


So, your kid is into Steven Universe.


That’s how the song goes, and I’m sure you’ve heard your kid sing it at some point, right alongside his or her request for a ukelele. 494 more words

My Kid Is Into This

DTV Wonders An American Tail IV The Mystery of the Night Monster

An American Tail Four was made shortly after the third one with the same cast, except for Mama’s Mousekewitz’s actor, the same writer and director.  It takes place after the third film and… Why is this an American Tail film?  1,662 more words