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Writers write. Period.

I’m an emotional eater. Something goes wrong in life, and the next thing I know, my head is buried in a bag of chips. I don’t even bother scooping the ice cream into the bowl. 168 more words

Writing when you’re not

Here is a writing tip I found: Set a timer for 45 minutes. Write. Even if you stumble and go blank, write about anything until the timer goes off. 182 more words

Writing sound words

Can you hear what’s happening, dear reader?

Sound words can draw your readers into a scene.

Quick tip: Italicize sound words in your stories. 

Whomp, whomp, whomp.  59 more words

Write like a bad boyfriend

How is it you can be totally infatuated one day, and then the next day, see the fatal flaws in the object of your affection? 219 more words

Flipgrid Author Book Chat Video

I just took part in author video chat using a new app called flip grid. It is a really neat free app  designed by a teacher that lets teachers and others communicate in a conversation with short videos. 52 more words

Make A Ripple

On September 12, 2001
     I stood before before my class
     of confused and scared third graders
     and lied.
     You are safe here.
     No one wants to hurt school children. 148 more words
Sue Santiago

Newly Published!

I’m very excited about my first published novel, The New Kid  which was released on amazon last month. Now I’m trying to navigate the world of web sites, blogs, and Twitter. 51 more words