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I found this lovely quote today and wanted to share it with all of you!

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written… 27 more words

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Happy fall everyone! I took a couple of months off from posting for some much-needed R & R, and enjoyed getting together with friends and family members over the summer. 244 more words

What I read this summer

As I wrote way back in June, I’m not headed back to school this year. While I miss seeing my students and setting up displays of new books to share, I don’t miss being on the school schedule. 237 more words

Leslie Zampetti

Mission Accomplished

This is the face of satisfaction:

Computer shut

mission accomplished


But it’s really like this:

258 free verse poems roughed

it’s an ugly baby right now… 93 more words

Children's Writer

Playing with Tricube Poetry

Phillip Larrea, a poet from California, is credited with creating the poetic form called Tricube. It is deceptively simple. Three stanzas. Three lines per stanza. Three syllable per line. 73 more words

Children's Writer

5 am on duty

Sound the alarm!

Sound the alarm!

There’s a rumbly monster outside!

It’s getting nearer.

Stand guard!

It’s getting closer.

Louder now!

It’s coming for us! 173 more words

Children's Writer

Sky Guys

“The albatross can glide across,
The ocean waves for weeks.
And when, at last, he meets his mate,
They dance and rub their beaks.”

The Sky Guys… 142 more words

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