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Tweet or not to tweet?

One of my goals this past year was to hop onto Twitter. I did  –  @leslie_zampetti – and now I’m enjoying the Twitterverse, especially concerning books, writing, and reading. 328 more words

Musings On Writing

You Know You May Be a Writer If . . .

You know may be a writer if . . .

  • you have an uncontrollable fetish with journals and writing utensils.
  • a trip to the library is a highlight of your week.
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grand-aunt's visit 11: happy colour song

happy colour song

white green red yellow blue sound

racing up and down


Just junk it?

Tara Lazar always has some good tips, and last week was no different. In her post, she mentions reading a lovely, lyrical piece and then trying to write one in that style… only to find that it was terrible. 303 more words

Musings On Writing

Write, Barbara. Write.

I’ve paid for two writers’ workshops. It cost forty dollars each time through the local bookstore and they were led by a freelance editor who used to handle a children’s imprint of a major publisher. 228 more words

Writing Life

See Barbara Write...

I hear you need a platform. So, here I am.

In the immortal words of Mr. Rogers, “Will you be my platform?”

Sing it with me now, “Won’t you be, won’t you be, please won’t you be my platform?” 8 more words

Writing Life

Dag Nab It!

It was bound to happen.  And it has.  Lauren Tarshis has come out with a new I SURVIVED story, and it’s the one I secretly hoped she would not want to write.  195 more words

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