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Setting the pace

One last workshop review from NJSCBWI15! I promise next week I’ll move on to different topics. Maybe even a couple of book reviews…

When we talk about pacing in a book, many of us immediately think about plot. 452 more words

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Culture vultures

As I mentioned last week, I loved Suzy Ismail‘s presentation on “Writing Across Cultures.” With #WNDB and the landmark Supreme Court decisions lately, it seems a particularly timely one. 372 more words

Musings On Writing

Weekend again?

Last weekend I attended the NJSCBWI 2015 conference. As always, it was wonderful – but I can’t believe it’s already the weekend again. I’ve finished my shifting and shelf-reading and my library has been put to bed for the summer (for me, if not my students), and I am back at my desk, ready to write. 729 more words

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Getting all Mixed up

Meet these little guys!

I have to warn you, these are not just Lego people. These figures have evolved into Captain Cuphead, Superstorm, The Undead Surfer, Conehead, Mr Brickhead, Skeleton Warrior, Leverhead Lenny and Torch. 454 more words

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What Clyde and Friends and I Have Been Up to Lately

To date, I’ve written and published eight children’s books , with several more in the works. Many more would have been written and published by now except for the fact that it costs me several hundred dollars for each one I publish.  186 more words

Children's Books

Mortal combat

Query Kombat 2015 was brutal! The host even had to call in extra judges, but when the fur, feathers, and blood stopped flying… my worthy opponent had won. 258 more words

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