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Tip Your Server

What’s your philosophy on tipping? Every person in my family, both male and female, have worked as servers at some point in their lives. Some still are. 51 more words

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The Back Way

“Take the back way!” he groaned. He bled all over my back seat as he squirmed in pain.

“I don’t know the back way,” I said. 51 more words

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The Scenic Route

When my dad got lost while driving, he would always tell us we were taking the scenic route. Everyone knew it was a big lie, that he was lost again. 71 more words

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The Hard Way

Human beings are determined to learn things the hard way. Never take good advice, never believe the wisdom of others, never accept that your misguided notions can lead to disaster. 28 more words

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The Easy Way

“Isn’t that a hard way to do that?”

“I suppose it is. But I don’t know what I’m doing.” He grinned. “If I had any idea how to do this, I might know the easy way.” 56 more words

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His name is Bishop and he lives across the street. He uses the front step as a soapbox. He stands out there for hours every day, making pronouncements to the universe that includes houses on every side of his. 69 more words

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Right now, at this minute, a row of Frankenstein staples line my knee. It looks like the dickens, I can tell you that for sure. The staples come out today and soon I’ll have a knee smooth as a baby’s bottom. 32 more words

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