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It's Heaven

If there is a heaven on earth, it’s wild nature. The places where the trees, birds, animals, and tiny multitudes live without interference from the homo sapiens overrunning the planet. 53 more words

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I have a list of complaints about hair.

  1. Man buns
  2. Super long hair on women
  3. Men who have a 3 day growth of beard every damn day…
  4. 44 more words
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My mom had a photograph of my uncle in his Navy uniform. He was so breathtakingly handsome. Young, perfect. Dark hair and eyes, tall. A beautiful man. 60 more words

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She was an aunt, not an auntie. Nothing so affectionate in her title. There was a no-nonsense English coolness about her – a trait that afflicted everyone in the family. 29 more words

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Come on in

Back when there wasn’t a screen or two in every room providing entertainment, people were glad to see you at their door. They would open the screen, smile, say, “Come on in,” and wave you into the living room. 43 more words

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Punching Up

There is a discussion among comedians about punching up vs. punching down. Meaning you can punch jokes and make fun of those who are above you. 65 more words

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A Memory of Leaves

Were the piles of leaves bigger back then, or was I shorter? Leaves you could leap into like a swimming pool. Leaves you could roll in to cover yourself completely. 42 more words

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