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Read the Instructions

He thought he was a mechanical genius who could put anything together without reading the instructions. Sometimes that belief in himself worked out. Sometimes it left us stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that wouldn’t run. 33 more words

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The couch was comfortable. The blankets made it cozy. The music playing was her favorite song.

“Have you ever danced naked?” she asked.

“No. Am I about to start?” 76 more words

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We called her Grasshopper because she outpaced us by two. She’d get where we were going, look around, come back to fetch us and go again with the slowpokes. 50 more words

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He says it – yowzaa! – all the time. At the end of every sentence. I’m telling you that word, which isn’t really even a word, is driving me bonkers. 64 more words

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Counting Blessings

It’s hard to count blessings these days. The feeling of doom pervades the air. The political situation, the dying environment, the horrors of income inequality. Everything feels like suffering, not like something to remember to be grateful for. 42 more words

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Fresh Air

She opened every door, every window. She turned on the fans. She waved magazines in the air near the smoke detector. No amount of fresh air could deter the thing from its screamed warnings. 39 more words

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It's Coming

Inch by inch, it’s growing. It’s coming my way. I keep expecting the force of gravity to pull it down, bend it. But no, it’s heading for me. 38 more words

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