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Look Up

It’s magical when the balloons fly. They keep you looking up, inspecting the sky, craning your neck. Sometimes so close you could almost touch them. Sometimes drifting above you slowly, low enough to wave at the people in the gondola. 40 more words

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Pay Up

He waited an the narrow exit point of the canyon. Anyone who was heading north ran into him as they came though the pass. On his horse with a lever action rifle propped on his hip, he was intimidating. 58 more words

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Something New

Well, life wasn’t working for her. It was time to try something new. But what? She didn’t know what or how to change. Then she realized that every possibility was open. 52 more words

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Tom arrived precisely at 9 AM as agreed. Two-year-old Flora rushed in ahead of him. When she didn’t find her mom in the kitchen, she ran up the stairs. 189 more words

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Taking Care

I’ve been taking the most care of how I place my feet, how I walk. I have every risk factor you can name for falling, and walking grows harder and harder. 37 more words

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Yogi was a catcher, a coach, the inspiration for a cartoon character, and a running language joke. The Yankee whose name everyone knew. Yabba dabba do, Yogi. 19 more words

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Writing Prompt #21

Write a Halloween story or poem without using the words halloween, pumpkin/jack-o’-lantern, costume, candy, or trick or treat!