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After months of preparation we have finally made it to Santiago, Chile!! After both of us attended our graduation ceremonies on Wednesday of last week, we had just two days to finish off packing, say our goodbyes and finally make our way to the airport. 686 more words


A Rise to the Top in Santiago

By Linda Tancs

In Santiago, Chile, you’ll find the highest man-made observation tower in South America and the second tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere (nearly 1,000 feet) at Gran Torre Santiago. 49 more words


Train fares


‘Good morning Mr Brunel, welcome to the Twoday Programme’

‘Thank you Mr Humphreys, delighted to be here’

‘Please call me John, we are all friends here. 1,115 more words


6 Hours in Valparaiso + a Chilean Rodeo

Despite the fact that Valparaiso is one of the top day trip destinations for visitors to Santiago, after nearly 7 months of living here, we still hadn’t made the trip. 1,165 more words

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No Debating the Value- Chilean Monday Wines

Let me preface by saying that I loathe this election cycle. I am not an overly political person. I can usually see pros and cons to each candidate, try to understand people’s differing point of view. 501 more words

Wisdom About Wine

VIDEO: Over 2,000 sea miles from Galápagos to Rapa Nui

March 2016

Our passage to from the Galápagos to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile, tried our perseverance like no other passage we’d experienced. The trade winds had more south in them than we’d anticipated, so for most of the passage we close-reached, sailing 55 to 75 degrees off the wind in 18 to 30 knots. 106 more words

By Jessie