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CBAC - December 7, 2016

It is currently -5°C outside and I nearly froze to death walking Marvin around the block.  For other Canadians, they’re probably laughing at me complaining about the cold.   208 more words


Birdz on the road: Worst of

This may surprise our readers, but not every single moment of every day was sunshine and lollipops.  Sometimes the expectations didn’t match reality, and sometimes things just sucked. 486 more words

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Lit rec#14: The Book That Blows Them All Away

Litrec#14: Stunning, readable, disturbing. Vol II’s countless murders quietly condemn all of us. 2666 by Roberto Bolano.

Road Trip! Santiago to the Patagonian Lake District

After 9 months living in and exploring Chile, we finally ventured south. When we found out we were moving to Santiago, one of the places we were most excited to explore was Patagonia. 1,751 more words

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God shakes us up

By Nati Jimenez | Former OM Chile worker //

Over the years of working in OM I have seen many people go through the transition process from secular job to serving in missions; Training, raising support, presenting in their Churches, facing the fear of leaving the security of a salary to begin living of off offerings. 326 more words

The traveling marriage

By Tineke Demuynck | Member of the Adventure Team 2016 //

 Tineke Demuynck from Belgium travels through Latin America together with her husband in order to connect deeper with God and hear His voice. 687 more words

Discovering Easter Island 3

Discovering Easter Island 3- Beginning my exploration of Easter Island, part II

October 01, 2016 (cont.): After finishing my lunch at the Rano Raraki quarry, I wandered through the gift shops outside the gates. 1,083 more words

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