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Sonidos vintage reviven el indie pop latinoamericano

For the English version please click here Old Sounds Revitalize Latin Alternative Pop

Algo curioso está pasando en el indie pop latinoamericano: lo vintage está de moda… ¡y a mi encanta! 318 more words

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Exploring Chilean Patagonia by Car

There are three ways to make your way around Patagonia, as far as we can tell: hitchhiking, taking buses and renting a car. We chose our own set of wheels, largely out of convenience: There we four of us traveling together, making it a relatively affordable option in pricey Patagonia. 1,462 more words


Si gana la izq en Mexico estoy pensando en emigrar a su País (explicación y preguntas adentro)

En México el estado es una mafia, siempre ha sido asi y eso no va cambiar pronto. Desde nuestra revolución en 1810 el sistema nunca ha servido para la gente. 458 more words


How a law passed in 2016 helped Chileans adopt a healthy diet, curb obesity

A country’s prime aim should be improving the health of its citizens. Only a healthy diet can create healthy people. Latin American nation Chile became a role model for other countries when it passed a law in 2016 that helped its citizens shift to a better diet. 149 more words


Week 15: Jujuy, San Pedro de Atacama, Uyuni. Chile, Argentina, Bolivia

Day 3  of Carnival and feeling  worse for wear myself and Mati shared a kg of grapes and a beer for breakie and went for mosie around the gorgeous markets selling fresh fruit/veg and local crafts. 2,204 more words

An unforgettable trip to the observatory in La Serena, Chile

Not many know this but northern Chile is home to the largest concentration of astronomical observatories in the world thanks to the exceptional transparency of its skies. 353 more words

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Counting Down to South America

In a few days’ time we will be on our way to Buenos Aires for our trip around South America.   This is our itinerary – we will be boarding the… 91 more words