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ValdiVieso Wine | sunlight held together by water

This particular bottle reminded me one evening, why I love and should do more of tasting new wines. It is beautifully tasty.Being in Tanzania, a lot of what is poured is often South African wine. 244 more words


Considering... Chile

South America is likely going to be the first leg of our around-the-world trip. Chile may make a good portion of this journey as we make our way down the coast from… 1,826 more words


Wine Wednesday: Carménère

I can’t believe we’re racing through March as fast as we are. In two and half weeks we’ll be done with the first quarter of 2018. 207 more words

Kimbao Pinot Noir

I know pretty much jack shit about wine – other than that the white stuff gives me horrific heartburn and the red gear grows more appealing the older I get. 179 more words

Review Gangsta

2017 Wine Harvest, a difficult year.

January is as good a time as ever to deliver bad news, and many European countries are taking time adding up the tallies of the previous year’s grape harvest and reporting yield’s down as much as 25%. 348 more words

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Things To Do Around Santiago

Santiago is filled with 26 different neighborhoods (barrios) and communes (comunas), which characterize the different faces of the city, including Bellavista, Lastarria and Barrio Italia, so you’ll never run out of places to go or things to see as every turn will bring a new surprise. 1,518 more words

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Budget Wine Review: Santa Carolina Pinot Noir Leyda Estate Chile 2016

How about some pyrazine punch? Pyrazine is the chemical compound that gives wine vegetal, green pepper aromas. In modest amounts, especially in some white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc they can be pleasant. 131 more words

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