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Black Poodle… 21. December 2014

 Vegetable soup with quinoa and sour cream

 A banana

 Lavash crisps. These were really weird tasting.

 Irish coffee @ Kohvik Must Puudel

 Chili con carne. They must have forgotten the chili, but otherwise it was pretty delicious. 24 more words


Auflauf mit Trüffelkartoffeln und Hackfleischsauce

Habt Ihr schon mal bunte Kartoffeln probiert? Lohnt sich, denn das sieht nicht nur toll aus, sondern schmeckt auch besonders! Die Trüffelkartoffel auch Vitelotte genannt, schmeckt kräftig nussig wie Maroni und passt wunderbar in einem würzigen Auflauf.  144 more words


Chili Con Carne

My niece and I cooked this yesterday. Simply delicious! Everyone … all 12 of us unanimously agreed that it was delicious!

The recipe was given by my friend’s niece. 197 more words


Chili Con Carne and Kale

I made chili con carne before but this time I had plenty of time and I did it the “right” way. And by that I mean slow cooking and allowing the sauce to rest before serving the dish. 688 more words

Pink Salt

Power your way thru’ winter: chili-con-carne

With the dark nights, and shorter days, can you feel yourself beginning to hibernate? Or perhaps you’re already in full hibernation – has your onesie become your second skin, and your hot water bottle your best friend?! 386 more words


Chili con carne


We love chili con carne, as many other traditional dishes, you don’t need anything else to have a healthy meal… Usually we have chili con carne with some brown rice but today we did some cassolette for our buffet table and add some tortilla chips. 115 more words


Pimp My Chili

The humble chili con carne is a wonderful dish. Filling, tasty, and with a few minor tweaks it can be a nutritional god amongst foods, a hundred times tastier than it already was, or even the kind of thing your grandchildren’s grandchildren will talk about. 752 more words

Healthy Recipe