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Chili Con Carne

The following steps are needed to prepare the chili con carne I have prepared today:

  1. Cut one onion and two garlic cloves in very small pieces and fry it with some oil and salt till all becomes a bit brown.
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Chilli Con Carne

Right now it’s anything but chilly in our part of the globe but that won’t stop us from enjoying a rustic bowl of chilli con carne. 425 more words

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Chili con carne de belle-maman

Le voici le voilà. Le chili de tes rêves. Simple, facile, économique, what more do you want? Merci à ma belle-mère pour cette recette classique! 265 more words

Pumpkin Chili Con Carne with Mini Jacket Potatoes and Watercress Crème Fraîche

A classic dish, ideal for sharing round the fire while watching the Guy burn and the fireworks explode overhead – even better, the pumpkin bowl cuts down on the washing up! 334 more words

Chili con carne

500g dried kidney beans (soaked for 12 hours, boiled on high heat for 10 minutes, slow-cooked for 8 hours)
vegetable oil for sauteing
1/2 head of garlic (minced) 105 more words