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Dump-it-in-there Chili v1.0

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Chili (con carne)! One of our favorite foods to make in the slow cooker—hm, no, let’s not kid ourselves… One of our favorite foods to make. 945 more words


Healthier chili recipe

by: Ali B, RD

In my house, chili is a hearty comfort food consumed in the fall and winter months. While chili isn’t necessarily bad for you, some bowls can add up to over 700 calories after toppings are added. 338 more words


Recipe of the Month: Chili with a hint of Carne

While still on holiday in the first week of January, aside from catching up with doing laundry, I started cleaning out the fridge and pantry with the purpose of using up everything that was more or less about to go off. 354 more words

Life's Mystery

Quick & Easy Chili con Carne

Should I mention how bad I am at photos again? No? Brilliant, thank you!

Although I wrote a blog post for both Friday and Saturday, neither of them ended up online last week. 488 more words


Chili con carne

1000g nautahakk – eða það hakk sem þú vilt nota
80g sveppir
50g laukur
1 hvítlauksostur
200g tómatar úr dós

Krydd: chili, smoked paprika, garlic salt, salt, pipar, hvítur pipar. 81 more words


#FoodFocus - Jackson Style Chili Con Carne

It seems like it’s all about comfort food at this time of the year, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, where it’s cold and snowy. Even if you enjoy the outdoors in winter, a bowl of something that’s been simmering on the stove is always welcome! 419 more words

Chili Con Carne

We often hear or read the term “Chili con Carne” but then sometimes it lacks the “ummph” for it to be called satisfyingly hot. Here’s one that is good not only for the traditional “pulutan” but also as a viand with bread or rice. 156 more words

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