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Chili Con Carne

Possibly the ultimate comfort food, perfect for those winter days where you don’t want to leave the comfort of your blanket. The amount of spice is completely up to you. 225 more words


Chili Con Carne Of Jacques Pépin

Note: 1) the chili is more flavorful after being refrigerated overnight

This chili Con Carne is great. The recipe is interesting because it uses scallions and a lot of garlic. 160 more words


Ultimate comfort food: homemade chili con carne and chocolate fudge cookies

by Nour Almesmari

Here are two great pick-me-ups for those rainy evenings.

For the chili:

  •  500g lean minced beef
  •  2 medium onions, chopped…
  • 422 more words

Er gaat niets boven Mama's prakje

Chili con carne van Mama

Noem me  nostalgisch maar zodra ik het eten van mijn moeder eet, ervaar ik weer die goeie ouwe tijd. Zeker als een recep tis met veeeel groente, I’m in. 142 more words

Rita Zelig.... As Herself

Ok, I told Rita I would write something about her yesterday and now it’s today. But better late than never.

Mostly yesterday I tried to find a photo of her from High School, because a photo is worth a thousand words.   982 more words


Dump-it-in-there Chili v1.0

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Chili (con carne)! One of our favorite foods to make in the slow cooker—hm, no, let’s not kid ourselves… One of our favorite foods to make. 945 more words


Healthier chili recipe

by: Ali B, RD

In my house, chili is a hearty comfort food consumed in the fall and winter months. While chili isn’t necessarily bad for you, some bowls can add up to over 700 calories after toppings are added. 338 more words